Nick Vigil hoping “fresh start” with Vikings leads to bigger role on defense

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Linebacker Nick Vigil agreed to a one-year contract with the Vikings early in free agency last month, but he wasn’t able to discuss his new gig because it did not become official until this week.

Vigil joins a linebacking corps that has Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks returning for injury and an opening in the starting lineup alongside them. Vigil started 37 games in his final three seasons with the Bengals, but only played 30 percent of the defensive snaps with the Chargers a year ago.

On Tuesday, Vigil said he’s hoping that the new team provides new opportunities for him to play a big role on defense.

“It is hard once you go from a starting role to being more of a backup, but I got a lot of playing time last year, played a lot of different spots for the Chargers and had a good, productive year when I got my chances,” Vigil said, via the team’s website. “We’ve got a new, fresh start here, and we’ll see what happens.”

Vigil is the only new addition at linebacker for the Vikings in free agency. His chances of landing that starting role may be linked to whether they decide to add more players before the offseason is over.

7 responses to “Nick Vigil hoping “fresh start” with Vikings leads to bigger role on defense

  1. Don’t hold your breath, Nick, unless you’re OK with a bigger role via special teams. Vikings use two LBs for the vast majority of snaps, and, barring something unexpected, that will be Kendricks and Barr.

  2. Like the poster above I wonder about Eric Wilson. He was supposed to cash in in free agency but so far nothing has come out. He makes big plays but is said to not be a great tackler. Still there was supposed to be competition for his services. I wonder if it is the lower salary cap, a lower market for linebackers or was he just not as good as billed. I hoped we might sign him and trade him as part of a package to move around in the draft. But if there is no market for him…,,,,

  3. Seems that what they like about Vigil is his versatility and roster flexibility due to his ability to back-up all 3 LB positions as well as play special teams. The problem with Wilson is that he is great in coverage and good with the pass rush, but poor at shedding blocks, tackling and correspondingly stopping the run. Besides the obvious importance of stopping the run, his limitations reduce positional flexibility. Looks like he’s finding that other NFL teams saw the same thing.

  4. The only way Nick Vigil is going to get a lot of playing time is if he changes his position to guard. He would probably be the best one on the roster.

  5. Sometimes it can be smart for marginal players to sign with losing teams because there is an increased chance of playing time.

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