Report: Buccaneers, Antonio Brown still do not appear to be close to a deal

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Free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown has made clear he wants to re-sign with the Buccaneers, and the Bucs say offers have been made. But the two sides appear to be far apart on reaching an agreement.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that there is still no sign that Brown will be a Buccaneer in 2021.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has never hidden the fact that he’s a big fan of Brown’s and wants to keep playing with him. But head coach Bruce Arians has never sounded overly enthusiastic about having Brown on his team.

It may be that the Bucs have made an offer to Brown in order to keep Brady happy, but that they have no intention of making Brown the kind of offer that would make Brown happy.

The Buccaneers have made a point of keeping their championship team intact, and they’re the first Super Bowl winners to return all 22 starters the next season since 1977. The Bucs are also keeping most of their key backups. But Brown may be the one high-profile player on the team who won’t be back in Tampa Bay.

10 responses to “Report: Buccaneers, Antonio Brown still do not appear to be close to a deal

  1. If AB goes elsewhere it’s only a matter of time before things fall apart and he comes knocking at the Bucs door pleading to get back in.

  2. It’s a shame that such a talented and hard-working WR is so delusional. His grandma needs to explain to him that when you’ve behaved like a two-year old with multiple teams, been in so much legal trouble, AND you have a serious pending legal case, teams aren’t going to be lining up to hire you at all, let alone pay you big bucks. Behaving himself for one season of football doesn’t make all his baggage disappear.

    Brady himself has talked about the great weapons he has and how he needs to get the ball more to WRs like Scotty Miller and last year’s rookie Tyler Johnson. Given the circumstances, I doubt he’ll push very hard on the team. More likely he’ll push AB to sign.

  3. AB needs the Bucs WAY MORE than the Bucs need Ab!
    AB can accept the Bucs offer or STEP OFF!

  4. One would think he would have been happy the Bucs gave him a chance to resurrect his career and rehabilitate his image. I wish I knew the numbers but chances are AB wants the kind of money he was making before his well-publicized implosion. Why would the Bucs do that? It’s not like they need him. In fact, AB needs the Bucs. He has very limited options. If he wants to know why he should look in the mirror.

  5. AB is a great WR, but when you have Evans and Godwin, OJ and Gronk. Couldn’t Brate, Miller and Johnson all make up for AB’s production? So, he would be a luxury to have, but isn’t needed. And I really want to see what Tyler Johnson can do with more opportunities.

  6. I get he wants a big raise because he stayed out of trouble for them. But he’s not a “need” for them so they won’t break the bank for him. Honestly doubt any other team is going to throw tons of cash his way but guaranteed Tampa won’t be doing it.

  7. It’s a weird situation. Antonio Brown is arguably the most talented receiver on the roster if he signs, but he won’t start ahead of Evans or Godwin. And if Evans and Godwin stay healthy all year, Brown is the very definition of “a luxury”.

    But that’s a big ‘if’. Evans and Godwin were banged up all year. In those games, Brown became an extremely important starter.

    I imagine Brown probably wants more than his value to the Bucs, but the team should at the very least offer him a contract that has incentives that take his potential contributions into account.

  8. Not a lot of options for him. He’s average at this point and is trying to recoup some of the money he lost over the last few years of stupid moves on his part.

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