Aaron Rodgers caps a solid first week at Jeopardy! guest host

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Whether he retires, makes off-day trips to Los Angeles during the season, or loads up with show tapings before training camp and during the bye week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may soon have a decision to make. Based on his performance through five episodes as the guest-host of Jeopardy!, Rodgers could indeed end up being offered the job as the permanent new host of the show.

Rodgers at first seemed like he was simply emulating Alex Trebek. By the end of the week, however, it seemed like Rodgers had evolved to being himself, which usually is the best way to be.

Rodgers has been smooth, loose, and funny without overdoing it. He dropped a “Turd Ferguson” on Tuesday and he made a weed reference on Wednesday.

Rodgers also seemed to take well the ribbing over the fateful field-goal decision in the NFC Champion, shedding the reputation that he’s so sensitive that he’s sensitive about being called sensitive.

Like Michael Strahan when he decided he wanted to succeed Regis Philbin on morning TV, Rodgers has opted to be very open, direct, and candid regarding his desire to secure the gig. That mindset may be a product of playing football, where aggression and confidence are prerequisites to success.

Regardless, Rodgers has the chops for the job. That, coupled with the drive to secure it, could be enough to make it happen. At this point, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have to figure out how to balance his football career with the possibility of his game-shot dream job.

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  1. If he is offered the gig he should definitely take it. Anything to get him out of the NFC North.

  2. He’s OK, but wouldn’t say he’s setting the house on fire. Keep your day job Aaron, you’re better at it.

  3. For being an active NFL quarterback, Rodgers performance has been admirable. That caveat aside, he’s been mediocre at best

  4. I watched about 10 minutes on Thursday and saw the clip of the end of the first day. I thought his delivery was incredibly low energy and monotone. Not anything like Alex Trebek or suggestive that he should be hired. And not at all consistent with his self promotion of nailing it.

  5. Easy there cheese. First ballot yes. Best of his era? Either one? Not really. Ring singular.

  6. I was skeptical about Rodgers doing this ,but after watching him all week on the show,it seems like he was born to do the job,as well as being one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. He’s been the best guest host by far. They should definitely offer him the job.

  7. He wasn’t all that. He was rated in the middle of the guest host who have currently been on.

  8. I thought Rodgers was absolutely dreadful so I asked my wife to watch Thursday’s show to get her opinion.

    My wife’s review of Aaron Rodgers as Jeopardy’s host: “He’s weird looking”…”He’s weird sounding”…”Can hear him breathing through his nose between words”…”I hate his voice”…”He’s no gameshow host”…”Not a fan”

    Other than that we both thought he’d make a fine replacement for Alex Trebek. You can go from Montana-to-Young or Favre-to-Rodgers but this is like going from Tom Brady-to-Cam Newton.

  9. From a pure financial point of view he’s got the potential to earn more money from Jeopardy than from football. But there’s no way he could turn his back on football having just gone to the NFC Championship game and having won the MVP. I don’t think he could do Jeopardy during the football season, but it would be totally weird if he chose Jeopardy over football.

  10. Gotta admit he doesn’t offend me in the role. Kind of dry – but I am spoiled like millions of others: no one can truly replace Alex. Out of all the temp hosts so far, he is the only one I have watched more than once.

  11. Rodgers is very bland, boring and his jokes don’t hit at all. He has no wit whatsoever and has little chemistry with the contestants. Yes nobody can replace Trebek but there are better options than a current NFL player.

  12. Hard to replace a legend… That said it feels like he is trying too hard to be like the legend instead of being himself. I don’t like him as he currently portrays himself. Someone said stiff – agreed. He needs to let it hang out a bit. Alex was accessible, NFL quarterbacks are not.

  13. I admire him for stepping into that role, but his personality and tone are completely nonexistent. Or at least it comes across that way.

  14. He’s doing great, under a microscope. Even another host and producer, Mike Richards, said Rodgers was in his element by the end of the second week. He’s been doing it one week!

