Nike suspends endorsement deal with Deshaun Watson

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Tuesday’s press conference caused many to view the ongoing controversy involving Deshaun Watson differently. Among the many now viewing the situation differently, apparently, is Nike.

Via, the sports apparel giant has suspended its endorsement deal with Watson.

“We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and have suspended Deshaun Watson. We will continue to closely monitor the situation,” Nike said in a statement.

The move comes a day after two of Watson’s 22 accusers in civil court have revealed their names. One of them, Ashley Solis, appeared and spoke at Tuesday’s press conference.

After three weeks of attorney Tony Buzbee serving as the face and voice of the claims against Watson, things have changed dramatically, now that Solis has made her identity known and humanized the allegations against Watson.

The efforts of his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, to suggest that Solis is lying when she says she’s not doing it “just for money” didn’t help Watson’s cause. The emails released by Hardin reveal normal, usual, pre-litigation settlement discussions, which Watson’s camp entertained and in which they engaged. With the opportunity to resolve the matter without the filing of a lawsuit rejected, Watson necessarily forced Solis to pursue justice another way. And she is.

As we’re seeing, her pursuit of justice will have a wide array of potential and actual consequences for Watson.

30 responses to “Nike suspends endorsement deal with Deshaun Watson

  1. The proposed settlement asked for a large sum of money, that means it is about money. There was no criminal complaint at that time, so money was the desired “justice”. Hardin got that right.

  2. I’m sure Watson will now throw a temper tantrum aimed at Nike and threaten never to use their products again. Something tells me this is going to start an avalanche of sponsors jumping ship on Watson.

  3. Mike, I totally agree that the pre-litigation settlement discussions are standard procedure and have nothing to do with the credibility of the accusers. This is an important point. There is little room for scepticism ´cause the plaintiffs are sueing for money. For what else should they go for at this stage? I´m sure, at least some of them would prefer to get back their dignity and get rid of the memories. But You can´t sue for that, can You?

  4. Watson is in deep dodo. How can anyone with the kind of money Watson has, put themselves in this situation? Not very smart and fools are quickly separated from their money.

  5. Watson is in deep dodo. How can anyone with the kind of money Watson has, put themselves in this situation?

    That’s what makes this so mind-boggling. These guys become stars and feel like they can do anything they want. So they are suing for money. That’s nothing new. People sue others because they spilled hot coffee on themselves. The problem for Watson is he put himself in this situation. Once one person comes forward the others came forward and now Watson is discovering there is a cost associated with his actions.

  6. Things must be bad for a corporation with no ethics and no moral center takes you out. This company will leverage lies and deception to advance itself as evidenced by the punks it bankrolls. Apparently the corporation that has no integrity cannot find it within itself to back a life that matters that doesn’t value other’s rights.

  7. Watson’s “camp” hasn’t done him any favors in this mess, and it’s quite possible that if these allegations are proven to be true there’s a possibility others might be complicit in these crimes. Somebody drew up that non disclosure document he was having these women sign, and there very well could have been others helping him find these women. This is getting worse by the hour

  8. As Frank Sinatra said at the beginning of his song MY WAY.
    ‘And now, the end is near”

  9. Took long enough. Imagine how quickly that would have happened if it was a (different) QB.

    Did Nike do their own investigation and find that it is even worse than what’s been made public?

  10. Beats by Dre just dropped him. NRG/Reliant just dropped him. He will not play as a Texan at NRG stadium ever again.

  11. The Texan’s latest blunder was not trading him when they had the chance. Could you imagine how mad the other team would be right now?

  12. Took long enough for ALL these companies to drop him. Glad they care so much about womens rights.

  13. I’m honestly not making light of the situation involving the accusers, but I have to wonder if Houston is kicking themselves for not trading Watson for a boatload of picks before this all went down. Essentially, he’s not even tradable right now.

  14. We should have taken it to the bank when Watson so boldly stated “I will never play football for the Texans again.”

  15. Perhaps if Nike would do away with its ridiculous number of endorsement deals, the footwear would be reasonably priced.

    I won’t buy the stuff.

  16. So if understand all this correctly, 1) Watson won’t play for the Texans, 2) women are suing him left and right, 3) sponsors are abandoning him, 4) as a result, no other teams will touch him, so 5) he’s not playing next year. Am I missing something?

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