Asante Samuel Jr. wants NFL teams to see him as a dominant cornerback

Florida State v Notre Dame
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At 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds. Florida State cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. acknowledges that he might not have the ideal size teams are looking for, but he believes his tape tells the story of what kind of player he’s going to be in the NFL.

Samuel, who is viewed as a second-round pick by most draft analysts, said he thinks he has shown that he can play at the highest level.

“I feel that I’m a dominant corner on the outside,” Samuel told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “They try to look at my height and things of that nature, but I’m the same size as Jaire Alexander, and he’s a dominant NFL cornerback right now, one of the best in the league. I feel like size doesn’t matter; it’s about the heart and the dog mentality you have on that field.”

Samuel said his father, a four-time Pro Bowl cornerback who played for the Patriots, Eagles and Falcons, has supported his career but didn’t push him to follow in his footsteps.

“He played a big role in my life, and he just wanted me to do my own thing with how I learned,” Samuel said. “Just be self-oriented with the things I wanted to do.”

There has already been one dominant cornerback in the NFL named Asante Samuel, and soon there may be another.

9 responses to “Asante Samuel Jr. wants NFL teams to see him as a dominant cornerback

  1. Hopefully, he didn’t learn to free lance like his father.

    His father was a good corner, but cost us many games. Including the undefeated season on back to back plays.

    1st the dropped INT on 2nd down and not helping Rodney on the Tyree catch on 3rd and long. Multiple players said Samuel would do his own thing and he did on that play. Leaving Rodney all alone to defend that Tyree catch.

  2. His father had the complete undefeated season in his hands on that final drive and dropped it!

  3. Also, his verbiage and cliche statement are nonsensical baloney.
    Sorry, but your “heart and dog mentality” does not determine your over-all capabilities.

    If a Corner who is 6-1 or more ALSO has the “heart” and same physical ability… then guess what…. He is going to be a better corner, able to cover taller receivers better.

    I suppose he’ll also offer us that he’ll give “110 percent” and “believe in himself”, yada, yada, yada….

  4. His father was the same size and he was an amazing player for the Eagles. The only thing he didnt do well was tackle. But dude covered like champ and created tons of turnovers. Also a good leader. If he is 80% of what his dad was he is gonna be good.

  5. “…it’s about the heart and the dog mentality you have on that field.”

    Agree! But I would wager that between 95%-100% of NFL players have that. Its a feature that got them to the pinnacle of performance in their field. Remember: they were – all of them – in the top 2% of performers in college. Just like you, Mr. Samuel.

    The evidence suggests that what differentiates the great NFL players from the greatest is their commitment to improve their craft, to be tougher on themselves than they are on others, and certainly tougher on themselves than anybody is on them. They’re self-driven to be better than their prior selves, even their recent selves.

  6. Antoine Winfield Sr was about the same size…play like AW SR and you will have a long career

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