Witness suggests Travis Rudolph acted in self-defense

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Former NFL receiver Travis Rudolph faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. A witness to the incident contends that Rudolph may have had justification.

Hannah Winston of the Palm Beach Post reports that Rudolph acted in self-defense after a group of men came to “talk with” him.

Per the report, witnesses to the relevant events contend that Rudolph had a physical altercation with his girlfriend. Later, a group of four people drove up to Rudolph’s home, knocked on the door, and said they wanted to talk to him. A fight then broke out between those inside and outside the house, and Rudolph allegedly returned to the home at one point to get a rifle.

Rudolph allegedly started shooting as the group ran back to their car and attempted to flee. This fact, if true, would tend to undercut the self-defense argument.

The self-defense argument hasn’t worked yet. Rudolph remains jailed without bond.

5 responses to “Witness suggests Travis Rudolph acted in self-defense

  1. I read the article in the link. From what I was able to gather, the group of four were unarmed and someone inside the house got involved and the situation escalated to the point where Rudolph went inside and grabbed a rifle. Then he shot at them as they were running away. He continued to shoot at the car as it was leaving and the car eventually stopped due to the damage from the shots. That would seem to indicate that stand your ground won’t apply here since they were fleeing. It sounds like whoever Rudolph was hanging out with didn’t do him any favors since whoever it was inside the house poured gasoline on the situation and a fight broke out. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same guy from inside the house who is claiming it was self-defense is one of those who poured gasoline on the fire. I guess those guys will now need to find someone else’s life to ruin since Rudolph is almost certainly going away for this.

  2. Yeah some girlfriend having 4 dudes show up to the house to “talk” to him. If it wasn’t for her none of this would’ve happened. I’m personally not about to have 4 guys show up to MY house trying to intimidate

  3. In most states it might undercut self-defense. Not sure if florida’s Stand Your Ground Law would be applicable.

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