Tom Brady: I’ve got a little sickness in me that still wants to throw a freaking spiral

Super Bowl LV
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Tom Brady just won his seventh Super Bowl and his fifth Super Bowl MVP, and then signed a contract extension through the 2022 season.

With the Buccaneers bringing back all 22 of their offensive and defensive starters, they’re clearly keeping the championship window open for as long as possible.

Brady turns 44 in June and has repeatedly said he’d like to play until he’s at least 45. But even after seven rings, he isn’t showing many signs of slowing down. During an interview on Good Morning America, Brady said he’s not necessarily trying to prove anything any longer.

I still want to play,” Brady told Michael Strahan. “Like, I’ve got a little sickness in me that still wants to throw a freaking spiral, you know what I mean? Also about football, once you stop, you can’t go back into it.

“I’ve got some more football in me. Not a lot, and I know that. But what I’ve got left, I’m going to give everything I got.”

After what happened in 2020, there’s no reason to believe Brady can’t propel the Buccaneers to another championship season in 2021.

23 responses to “Tom Brady: I’ve got a little sickness in me that still wants to throw a freaking spiral

  1. For the rest of his life, the fact that he couldn’t beat the Giants will be in his head…

  2. “And lesser QBs are hosting game shows and skipping workouts”

    Yeah, I mean – why would anyone want to experience anything in life aside from football?

  3. Still has the Eye of the Tiger! You have to love his competitive spirit. Guy has all the money and accolades, but still wants to play. Respect.

  4. I dont doubt him, hes got the drive. Hes also got a very good group of players with him down in Tampa. They’ll be right back in the thick of it this year too.

  5. Not a Patriot or Buc fan but I never ever doubted Brady after his first few years.

  6. His career has also demonstrated a win at all costs approach where playing within the rules is simply optional.

  7. So many quirks, oddities, and intangible things that fuels and drives Tom Brady to greatness that you can’t quantify. That fire and intensity. The mind to be able to visual the player that you need to become to dominate and the ability to manifest it.

    That’s why when scouts, pundits, and analysts compare players like Mac Jones to Tom Brady and waste first round picks on them – it’s sickening. There’s no way to quantify a players fire, desire, and intensity to become great, There’s no way to quantify a players’ mentation or mental ability to manifest greatness, that’s why you don’t pick players like Tom Brady or Joe Montana in the first round. When you’re solely betting on a player’s intangibles you use mid to late round picks on them. You use high picks on players with tremendous talent and coach them up. Like Jimmy Johnson did with Troy Aikman and ther rest of his high picks, like Andy Reid does.

  8. Love me some GOAT!!! As a Pats fan, keep on kicking ass TB12….until you face the Pats!

  9. enjoy him while we got em, there will never be another like him. the measuring stick. the untouchable. the terrific.

  10. I just want to see him retire, It’s not his fault really but i know i’m not the only one tired of seeing him in every superbowl. I believe he has been in half the superbowls of the last 20 seasons.

    It sucks to be a fan of any other team in the brady era because you know no matter how much they do in a season, at the end of the day its not going to matter.

  11. I don’t think there will be another like Brady in the future. QBs are making so much money earlier now, and the knowledge of how playing the sport can affect your future health, will have people like Mahomes leave in their early 30s. Andrew Luck set the stage for this and I think we’ll see more of it.

  12. he has more sb mvp’s than my team has sb trophies…and they have 4! lol insane

  13. The only thing that matches my fatigue of seeing and hearing about Tom Brady is my appreciation for how long he has been at the top. Its truly amazing- I dont have to like it, but I do have to admire it.

  14. From 2001 to 2020 Brady has been in 50% of the SBs, winning 70% of those he was in. He has been in 70% of the conference championship games.

    Yeah, it’s beyond crazy.

  15. @lifelongwhodat

    I agree with you. But what we are watching now we will probably never see again until the NFL becomes a flag football league!

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