Tom Brady on Bruce Arians: Great motivator, great feel for the team

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In Tom Brady‘s 21-year NFL career, he has played 20 seasons for Bill Belichick and one for Bruce Arians. Reflecting on that one, Brady said Arians has been great to play for.

He’s a great motivator — he’s got a great feel for the team — a great pulse for what’s going on in a locker room, great intuition, great evaluation of talent,” Brady said on Good Morning America. “When you’re in one place for 20 years, you think that’s the only way, and I think when you go to a different place you realize, ‘wow — there’s another way that people do things.'”

Late in Brady’s tenure in New England, reports began to surface that he had grown tired of Belichick’s approach. Arians and Brady seemed to see eye to eye last year.

The 43-year-old Brady and the 68-year-old Arians won’t be together for anything close to the 20 seasons Brady and Belichick had together. But they’re heading into Year 2 both feeling good about where the Buccaneers are and where they’re going.

22 responses to “Tom Brady on Bruce Arians: Great motivator, great feel for the team

  1. We shall see how great Bruce is when the wheels fall off this year, because as Tom knows from his days with the Patriots every team wants to knock off the champ, and the Bucs are going to be getting everybody’s best shot every single week.

  2. As difficult as it is to repeat, I believe these Bucs have a better shot at it than other recent champs not quarterbacked by one Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

    I will of course hope my Packers can return the NFCCG favor from last year but it’s going to be a tall, tall order.

  3. Even though Arians is an offensive coordinator, he has built strong defenses in Arizona and now Tampa Bay as head coach.

  4. Three separate stories on one Tom Brady appearance is a sure sign that something BAD is about to drop on Watson.

  5. Brady and Arians win one ring together and now all of a sudden Arians is a genius and Belichick is a nobody (Never mind he kept a team on top for 20 years in the salary cap era). Its funny how short sited people can be, especially with sports.

  6. Brady is now in the midst of building his 3rd dynasty in his career. Simply amazing….

  7. Brady’s gonna be in for a surprise when Arians has them go through 3-a days with full pads.

  8. Love TB12 but there’s no way they repeat this year.

    Tom is not the only one obsessed with winning.

    Beware the Patriots.

    They are coming .

    Toms way is not the only way.

  9. Everone talking about how he is not going to repeat needs to take a look at the bucs schedule. It’s the NFC east and their own weakened conference, the NFC South.. its an easier road in 2021.

  10. hard to keep track of whether more fools have written off brady or belichick, but no matter they all turn out to be fools again and again.

  11. hard to keep track of whether more fools have written off brady or belichick, but no matter they all turn out to be fools again and again.


    I have long written off Belichick.

    Let us see if he can at least make to AFCCG.

  12. I don’t think this was a dis of Belichick. What he is saying is the truth. To be with a boss for 20 years is taxing. It was refreshing for Brady to play for a boss with a different perspective. Not everything has to be drama.

  13. Tommy has a good shot at repeating–mostly because he is Tom Brady and his team is good enough and they have finally obviously bought in to Tom.

    But don’t sleep on the rest of the top tier NFL. The repeat year is different when every game you play is the other team’s superbowl. The last to do it was almost 20 years ago now, and that team had a generationally great defense AND Tom.

  14. Anyone remember “we’re on to Cincinnati”? “They hate their coach and won’t play for him anymore”? Yea keep doubting bb.

  15. Yea keep doubting bb.


    BB is not HC material. You can tell by the history of routine collapses by his defense when his offense struggled, and he is known for his defense.

    Even in SB against Rams (who lost their #1 and #2 play makers on offense), we can tell that the team wouldn’t have won that game with Jimmy Garapollo, who played only 27 minutes against Chiefs in SB.

    So let us wait to see if his team can make AFCCG, something Rex Ryan accomplished, twice with Sanchez.

  16. William Lee says:
    April 8, 2021 at 2:56 pm
    Yea keep doubting bb.


    BB is not HC material.


    LOL! You’re embarrassing yourself.

  17. LOL! You’re embarrassing yourself.


    Here is a list of his collapses in last 2 minutes:

    2002 SB against Rams (Brady saved him); 2004 SB against Panthers (Brady saved him); 2007 AFCCG against Colts; 2008 SB against Giants; 2012 SB against Giants; 2015 SB against Seahawks (Brady’s 28 points and Pete Carrol saved him); 2018 SB against Eagles; 2019 AFCCG against Chiefs (Brady saved him).

    That is from a so called genius.

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