Jerry Jones reportedly “infatuated” with Kyle Pitts

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If Jerry Jones wants to make a splash in the NFL draft, there’s no bigger move he could make than trading up to draft Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. And Jones may do that.

Jones loves Pitts and would consider moving up from the 10th overall pick to get him, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

“We’re hearing this thing about Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys — and the GM — being infatuated with Kyle Pitts,” Mortensen said on ESPN. “He’s going to have to trade up to get Kyle Pitts. He spent $40 million a year on Dak Prescott, so why not go get Kyle Pitts?”

Moving up high enough to draft Pitts would probably require the Cowboys to move up to No. 5, or perhaps No. 4, and that would likely mean giving up their 2022 first-round pick, as the Dolphins did when they traded up from No. 12 to No. 6. That’s a steep price. And any time a report like this comes out, the question becomes who is leaking it and why — it could be leaked by someone who wants to drive up the price of a trade up, perhaps driving it up too high for Jones.

55 responses to “Jerry Jones reportedly “infatuated” with Kyle Pitts

  1. Atlanta tryin to make its number 4 pick more valuable on a trade back with NE

  2. Go ahead and draft him. You already can’t afford 2nd contracts for some of your offensive players. Seems like a great player to add but you can’t put your entire salary cap into offensive skill position players.

  3. I don’t know anything about Atlanta GM Terry Fontenot, but I’d like to imagine this is his way of generating more interest in pick 4. “Just tell them Jerry Jones is infatuated with Pitts and will trade up for some glory hole.”

  4. Well, go get your man Jerry and mortgage the future. Your defense is strong enough for you to do this.

    The NFC East.

  5. Jones is not fit to make football decisions at the NFL level. He has proven this over the last two decades.

  6. So this would make the Bengals pick pretty valuable, but I can’t see them trading it. Even if 4 qbs go off the board 1-4, they’d still miss out on sewell, pitts, chase and probably slater at 10. If they can’t get one of those guys I wouldn’t do it. Which means If atl takes a qb and cincy takes sewell, Miami can trade back to 10 and get another first rounder!

  7. As a WFT afn, Jerry Jones as Dallas GM is always amusing and satisfying. The Cowboys have real deficiencies that keep them from competing, and tight end ain’t one of them. So by all means mortgage the future for a tight end!

  8. Has decades of reporting not taught us that there is nobody or nothing to expensive for JJ?

  9. If I were Jerry Jones I’d trade up to 4 and draft Kyle Pitts because this guy is a generational talent and can put the Cowboys over the top.

  10. While I will admit, it’s a sexy pick, we need DB help more. Jerry, stick with the process…

  11. Yeah, that’s what the Cowboys need, another weapon. Glad to see they think their defense is fine.

  12. Pitts is supposed to be the real deal, and a great TE is hard to find. Still, I find it hard to justify giving up next year’s first rounder for an unproven player.

  13. He’s going to cripple the team. Should have never signed Dak to that contract.

  14. The Cowboys should focus on re-building their offensive line and their defense.

  15. Jerry could just sit patiently. You never knows. Pitts could run a slow 40 time at a workout, and all the Einstein’s will pass him up.

  16. Pitts at 4 or 5? Where did that come from ? Four qbs , an offensive lineman and chase are more likely but we have seen jerry give up a future one before so why not

  17. If true — and it likely isn’t — that trade-up avenue goes through Atlanta at #4.

  18. The Falcons are like…” oh really? We’re open for business”.

    He and Micah Parsons are the best non-QBs in this draft. I’d rather the 49ers r draft Kyle Pitts and acquire Teddy Bridgewater and rub 22 personnel than to draft Mac Jones. You can find a QB like Mac Jones in the mid rounds of any draft. A QB like Sam Ehlinger or Kellen Mond is not that far from Mac Jones’ talent.

  19. He’ll probably draft a quarterback, and then claim he’s the straw that stirs the drink. Oh Jerry he’s so cute 🤣… Cowboys will make the playoffs this year with 7 wins, and be one and done. We’ve seen this movie before, and it always ends the same – HOW BOUT THEM UNDERACHIEVING COWBOYS!!

  20. It is a steep price because he will be drafting early in 2022 after his team misses the playoff again with overpaid Dak Prescott under center.