  15. I have enjoyed him so far. I think he has progressed well over just 5 episodes. Whether or not he gets a shot to continue probably depends on the ratings. It seems like he added an effective promotional tour. That will probably help his case quite a bit.

  16. Mike Richards, the executive producer of Jeopardy has been by far the best out of all the guest hosts .

  17. I admire Rodgers as a player and I like that he’s a smart guy who is himself when talking to the media. Watching Jeopardy this week, it was obvious he really did put in a lot of work to prepare. His transitions were flawless, he never stumbled over a word or pronunciation. For somebody doing his first stint at hosting a game show, he was excellent.

    And yet I don’t think he’s right for the job. His voice was too monotone (which could be fixed with voice training) and he didn’t come across as sharp. He also seemed at a bit of a loss when talking to the contestants before double jeopardy. He would just smile and reply. Now Trebek often wouldn’t say much, but he had that tone and twinkle in his eye that made you feel like he’d communicated more than he actually said.

    If Rodgers really wants to get into the media, he might be able to do it with a lot more work on his style. He sure isn’t there yet.

  18. He acquitted himself well. As a huge fan of the show I could not stand the way Trebek was condescending to any guest who gave a wrong answer. And any Turd Ferguson reference gets my vote.

  19. My Dad’s an avid Jeopardy watcher. He thought Rodgers did a good job but preferred Ken Jennings as the long term replacement.

  20. Alex Trebek was talented, genuine, and very likable. Aaron Rodgers reminds me of Chuck Barris. In time, perhaps Rodgers could “grow” into the roll but by that time, the show would’ve tanked.

  21. Just needs to shave and end the monotone voice. He should remember who the crowd that watches this show is. I assume if he did it for a long enough time he would get more personable and comfortable. He already has the smarts.

  22. Of all the guest hosts….Rodgers has done the best….if this QB thing doesn’t work out, he’s got options 🙂

  23. He’s showed great promise IMO. We watched Alex for a LONG become great, and admittedly I wasn’t watching in his early years so I’m sure he got better with age. I give Rodgers props, he was better in the last shows than his earlier ones, and with months/years to get better (without a graining full time job in football) I’m sure he’d be an admirable replacement for Alec.

  24. people need to realize the week of shows was done in one day. so from the 1st show to the 5th show was only a few hours. with that said,i thought he was good in all areas but thought he was trying to mimic alex in some of his comments and responses. He just needs to be himself. Aaron is smart, he is quick in his responses when interviewed and knows his stuff. Even with next weeks show ahead, that is still only two days worth of experience. give him some time and I believe he would be as comfortable as he is playing QB in the NFL and a great ambassador and host for the show….

  25. The people who are objective will see he’s done a good job. The haters will always hate him.

  26. As a fan of Jeopardy, this is Rodgers way to honor Alex Trebek and raise money for those in need. Insulting this is very juvenile! Maybe give credit! Or at least give your story how you do more.

  27. Rodgers needs to improve on his S’s. It’s not quite a slur, but he holds them too long. Other than that he’s doing great. And forget Ken Jennings. He’s a great player, but lacks a personality.

  28. Alex was great because he cared about the contestants. Rodgers cares about himself. That won’t change.

  29. Rodgers bragged about how much he prepared to copy alex, not bring anything new to the table He talks fast in interviews and is not a trained broadcaster. Yet Packer fans fawn about him being the best host. Dopey

  30. Rodgers didn’t prove anything. That ribbing was against Matt LaFleur and the Packers for going for the FG. That ribbing was actually in defense of Aaron Rodgers which is why he thanked the contestant afterwards. Now had that contestant made a shot at why he didn’t run for the 1st down, then we have a real test…

  31. golforepar says:
    April 10, 2021 at 11:20 am
    As a fan of Jeopardy, this is Rodgers way to honor Alex Trebek and raise money for those in need. Insulting this is very juvenile! Maybe give credit! Or at least give your story how you do more.
    This was not a charity appearance, Aaron Rodgers is actively campaigning to be the new full-time host of Jeopardy, a lucrative gig

  32. All-American, No need to prove that you have no idea what you are talking about!

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