Malcolm Butler not trying to replace Patrick Peterson, may not take his number

NFL: NOV 29 Cardinals at Patriots
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Patrick Peterson, a cornerback who was chosen to eight Pro Bowls over a 10-year career in Arizona, left the Cardinals this offseason. Malcolm Butler, a cornerback who’s had plenty of success in the NFL himself, arrived. But Butler doesn’t want to be viewed as Peterson’s replacement.

“Not too many people can replace a Patrick Peterson,” Butler said, via ESPN. “I got a lot of respect for him. I’m the type of leader that wants to lead physically and not verbally all the time. You can’t lead a group or anybody if you’re just always talking. You got to be about that action. You got to go out there and to work in. You got to do it on and off the field.”

Peterson wore No. 21 for the last 10 years in Arizona, and that’s the same number Butler has worn throughout his NFL career, for four years in New England and three in Tennessee. But Butler hasn’t decided whether he should take the No. 21 in Arizona.

“I’m not sure about the jersey number,” he said.

Peterson leaves big shoes and a big jersey to fill, but Butler does not see that as his job.