Anthony Muñoz, Paul Brown are first members of Bengals Ring of Honor

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The Bengals announced the creation of a Ring of Honor at Paul Brown Stadium on Thursday and the building’s namesake is one of the first two members.

Hall of Fame tackle Anthony Muñoz joins Brown in being the first members of the organization to be enshrined. Brown founded the team and was its first coach and General Manager while Muñoz was a nine-time All-Pro and won the NFL Man of the Year Award during his 13 years in Cincinnati.

“I am humbled to be a member of the inaugural class of the Bengals Ring of Honor alongside Paul Brown,” Muñoz said in a statement released by the team. “I think about all of the guys I played with when I think about this honor. The organization has had some amazing, amazing players over the 50-plus years of existence. I think it’s great because now we get to celebrate all of the guys and that’s what it’s all about.”

Two more members will be elected by season ticket holders and all four people will be officially inducted during halftime of a Bengals game this year.

34 responses to “Anthony Muñoz, Paul Brown are first members of Bengals Ring of Honor

  1. How the heck did they previously not have a Ring of Honor?

    Boomer, Ken Anderson and Collinsworth should be next.

  2. I had no idea that there were teams who didn’t have rings of honor. Particularly teams with as long a history as the Bengals.

  3. Ken Riley, please. As if it is not embarrassing enough he did not get his NFL hof nod before passing away, but he needs to be the first in with underrated Ken Anderson and Munoz.

    From there, Cincy doesn’t have a ton of worthy names other than Esiason and maybe Brown at WR. James Brooks played for
    SD too so that woulf be awkward.

    Cincy had good players at times in the early and late 80s but they didn’t really have great players besides Munoz.

  4. There were originally going to be three inductees, but Carson Palmer quit

  5. I remember listening to Mike Golic talking on Mike and Mike about facing Munoz. Basically said he had no chance. As others have said. An absolute beast. Well deserved

  6. Collinsworth wasn’t even close to being an all-time great player.

    Ken Anderson
    Boomer Esiason
    Ken Riley
    Corey Dillon
    Chad Johnson
    Willy Anderson

    All deserving.

  7. Ken Riley! The same number of career interceptions as Charles Woodson…in 47 fewer games.

  8. I think history will be kind to Andrew Whitworth’s tenure in Cincinnati. I’d put him and Willie Anderson in. Obviously Ken Anderson and Ken Riley. Maybe Boomer and Maybe Chad. That’s about it, at least from my lifetime. The criteria has to be one of the best at his position in his era and a long Bengals career and each of those players meet that.

  9. I guess the embarrassment of getting called out when Ken Riley died finally smartened them up.

    Can’t call someone else out for not recognizing your legends when you don’t recognize your own.

  10. Ken Anderson
    Ken Riley (should be in pro football HOF)
    Corey Dillon
    Isaac Curtis (all WRs owe him $ for rules changes)
    Cris Collinsworth
    Willie Anderson
    Lemar Parrish (Prime Time before Prime Time)
    Mike Reid
    Rodney Holman

  11. That will be the second placement for Paul Brown. He is in the Cleveland Browns Ring of Honor as well. How many people can say they started TWO NFL franchises, and was the innovator that he was? Extremely well deserved.

  12. Can’t believe nobody has mentioned Max Montoya or Tim Krumrie. Anyone who doesn’t know the Bengals have had some great players doesn’t know nfl history.

  13. Collinsworth should not be on there just because he’s a tv personality. Isaac Curtis, Carl Pickens, Chad, and AJ are all more deserving- though there’s no way they’d put Pickens in there.

  14. Too dysfunctional and cheap an organization to really need a ring of honor with too much losing in their history. Hopefully the true fans know and can appreciate the best players like Riley, Parrish, Munoz, Anderson, Bergey, Dillon etc

  15. Uh…Reggie Williams. Ken Anderson. Boomer. Ken Riley. Those are the only no doubters.

  16. Willie Anderson, Ken Riley, Takeo Spikes, Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, Corey Dillion, Issac Curtis, Chris Collinsworth

    After they retire AJ, Geno, and Whit

  17. Nice! There have been a lot of really good Bengals, but the right guy to go through the door first should be Munoz. He’ll hold the door open for the rest when they eventually get in. Bill Bergey was also a beast. I’m surprised nobody mentioned him.

  18. What position did Brown play? Isn’t having the team named after him enough? Geesh………. What did he exactly do?

  19. Cincy has plenty of worthy players.

    Ken Anderson
    Ken Riley
    Boomer Esiason
    Chad Johnson
    Carl Pickens
    Corey Dillon
    James Brooks
    AJ Green
    Geno Atkins
    Carlos Dunlap
    TJ Houshmandzadeh
    Cris Collinsworth
    Reggie Nelson
    Marvin Lewis
    Sam Wyche

    Just to name a few.

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