Raiders sign Karl Joseph

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders
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Safety Karl Joseph is officially back with the Raiders.

Joseph spent four years with the team before leaving for Cleveland as a free agent last year. Joseph was back for a visit with the team this week, however, and they announced his signing on Friday afternoon.

The Raiders picked Joseph in the first round of the 2016 draft and he started 41 of the 49 games he played for the team. He had 236 tackles, three sacks, four interceptions, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. He had 67 tackles, an interception, and two fumble recoveries for the Browns last year.

Joseph joins Johnathan Abram, Jeff Heath, and Dallin Leavitt at safety for Las Vegas.

21 responses to “Raiders sign Karl Joseph

  1. He was always out of position, maybe it was Paul Guenther, maybe it will be different under Gus Bradley

  2. Whats brewing in Vegas? Our boys are looking to be a spoiler for some teams this year. I like it.

  3. He can’t be any worse than Abram. It’s a given that he’s the not the “enforcer” type that Abram is, but he is able to cover better and can still bring the hammer when he tackles. I would have rather kept him last year on the 5th year option than sign Lamarcus Joyner. And Johnathan Abram has been a disaster in the back end too. Joseph is smaller but can hit like Abram can, but Joseph is a far better coverage player.

  4. This team puts the fans through a lot. I’m actually a little happy we resigned him, but there was a reason few cared when he left. Maybe he does play opposite Abram and do well but I have serious doubts.

  5. Good signing for the Raiders. Hes a solid player. Did well for the Browns last year

  6. Karl was misused during his time with Oakland AND had some injuries, this time around he’ll be better utilized AND a couple more years of seasoning under his belt plus throw in a better supporting cast.
    HE’LL BE FINE !!!

  7. 4personalitytheories says:
    April 9, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    Another 7-9 or 6-10


    Not every move has a Super Bowl impact. Your tea, the 9ers, just signed Kerry Hyder, Nate Sudfield, Nathan Gerry, and brought back Mo Sanu. That means playoffs for them right? Jeez, you need 53 guys on the roster, not everyone can be a superstar and very few are the ones who propel teams to the next leve, especially the low level FA fliers.

  8. I’m glad we resigned him. I didn’t want to see him leave last year. As others pointed out, he’s no worse than Abram and might actually be better.

  9. Hopefully, his big postseason for the Browns can carry over into this season for the Raiders because they need all the defensive help they can get and he can meet previous expectations.

  10. Yeah, what a great pickup! Will this blockbuster move get them to five or six wins?

    Gruden is washed up and Mayock is waaaaaaaaay in over his head. Go back to the broadcast booth Raider’s management!

  11. The Raiders are a joke. They don’t a have a QB or a defense. Josh Jacobs is completely overrated.

  12. Bringing back Joseph was a decent move. Kind of surprised that it happened though because Joseph was one of McKenzie’s picks and Gruden has made it his mission to purge the Raiders of those players.

  13. We never really got to see him and Abram on the field at the same time because Abram knocked himself out of his first game as a rookie. This is going to be fun to watch if they can both stay healthy and stop knocking themselves out of the game.

  14. optimist lookout: he will be a great addition to add some much needed depth as a DB, pessimistic lookout: its like getting back with an ex bc they said they’ve worked on some things

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