Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office reviewing Britt Reid crash

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The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to WDAF-TV that it is reviewing the crash involving former Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid for charges.

The review began this week, and the prosecutor’s office does not have a timetable for completion, per WDAF.

A few days before Super Bowl LV, a 5-year-old girl was badly injured when the car she was sitting in was hit by a car driven by Reid. The family indicated last week that Ariel Young is slowly getting better but still has a long road ahead.

Reid, the son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, did not attend the Super Bowl and is no longer employed by the team. Britt Reid, who has a previous DUI conviction, told officers at the scene he had about two or three drinks and had a prescription for Adderall.

Reid is under investigation for driving impaired.

17 responses to “Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office reviewing Britt Reid crash

  1. Empty pill bottle found, thought he was on the opposite coast, speed was double the limit, didn’t turn at a turn – yet no charges.

    Oh wait, that was Tigger.

  2. The guy will get a punishment less than the normal man. Not because of his color which libs will say, but because he has the money to make it happen. Just like Donte Stallworth.

  3. Where is the team facilities tape? He always drink on the job? Two months have passed. No jail. No nothing. Sad all around.

  4. He drove under the influence and seriously injured a child, he needs to go to jail and never be allowed to drive again. We need to stop coddling drunk and drugged drivers, driving is a privilege, not a right.

  5. People down voting anti impaired driving posts just speaks to the mindset of idiots.

  6. I’m happy to hear that the young girl is slowly getting better. That’s the only thing I really care about at this point. I don’t know all the circumstances surrounding Britt Reid, and I really don’t care. There will be thousands of drunk drivers on the roads tonight, just like there are every night. None of them will be named Britt Reid. Yes, we have a problem. Did anyone ever notice there is a parking lot at every bar? Not a bicycle rack, but a parking lot for cars. But if the cops sat outside each bar at closing time and checked out everyone getting into the driver’s seat, the business community would be in an uproar. So we just kind of look the other way. Cops could sit in the parking lots at golf courses and do the same thing. We pretend like we care about this stuff, but why do we allow this behavior? Actually, many of us participate in this stuff.

  7. If it would have been me, I would have been in jail that night and probably being tried for attempted manslaughter – society values sports teams as heroes, conflict on interest when trying to enforce laws

  8. At this point it is either big money or incompetence. They keep pushing it off til forgotten. Will\can the family pursue anything?

  9. I can’t believe that it’s taken this long just to get to the prosecutor’s office. How long will they drag it out? Meanwhile,the little one and her family are going through hell.

  10. BIG civil suit is pending for sure. Admitted to it and a child is involved. Should also go to jail. Dude has had issues beforw.

  11. Should’ve been locked up that night and blood tested within an hour of accident but this happened in KC and his father just coached them to a SB Win months prior .this crime should already be in the courtroom,but once again he is privileged,especially in KC ..the guys a drunk,operating a deadly weapon on drugs and alcohol,shouldn’t have the privilege to drive to begin with because of his past.he made a choice to pop pills,drink,then drive AGAIN,..I don’t know what his sentence should be but whatever it is, it won’t be nothing close to the sentence HE gave the child and her family. It’s sad that this drunk will be back on the street to do this again to maybe your family or mine because he a son of a NFL Coach.

  12. Was he drinking at the team facility? Did the team openly condone his and others behavior if so? This thing is going to blow up bigger before it goes away unless of course money talks.

  13. Let’s just say if this were you or I it would have been investigated immediately and we’d still be in jail. I guess that’s how it goes when your dad is an NFL head coach.

  14. Neither Jackson County nor the state of Missouri – mess around when it comes to multiple DUI situations, especially if personal injury or property damage is involved.

    Reid’s in a world of hurt, which he brought upon himself with his own decisions. Nobody forced him to drink alcohol then put his key in the ignition of a vehicle that evening.

  15. If the family is going to get fairly compensated in a civil suit it’ll be from the Chiefs. Fair to wonder how much money of his own Britt Reid actually has. He’s unlikely to ever get a high-level coaching job again and he could very easily have been spending as much as he was making. But the Chiefs are hugely exposed if he was drinking at the team facilities and neither them nor the NFL will want to see that go to court.

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