  21. If there is a team that doesn’t have a pass catching TE in the top 5 of the league right now, they should be infatuated with Kyle Pitts.

  22. skinsfan715 says:
    April 9, 2021 at 8:19 am
    He’s going to cripple the team. Should have never signed Dak to that contract.

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    going to?

  23. Jerry better check in with his coach to see if he likes to use a TE in the offense?

  24. Jerry Jones is also infatuated with himself… there’s always that too…

  25. Any HC would feel the same way about a player the experts are calling a generational talent, clearly head and shoulders above others. I wonder if McCarthy is behind this move. He hadn’t had a TE in GB since Finley’s career was aborted by injury.

  26. All awhile the WFT has a slow TE that used to play QB I believe but seemed to be open constantly last year … maybe it’s smarts over athletic ability at that position.

  27. Why do the Cowboys spend money on scouts when Jerrah and his boy are just going to pick whoever they want anyway? There needs to be a REAL adult in that draft room to fight Jerrah and his boy over stuff like this.

  28. Jerrah’s been trying to recreate the Triplets ever since Jimmy walked away.

  29. Jerry Jones is no dummy . He knows what he is doing and didn’t get to be a multi billionare by being stupid.

  30. The old adage “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” is doubly applicable in the NFL in the weeks leading up to the draft.

  31. He HAS to trade up to get Pitts??? Says who? How many TEs have been taken in the top 9 in the history of the draft?

    Pats got Gronk at 42.

  32. WFT guy here that thinks Jerrah is actually a pretty good talent evaluator. Maybe it’s not the best assembled team or whatever and maybe he gets fixated and overpays. But, it’s just wrong to say he doesn’t find talent. And TE has always been a signature position for the team. Go through the franchise history and look at those TEs. Some of the greatest ever.
    You win the game by scoring points. You can win with a subpar defense.

  33. Well sucks to be him then coz he will be long gone by the time dem boys are due to pick.

    Now, who believes in Karma .. anyone?

  34. There has been one constant since Jerry “canned” Jimmy and triplets retired they have been a very mediocre team which all falls on the want-to-be GM and coach. There once mighty O-line is about finished, not replacing those players will result in Pitts either blocking or running down field and watching Dak get sacked. Smart play is to trade down and load up on both lines since Dak’s wages will make it near impossible to afford any decent free agents or to extend their really good rookie contract players.

  35. As a Gator fan I watched every play of Pitts last year and he’s as close to being impossible to single cover as I’ve seen in a long time. The guy is going to be able to go from tight on the line, to motion, to the slot, and can go out wide on occasion if they like who’s covering him. Man has good WR hands but on a TE frame. He’s worth the noise. Only the top LBs with speed and cover skills are going to be a decent match up cause I don’t think people like Ramsey or their ilk are going to be asked to travel to the interior with a TE. Anyone can be a bust but I’d be very surprised if he’s one. Going to be interested see who makes a move up to get him. Lions used a high first recently on Hockensen so I don’t think they will, first 3 won’t so who moves up?

  36. If Jerry really wanted Pitts he wouldn’t be dumb enough to leak it. He’s been unsuccessful as a GM but he’s not stupid. And if this isn’t coming from Jerry than how does the source really know? This is either Pitts’ agent or some other GM.

  37. Pitts had his pro day already he ran a 4.44 so dont count on him “Slipping if he runs a poor 40”.

  38. This has been a problem for years. Jerry will tell you to your face that he owns the Cowboys, and he can do what ever he wants. His desires and opinions are the only opinion that counts.

  39. Jerry Jones is the reason the team owner should never by the GM. They get too emotional and make terrible decisions (like when Jerrah almost drafted Manziel). There’s nothing the other NFC East teams want more than Jerrah trading a boatload of picks for a Tight End. I’m sure Pitts will be great in the NFL, maybe even an All Time great, but at the end of the day he’s just a Tight End and they don’t deliver Super Bowls. Like WRs, TEs can be taken out of games by opposing DCs. That’s why most teams only trade up for QBs, LTs, and pass rushers.

  40. The Cowboys offence is already the strength of their team. They NEED help in the defensive secondary, another top-tier cornerback Jerry!

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