Could the Eagles be lurking for Deshaun Watson?

Houston Texans v Philadelphia Eagles
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Much has to happen before Deshaun Watson could be traded, especially if he’s going to be traded at or around the 2021 draft. If, somehow, Watson manages to properly and appropriately settle the 22 civil lawsuits pending against him before the draft, there’s one team to watch closely as a potential destination.

The Eagles.

Yes, the Eagles. They have Jalen Hurts and Joe Flacco, but Deshaun Watson has proven that he’s a franchise quarterback, and one of the best players in the NFL. As one league source explains it, the Eagles are sufficiently determined to upgrade the team that they would pursue Watson, if the window opens for doing so.

Before the Eagles (who gave Mike Vick his second chance in 2009) can justify pursuing Watson, the legal issues would need to be resolved. The question becomes whether the Eagles would be comfortable making the trade even if Watson eventually is suspended for some, most, or all of the 2021 season, based on the allegations made against him, even if they are resolved.

A huge part of the equation becomes the trade compensation that the Texans will want for Watson. Whatever they could have gotten four weeks ago, they won’t get that now. The most fair trade for both teams (whoever the second team is) would consist of conditional picks hinging on when and whether he’s able to play in 2021.

While it’s premature to finalize potential landing spots (other possibilities include the Dolphins), the push to force the 20 unnamed plaintiffs to attach their names to their claims undoubtedly flows from a desire to create settlement leverage. If these 20 persons want to remain unknown, they’ll need to settle fairly soon. From Watson’s perspective, the best path out of a bad situation comes from finding a way to fairly and properly settle these cases.

Then comes the question of where he plays next. Whenever that happens, the Eagles could emerge as a real possibility.

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  1. Dolphins are not a possibility. I have no rooting interest there but why would they bring in that circus show? Flores doesn’t strike me as a man who wants the distraction to what he is building. Use those picks you have and load your team around Tua. Given the right situation he can be your QB.

  2. Anyone “lurking” around and calling about Watson at this point deserves what they get.

  3. No team would trade assets for Watson now even if all those lawsuits go away tomorrow. It’s just a bad PR and a team would not be able to justify paying a high price for this much baggage. This is different from taking a chance on someone with a questionable character who is unemployed.

  4. If DeShaun Watson did what he was accused of then there is no “proper way” to settle the lawsuits that could keep him in the league. If he did not do what he was accused of, then settling the lawsuits out of court would not prevent him from being suspended either. About the only way he can continue to play the NFL is to successfully refute what he has been accused of and be declared not liable.

  5. If the price is reasonable I would trade for Watson.
    Lest say he doesn’t play at all in 2021, you then have a good QB and didn’t have to gut your team to do so. Drafting a QB has a high chance of bust or at least disappointment. Watson is a very good QB. Let Goodell suspend him the entire 2021 season.
    Then, assuming its just civil not criminal charges, he’s ready to go.

  6. If these allegations are true, Goodell needs to step in and ban Watson from the league. There are too many teams out there who will put winning above supporting women.

  7. As an Eagles fan, I want nothing to do with Watson. Where there’s smoke, there’s typically fire and there’s WAY too much smoke to ignore. Comparing this situation to Vick’s is not even fair. Vick did his time and showed regret for what he did. He earned a 2nd chance and didn’t disappoint once he got it.

  8. Makes more sense to strike a trade now. Paying peanuts for Watson only to see him suspended and losing on that gamble seems a lot better than him clearing his name and paying an arm and a leg.

  9. A lot of “what-if’s” in this opinion piece. I don’t think Philly is interested in him.

  10. If my team did it, I’d give up the NFL (as I have the NBA and MLB). He may or may not have broken laws, but sheesh…the guy is a degenerate. Who would want him the face of the team? He is a fantastic talent but something wrong at his core.

  11. From what these women say Watson isn’t the only NFL player with a massage addiction. With that being said I m sure Watson’s counsel and many, many NFL players would love to see this just go away.

  12. If he is allowed to play, he will be QB1 for someone. And that teams fans will cheer him on if he plays well. End of story.

