Report: Multiple teams interested in trading for Teddy Bridgewater

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team
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After the Panthers acquired quarterback Sam Darnold, they gave Teddy Bridgewater permission to seek a trade. Multiple teams are interested.

Bridgewater has already found multiple teams interested in trading for him, Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network.

But no one is going to trade for him on his current contract, which pays him a $17 million base salary for 2021, of which $10 million is guaranteed. He’ll need to take a pay cut to get the deal done.

As we’ve previously noted, Bridgewater may be willing to take a pay cut because helping to facilitate a trade now gives him some control over his destination for the 2021 season. If Bridgewater doesn’t agree to a pay cut to move a trade along, the Panthers could keep him into training camp and cut him just before the start of the season, at which point he might not find a team where he’d be able to contribute this season.

Realistically, it’s unlikely that Bridgewater will be a starter this season, but he could be a valuable veteran backup for a team with a young starter.

45 responses to “Report: Multiple teams interested in trading for Teddy Bridgewater

  1. If he takes a big pay cut he can be traded.
    Why should he give up guaranteed money?

  2. He would be an upgrade on Cam Newton for New England. Cam is only getting backup money, anyway.

  3. I’ll bet he Jets are one of those teams. They have a GM who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Instead of re-signing Flacco when he knew he was trading Darnold he lets him go. So as of now the Jets, an NFL team have no quarterbacks on the roster who’ve taken a snap in an NFL game. One mistake after another year after year after year.

  4. I just don’t understand how Sam darnold is an upgrade lol. This team is in panic mode. Idk why you just don’t draft a rookie and start teddy. And if teddy sucks again you bench him for said rookie. Instead tho you blow a bunch of picks for an even worse qb by all statistical measures? It makes no sense. In fairness to darnold, he’s had some bad surrounding casts. But can’t you make that same argument for teddy last year? Truthfully i think both of these guys could be a little better than people think with a better team.

  5. Feel bad for this young man. Very decent guy from everything you read/understand.

    I just wonder what might have happened if he hadn’t had the freak knee injury where he almost lost his leg.

    He never had a rocket arm, but he command of the offense and decision making, and mobility made him a very good game managing type of QB.

    Gotta wonder what would have happened had he not had the injury….

  6. I’d play hard ball. TB has been doing the right thing since day 1 and he probably will do it again. He also seems like a low maintenance guy who is financially set for life. But at some point you have to hold onto that last huge payday. ‘They’ keep saying it’s a business. This business has pride attached (like many others).

    He’ll find work if he gets cut. The Panthers can pay the 10M and team 2 pay the difference. There will be a team 2 even if he got cut in week 6. Who wouldn’t want TB vs Hoyer or a cast of who’s not, at the same price? He’d be a top 3 back-up (or higher). Probably worth a 3rd rounder if a top team gets desperate. Many reasons to sign/keep TB, beginning with he’s a good guy. Back to square 1 here…

  7. Time is on his side. He’s a quality backup QB, and that position always has a chance to become the most important player on the team. Nick Foles is the latest example. But as we move through the pre-season, there’s always a possibility that a starting QB could get lost for the season, and then the value of a solid backup goes up. He could even stay in Carolina on a new deal.

  8. Teams are simply overpaying quarterbacks but it is what the market dictates. Guys are Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford and Dak Prescott are simply overpaid.

  9. He certainly fits the style of a quality veteran back-up right now. He seems to be the “won’t win you games but won’t lose games” type of QB right now. In other words, he is capable of allowing you to win some games if the rest of your roster is excellent but he isn’t going to elevate a mediocre roster to good.

  10. Bridgewater is a good QB, who seems to have gotten labeled as a backup, albeit a very good one, ever since that terrible leg injury with the Vikings?!

  11. Ummmm, this is assuming that Darnold beats out Teddy for the job?

    I mean Carolina does know Teddy is the better quarterback right?

  12. There is a reason why he has been on multiple teams…
    He just isn’t THE guy type ab… A decent backup, sure… He helped the Saints a few games… For every game in a season, he disappears…

  13. trentdilfer08 says:

    April 8, 2021 at 9:06 am

    Ummmm, this is assuming that Darnold beats out Teddy for the job?

    I mean Carolina does know Teddy is the better quarterback right?
    Well 1st off theres no assuming that needs to be done, it’s a fact they’ve given him permission to seek a trade. 2nd Neither qb has shown much so far in their career so to say conclusively 1 is better than the other is downright laughable. Now that said theres no doubt Darnold because of his age and how highly he was thought of coming out of college has the higher ceiling, now whether he ever gets close to his ceiling is a different story.

  14. As a Panthers fan, Bridgewater is a high character/leader in the locker room type of player. He belongs in this league and in the right situations (New Orleans) can be excellent. I’m cheering for his success.

