Tony Buzbee hints at potential federal law violations by Deshaun Watson

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The potential criminal case against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has begun with the Houston Police Department hearing from at least two persons who claim assault. The attorney representing those women and all others in the 22 civil actions pending against Watson apparently wants to get the attention of the federal authorities.

Buzbee emphasized during Tuesday’s press conference that one of the persons was flown by Watson from Georgia to Texas.

“Deshaun Watson reaches out to a woman in Atlanta, Georgia, while he’s in Houston,” Buzbee said. “Hear what I’m saying. He reaches out to a woman via direct message on Instagram who’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. He does this while he’s in Houston. He asks her for a massage. He tells her he’ll fly her in. He buys her a plane ticket. He arranges for her Uber from the airport. He Ubers her to the Houstonian.”

The final question of the press conference asked Buzbee whether there was significance to the fact that Watson brought in women from other states for the purposes of allegedly engaging in sexual activities.

“That’s a question you should ask somebody else,” Buzbee said.

Buzbee said that, of his 22 clients, two came from Georgia, one from California, and one from Houston.

It’s possible that these allegations will attract the attention of federal authorities as to the question of whether sex trafficking laws were violated by Watson. That question emerged briefly in connection with the Vikings’ Love Boat scandal in 2005, when some members of the team flew in women from other states who engaged in sexual activities on a boat that some players rented or a bye-week excursion on Lake Minnetonka. No prosecution ever occurred.

For Watson, it’s another potential device available under the law, if the relevant authorities decide to investigate and/or prosecute.

13 responses to “Tony Buzbee hints at potential federal law violations by Deshaun Watson

  1. Watson sounds like a sleeze but l don’t think you can prove criminal activity.
    He may end up settling civil lawsuits and a suspension, but I doubt it’s more than that.

  2. At best, Watson will be suspended. At worst, a suspension will be the least of his worries.

  3. OK conspiracy theorists let’s hear your excuses on how this aspect of the case is another fabricated attempt by the Texans to discredit their quarterback

  4. Not downplaying this whole thing at all – things are getting really explosive – but a thought comes to mind (from someone with legal background)


    “Buzbee said that, of his 22 clients, two came from Georgia, one from California, and one from Houston.”


    IF he or his attorney claims the women were flown in as “friends” and provided the services, I don’t see any laws broken; however, if it’s a case of them being flown in to provide professional services, then are these women potentially in trouble for rendering professional services in states where they are not licensed?

    Just a thought.

  5. I see people defending the number of people he got massages from. Whatever! I’m not a pro athletes so idk but other football players have said that’s a lot. But to fly someone in that’s not your only personal message “therapist” from other states seems odd.

    I’m not saying he did anything wrong but it all seems odd. Does he have a problem of some sort?

  6. So it starts – Nike said Wednesday it has suspended its endorsement of Watson. I would expect more to follow

  7. Ok so we all know it’s “normal” to use 500 different massage therapists that all happen to be females but what about flying them in from all over the country?

  8. All of this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Karma has a payback that will make $100k seem like a bargain. The arrogance that this guy has shown makes watching him fall even more delicious.

  9. I doubt the feds bother doing anything about this as long as local/state authorities are handling things. They didn’t bring racketeering charges against Michael Vick for operating an illegal multi-state gambling ring, and there was an abundance of evidence. To me, this seems like small potatoes from a federal law enforcement standpoint.

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