  13. Total guess and speculation. Hurts is the Eagles QB. Watson is finished for a while.

  14. “Lurking” is the appropriate word. Suspiciously doubt anything will happen with Watson, except foolish fodder back and forth between Attorneys. There is no win/win scenario on the horizon.

  15. Remember that Philly was the team that took a flier on Michael Vick, so I can see this happening based solely on that. How much of that was Reid knowing he was getting a QB like that at such a bargain though is anyone’s guess.

  16. The Texans never wanted to trade Watson, they want him quiet and obedient as their long-term QB, and with these lawsuits they’re about to get their wish. Eagles have nothing to offer that could replace him.

  17. As an Eagles fan it is a hard pass for me! But, who knows what Howie Roseman and Jeff Lurie will do? They are insane!

  18. There’s a better chance Carson Wentz begs to get traded back to Philly, and the Colts trade him back for a 7th round pick than Watson & his 35MM salary next year coming to Philly.

  19. I’ve been an Eagles fan my whole life, but if they traded for a guy who has been accused by 20+ women of what he’s been accused of just because he writes a big check to make them go away, I’d be done with them.

  20. Watson can settle every civil lawsuit before the draft, but he will likely still have the issue of the criminal investigation, which most certainly will prompt some sort of action by the NFL.

  21. Well most people including me we laughing at them for taking Vick. That turned out pretty well.

    One area I will give the Eagles credit is their locker room (aside from Wentz) is usually pretty tight.

  22. Some media outlet is just trying to boost his image, Watson will not be playing 2021.

  23. The Birds are Like 32 other teams they would kick the tires AFTER his legal issues go away. Agent speak.

  24. This is flat-out ridiculous speculation. No team will go after Watson now — every team will be interested if he (miraculously) works his way out of this mess. To single-out the Eagles (or any other team) is simply clickbait. You know (or at least HOPED) to get a fired-up reaction from their fan base. Irresponsible and transparent.

  25. Way too much uncertainty here for any team to trade for him anytime soon. It’s not just the civil lawsuits either there are two women who filed criminal complaints that have to be investigated and could result in charges.

  26. birds of a feather says:
    April 9, 2021 at 2:24 pm
    “Well most people including me we laughing at them for taking Vick. That turned out pretty well.”

    There is a HUGE difference between the issues of Watson compared to Vick at the time the Eagles signed him.

    Vick is the poster child for the way the system is supposed to work. He committed a crime. He was publicly shamed. He lost a TON of money and was imprisoned. He declared chapter 13 bankruptcy and followed the plan.

    Then, when he was finally back into the NFL, he actually was doing volunteer work constantly. He used the money from his new contracts to actually pay back the debts that had been forgiven by the chapter 13 bankruptcy, which virtually no one ever does.

    Hate the guy for whatever reasons you want, but he made a believer out of me. Watson is an entirely different story at this point.

    I have no idea how it’s going to turn out, but I would be upset if the Eagles traded to get him.

    They need to actually draft their own good players without baggage, not take on more problems and cap issues.

  27. Mike Vick was involved in animal abuse. I love dogs.

    But there’s a huge difference between having a dogfighting ring and serial sexual assault of human beings.

    As has been said in previous posts, Vick did pay his penance and worked to redeem himself and his image.

    I’ve liked Watson’s game for years, but who knows how long it’ll take him to overcome this mess. If any of it’s true, I hope he never comes back.

  28. If the Eagles aren’t sold on Hurts (I’m not either) then draft Kyle Trask in round 2. I think hes the sleeper of the draft anyways.

  29. Every day his situation looks worse and every day there is more talk of a trade and value. He will NOT be traded before this resolves so maybe let this one go?

  30. I’ll admit I didn’t know what to think about this whole deal, but with each passing day it’s clear something stinks. 20 civil suits, 2 criminal at least makes anything that happened behind closed doors unwanted advances by law of averages, and probably much worse.

    Right now his best options are to just settle (and lament later that he could have done it for much less), or just come forward and accept his punishment and go the Vick route. But sexual assault will ensure his life is essentially over. Vick accomplished something virtually impossible, this actually is impossible.

  31. Anyone putting football ahead of the charges he’s been accused of really need to get a life!

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