  15. I think Teddy understands money shouldn’t be the goal here, his future in the NFL is at stake. If he’s not on a team where he can play in 2021, his career as a starter will be officially over, because he’ll never get another chance at that point. Choose wisely Teddy!

  16. He isn’t the difference maker in winning a lot of games, but he won’t lose them either.

  17. So he’s getting dinged because that Panther team that was projected to be bad and then lost their best offensive player all year was bad? Weird. He’s not great, but you could do a lot worse.

  18. Sure hope the Patriots are one of those teams interested in trading for him, because I don’t think I can stomach another year of Cam throwing ground balls to whoever is running a wide open route with a clear path to the end zone… But Cams a great locker room guy 🙄

  19. If I were Teddy, I’d prefer to be released. That way he could go to Tampa or back to New Orleans.

  20. Is Carolina just giving the starting job to Darnold or something? Call me crazy, but I think Teddy is a much better QB than Darnold

  21. This is horrible that teddy is not given a fair shot. He played three games with the franchise back and the rest of the we group is nothing special. It sucks his starting season was the covid no camp year.

    Dude can play. The cast around him is the issue

  22. “As we’ve previously noted, Bridgewater may be willing to take a pay cut because helping to facilitate a trade now gives him some control over his destination for the 2021 season.”

    What if his preferred destination is Tampa? Or perhaps a return to New Orleans?

  23. So if he does not take the pay cut, he will just be cut, as it is too much for a backup. Then he could pick his team, as there are multiple suitors. Probably will get in the $2 to $4 millon as a backup, but vould be much higher in a place where he can compete for a stsrting role.

  24. Teddy is a great guy but a mediocre QB.
    I think his reluctance to take a chance with the ball will be what keeps him from reaching that next level .

  25. If the money is guaranteed why would he settle for anything less? He isn’t responsible for bad injuries around him, poor management and even worse coaching. If they cut him they still have to pay him. Settle for nothing other than full salary period.

  26. Don’t take a paycut Teddy, wait this one out.

    DO NOT TAKE A PAYCUT to be a backup somewhere else.

  27. Know why Keenum had so much success in MN? He was basically the same QB as Teddy.

  28. He’d be a great backup anywhere, of course, probably the best backup QB in the league.

    The challenge for him is going to be finding a team where he has a chance to start without clearly just being a short-team placeholder for a newly-drafted QB.

    He’s shown he can win with the Saints, but they just finished doubling down on uncertainty. 49ers or Jets would be great, though a very short window to start. Pats could work well, though they already have Newton. He’d be a big backup upgrade for Pittsburgh and would have a shot at starting there next season.

    Even though the Texans already have Taylor, if they added Bridgewater they’d take another step toward looking like a much more sound and solid team than anyone thought at this point.

  29. Take the 10mm guaranteed, get cut, sign with the Pats for 3mm. He’d start Week 1 and seems like more of a Patriot than Cam. From TB12 to TB5. It just makes too much sense. And I say this as a non Patriots fan.

  30. Just the Panthers putting this out to build up his trade value. “Multiple teams interested” could mean two teams said his name in a conversation.

    The Panthers have little leverage here. They are not going to get the same for Teddy that they paid for Sam.

  31. Bridgewater may be a great teammate but he is not an NFL starting QB

  32. Belichick is salivating with the thought of getting Teddy on the cheap. Bridgewater is a big improvement over Cam.

  33. 17 Game season is equivalent to an extra team. 16 extra games per year……Back ups are going to be in demand for sure.

  34. 17 Game season is equivalent to an extra team. 16 extra games per year……Back ups are going to be in demand for sure. Back ups will become “co-starters” simply based on the odds

  35. The way people talk about Bridgewater is crazy. He’s basically an older black Mitch Trubiskey. Even in his so-called pro-bowl year before the injury when he threw for a whopping 14 TDs and 3200 yds. Who cares where he ends up? He’s not good. Never has been.

  36. There are signs that the new owner didn’t buy the team to come in second place. He had a QB, Cam Newton who was a former NFL MVP and had led them to a super bowl. He had a good coach in Ron Rivera. He bought the team and wants to win very badly, so he’s not content to sit there and watch a team compete for 8-8. Lots of owners would be afraid to get rid of Newton. Teddy was brought in to hold down the fort until they could get an elite QB. Fortunately, the Jets have been getting rid of their best players, and decided to give away their franchise QB. After Trevor Lawrence, I’m not sure there’s a better QB than Darnold in this draft, and he already has an idea of what NFL defenses are trying to do, so he’ll be able to roll right away. Teddy Bridgewater is to Sam Darnold as Alex Smith was to Patrick Mahomes. Just two completely different levels. Nice guys, but not top QB’s. Guys that are good for some teams, but this new owner isn’t interested in second place. Panthers’ fans should be elated.

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