Najee Harris isn’t fond of comparisons to other running backs

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One of the staples of draft season is hearing analysts compare this year’s crop of prospect to past and future NFL players at the same position.

Former Alabama running back Najee Harris is the subject of some of those comparisons, although he said on NFL Network that he’d prefer that people stop making them. It’s not that Harris is unhappy with the players on the other side of the comparison, but that he doesn’t see anyone as being a similar player.

“Matt Forte is a legend for sure, but I don’t see me as Matt Forte,” Harris said, via “I’ve heard all types of things. I’ve heard Derrick Henry, of course. I don’t know why. Me, personally? Yeah, if I could compare myself to somebody, it’s me. I don’t get it. Like, I understand it’s peoples’ jobs to do the comparison and things like that. But, I mean, there is no comparison. Not to be — you can say what anybody want, but I’m my own person. I bring my own game to the thing. I mean, like, we live in a society where everybody loves to do comparisons. I mean, one person I love watching always was Adrian Peterson. I mean, that’s one guy I love.”

Harris may not love the comparisons, but a career that follows the same trajectory would make the team that drafts him this month very happy.

10 responses to “Najee Harris isn’t fond of comparisons to other running backs

  1. And the smart teams should now be adding the AB/Wilosn/Le’veon/Wentz/TO attitude to this player. He should be happy were ever he gets drafted and then prove-it on the field instead of trying to be a social media dink where all he is going is hurting his draft grade. Not-to-mention Alabama running backs, running behind one of the best O-lines, are about 50/50 if they will be worth while starter or just a back-up.

  2. Harris isn’t making past Denver at pick 40. They just let Lindsay go and Gordon only has a year left on his deal, so it makes sense to draft a RB high. Harris is a beast and with Denver’s uncertainty at QB, his elite backfield skills would definitely be welcomed.

  3. I’d compare Najee to former Wide Receiver Steve Smith, Sr. This guys agility is phenomenal.

  4. I agree with him. I’ve watched every game Najee has played in college. He is really unlike any back that I can think of. He’s a power back that is great in the open field and, by the way, can leap tall defenders in a single bound.

  5. I’m an Alabama fan and even I’m not sure where this guy fits. He’s not especially fast, nor exceptionally strong. He is proficient in the passing game, but I have a hard time comparing him to Kamara. Kamara has speed and is elusive. My opinion is that Najee is a try-hard type back that tends to have a shorter career. I would love to be wrong.

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