Richard Sherman doesn’t expect to sign before draft

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Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman said last month that free agency was moving in “slow motion” and that he thought teams were waiting to see where players like Shaquill Griffin and William Jackson signed before he’d find a new team.

Those players and a number of others have agreed to deals with teams, but things haven’t sped up for Sherman in the last few weeks. He said on his podcast with Cris Collinsworth that he now believes he’ll be waiting until after the draft to land a deal for the 2021 season.

“Well, apparently we got to wait ’til the draft happens before anything else shakes out, because everybody has their hopes and dreams in the draft, which is understandable,” Sherman said, via Matt Maiocco of “You turn 33, and then it’s like, ‘We’ll wait until we get a young pup; and if we can’t get a young pup, we’ll take an old fool.’ So that’s where we’re sitting.”

A report in March indicated that a return to Seattle could be on the table, but there’s been no further sign that a reunion is in the cards before or after the draft wraps up later this month.

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  1. Every time he opens his mouth, he can never seem to help sounding angry and slighted. You’re a 33 year old corner. You were once a young pup too and knocked someone out of the NFL. Your time is nigh. Maybe if he didn’t feel the need to run his mouth at every opportunity someone would want him.

  2. I’m sure hoping he ultimately ends up back with Seahawks this season. It will mean he takes a reasonable $ one-two year deal. It would help the pass defense, as well as the locker room with his leadership. His contributions from this point forward will be measured both in his own production and his leadership/training of youngsters.

  3. It sounds like he’s self aware and just joking around about it. People should mellow out.

  4. He will be waiting long after the draft, probably after camps start and teams see what they got. Then they will pick through the retreads to see who will work the cheapest. He might find a team looking for a dime back but it will be something close to the league minimum. NFL careers end rather quickly when players lose their quickness (cough, cough JJ)

  5. I remember when he signed his last deal everyone on here was calling him all sorts of names and saying he would never see all of it. Well he played it out and is looking for another deal. Haters will hate but this guy is on his way to a gold jacket and has made a fortune playing a game.

  6. Years ago, I thought Sherman was an arrogant bigmouth (and that assessment may have been valid). These days, I feel he’s matured and speaks with wisdom and humor; I find him interesting and his candor refreshing.

  7. Think about this– There is a huge group of fans under a certain age who have never witnessed Richard Sherman as a good player.

  8. It is actually that signing now would cause the team to lose compensatory draft picks.

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