More sponsors part ways with Deshaun Watson

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The fallout from Tuesday’s press conference regarding the allegations against Deshaun Watson has been swift and significant.

At least four sponsors have suspended or ended their relationship with Watson on Wednesday. It started with Nike suspending but not severing its ties with the Texans quarterback. Reliant Energy, which holds the naming rights to the stadium in which the Texans play, has ended its relationship with Watson.

According to Sarah Barshop of, Beats by Dre has ended its relationship with Watson.

Likewise, H-E-B said in a statement that its relationship with Watson ended with the 2020 season, and that “[t]here are no plans for future engagement.”

As of March 29, each of those companies reportedly were sticking with Watson. The only companies listed in that item that have not yet ended their relationship are Rolex and Lefty’s Famous Cheesesteaks.

44 responses to “More sponsors part ways with Deshaun Watson

  1. Regardless if these heinous acts are true or not, no famous athlete should allow themselves to be in situations that can become he said she said.

  2. It’s way past he said she said. We are entering the realm of whether or not he’s going to be able to stay out of jail, because I have a feeling the same woman who spoke is the same one who filed the criminal charges, and if that’s the case I think things are going to escalate very quickly from civil to criminal.

  3. If these allegations are true, he should spend the rest of his life in prison. That being said, in this country, aren’t you presumed innocent until its proven you are guilty? Is it true the one women who did file a complaint with the HPD tried to get him to pay $100,000 to keep quiet? Sounds like extortion. Also, did one of the women who filed a civil suit see him on more then one occasion supposedly after he assaulted her on the first one? There’s a lot of confusion here with these complaints and their lawyer, but more confusion on why Watson would put himself in this situation. Another thought, shouldn’t these corporations at least suspend their sponsorship with him until he is found guilty or innocent?

  4. I found this thing about Rolex to be strange. I never knew he was a Rolex ambassador. He’s not shown as a brand ambassador on their website. Some tennis players, race car drivers, Tiger Woods and some celebrities in arts and entertainment such as Martin Scorsese…I see no football players, American or European.

  5. Its getting harder for me to visualize this guy walking into any NFL stadium in any state for any reason. He’s really got himself backed into a corner that IMO if he was innocent needed to meet these accusers head on much sooner. This has blown up on him to a point that now his career is without question on the line.

  6. Either Deshaun did not get good advice at the genesis of this conflict or he did not tell the advisors the entire truth! Either way he must now settle the civil and pray that he does not get indicted. Then just go back to playing football as soon as possible.

  7. Oh man, if he loses Lefty’s Famous Cheesesteaks, this situation is more serious than it appears.

  8. Welcome to America..where you can be screwed without any evidence.. just allegations and your screwed…… whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  9. Played both sides of this though never went as far as thinking that Deshaun was not doing something weirdly suspicious. I read the text messages Buzbee released and while cringe worthy I did feel kind of dirty reading personal text messages but it reaffirmed to me Watson’s behavior towards women needs to be examined.

  10. I’m all for due process and the presumption of innocence but the NFL’s lack of response is ridiculous. Many distinguished NFL analysts and sports commentators have called for him to be put on The Commissioner’s exempt list and I agree with them. He now has what 22 lawsuits filed against him and a pending criminal investigation now. He should not be allowed to be involved in the NFL until these are resolved.

  11. Imagine just having a few massage therapists, instead of 90…That’s shockingly odd to try to understand. We’re not millionaires but my guess is the team has one on payroll, and you could hire one for $75k a year to be ready and willing whenever you wanted a massage. And if you desire more than a massage, that would just come with the territory, your fame, for free.

  12. Remember 6 weeks ago when Deshaun thought he had the world by the cajones and was going to reneg his way out of Houston? Is it just me or does that feel like a lifetime ago?

  13. Well, as long as Lefty’s has his back, I think it’s safe to say Deshaun is still winning this thing.

  14. It’s over for Watson. Time for the Texans to trade for Bridgewater. With Teddy the Texans could get back in the playoffs next season and he’s a high character guy.

  15. How foolish. Millions of dollars, famous sports figure he could get hisnpick without resorting to that type of. Behavior. This is proof that a man and his money are soon parted.

  16. Nike and Beats, no cause for alarm. But Lefty’s Cheesesteaks? How will he recover from that one?

  17. Something ain’t right with this…How can so many people be quiet for so long?

  18. Which begs the question around the entire practice of sponsoring athletes.

    They’re signing kids not old enough to vote to massive deals and roll the dice on if they’ll meet expectations that pay off or will not end up being complete scumbags!

    I’m not saying that the Watson allegations are true, but you do have to look at these sponsorship deals as a part of the problem of building up athletes to be more than they are as people and commensurate with their role in society. That goes for ALL athletes, whether they’re scumbags or not!

  19. Now if only the NFL would wake up. Then again with owners like Kraft and Snyder getting free passes maybe Roger’s concerned about the optics of benching a player when owners are free to do what they want.

  20. What a fall. Every team wishing they had this qb and wondering what the Texans would take to get him. Now this. Nobody wants him. Franchise QB. Wow.

  21. I haven’t heard of Watson, if allowed by the NFL, will report to the Texans camp.

  22. Jake1057 says:
    April 8, 2021 at 9:04 am
    American justice, guilty until proven innocent.


    Who said anything about guilt or innocence? These are simply businesses making. get this, what is in the best interest of their business! I know this concept is hard to grasp for some, but that is what businesses do. And at this point, guilty or not, Watson’s image is not going to help any business sell product

  23. It’s unbelievable that 6 short weeks ago, Watson’s life was all that and more. Now it’s coming unraveled at warp speed.

  24. Still innocent until proven guilty, but I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now!

  25. Watson is done. His attorney can make a settlement with 22+ women but no team can think there wont be another one and another one.

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