Teddy Bridgewater betting odds emerge

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We asked for it, we got it. Now go bet it.

The folks at PointsBet, at our request during PFT Live, put together odds for the next destination of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

The Panthers are the favorite at +150, followed by the Broncos at +250, the Texans at +350, the Steelers at +600, the Raiders at +800, the Falcons at +800, the Dolphins at +800, and the Bears and Lions at +1000.

Here’s our take as to each of the available landing spots on the PointsBet board.

First, he most likely won’t be playing for the Panthers. With a base salary of $17 million if he’s on the team as of Week One, he’ll likely be cut — if he’s not traded.

Second, the Broncos make plenty of sense for Bridgewater, given the presence of former Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton. That would be a smart bet at +250.

The Texans are possible but not likely, given the presence of Tyrod Taylor. If they add another veteran, it likely would be for something less than the $10 million Bridgewater is guaranteed to earn.

Ditto for the Steelers. They have cap issues; they can’t afford Bridgewater.

The Raiders have Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota under a drastically reduced deal. There’s likely no room for Teddy.

The Falcons have cap issues, too, and they’d go far cheaper at the veteran backup position.

The Dolphins have signed Jacoby Brissett to backup Tua Tagovailoa. It seems unlikely that they’d bring Bridgewater home to Miami.

The Bears and Lions likewise seem unlikely. The Bears are slightly less unlikely (or slightly more likely). Regardless, Chicago has Andy Dalton and Detroit has Jared Goff. Bridgewater and his eight-figure salary will become an issue for either of them.

Some viable choices, in our view, aren’t on the PointsBet board. As previously explained, Bridgewater at, say, $12 million, would be a much better gap option than Jimmy Garoppolo at $25 million, as the 49ers get the third overall pick ready to go. The Seahawks could need Teddy, if they trade Russell Wilson. Finally, if all else fails and Bridgewater gets cut, the Buccaneers would likely make a beeline to sign him.

To summarize, yes to the Broncos at +250 and possibly yes to longshots like San Francisco, Seattle, or Tampa, if/when they get on the board.

17 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater betting odds emerge

  1. Texans and Bears are likely his best opportunity at starting until a franchise QB is coached up!

  2. If he is that much in demand, how come the teams that have him don’t seem to want him?

  3. Denver does lots of odd things but I really don’t see how he makes sense for them. I don’t see Teddy as a long-term option and they have a young guy in Lock who still has potential. It’d make more sense to play Lock and if he doesn’t work out just move straight to another rookie. He’d be a great guy to learn from but $10 million seems like a lot to pay for a backup.

  4. His salary would be a major obstacle for a trade. Teams who may be interested in him may just wait until he is cut. Since the Panthers have virtually no hope of reaching the Super Bowl with Bridgewater, cutting him would seem to be the most logical choice. Go with Darnold, and win the number 1 overall pick for 2022 so they can pick the best college quarterback available.

  5. While I don’t think Teddy ballgame is some sort of spectacular talent and epitomizes “middle of the road” QB, he IS seemingly a great guy and won’t screw things up for you. Drew lock is so bad that I think Bridgewater would be a huge upgrade and would be a good opportunity for him. Denver has some studs at the skill positions, but then again so does Carolina

  6. Surprise no mention of the Colts? Their backup as of now is Jacob Eason and they’re on record as saying they don’t know what they have in him. Maybe too much money for Teddy as a backup but it’s not totally ridiculous to think about it.

  7. Texans are not relying on Taylor to be their starter. He was brought in to be the backup. I would bet that Teddy will be their starter, if Watson is not going to be eligible to play this season.

  8. The Panthers need to eat some of his salary, then they can trade him because he wants a chance to play.

  9. He’s still only 28 and has shown his floor is top-tier backup/low end starter. Seems like a lot of teams could have a role. There aren’t 32 franchise QBs, not many make it through 16 games effective and healthy, and the odds are no more than 1-2 of the college QBs in this draft are going to amount to anything. Just some things to keep in mind.

  10. Enough with the 9ers dumping Jimmy G this year. It’s just not going to happen no matter how much you want it to. I’ll seriously put up my salary against yours since you’re in such a betting mood.

    The 9ers are almost $20M UNDER the cap WITH JG’s salary and all their free agent signings. There is NO WAY they get rid of him to either (a) let a rookie start; or (b) bring in ANY veteran to do what JG can do better with his knowledge of a very complicated offense. Give it up.

  11. Bears and Broncos make the most sense. I dont see why Andy Dalton would be a barrier. The Bears brass should give themselves as many options at QB at possible considering if they dont perfom this year everyone is fired. Also the Broncos have no one to play QB it makes sense for him to go there.

  12. Carolina like the Jets will regret getting rid of Bridgewater for Sam Darnold.

  13. “californianewton says:
    April 8, 2021 at 10:37 am

    His salary would be a major obstacle for a trade. Teams who may be interested in him may just wait until he is cut. Since the Panthers have virtually no hope of reaching the Super Bowl with Bridgewater, cutting him would seem to be the most logical choice.”

    …….cutting him would have almost the same cost as keeping him. I think it’s something like $17mil to cut him.

  14. He won’t be going to Miami. Though he said he would be willing to drop his salary to the guarantee, $10M, and even if Miami trade Jacoby for him, Miami .doesn’t have cap space….and do you get double the QB for double the money? No.

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