Taylor Gabriel retires

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams
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Former NFL wide receiver Taylor Gabriel is calling it a career.

Retired,” Gabriel wrote to accompany an Instagram picture of him lounging in his pool. “Undrafted Free Agent Tryout #7Years. Thanks to all my fans and supporters love y’all.”

Gabriel was a free agent who said last year that he decided not to play because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I opted to not play this year with covid,” Gabriel wrote on Twitter at the start of the 2020 season. “I’ve had offers to play but chose my families safety.”

The 30-year-old Gabriel entered the NFL as an undrafted rookie with the Browns in 2014. He later spent two years with the Falcons and two with the Bears. He had his most productive season in 2018 in Chicago, when he caught 67 passes for 688 yards.

17 responses to “Taylor Gabriel retires

  1. Congratulations to him for a solid NFL career. Defensive backs won’t be sad to see him go. As fast and shifty as he was, I’m sure they had nightmares about Gabriel in the open field.

  2. Man, thought he was going to be good after his stint with the Falcons, but… the Bears ruined him.

  3. Never heard of him ? You must be kidding. He was maybe the only clear-eyed Atlanta player after Tom Brady’s pick-6, at score 21-0… he sensed that the lead was not enough:
    Sanu: “They ain’t ever met nothing like this.”
    Gabriel: “It’s Tom Brady, though.”

  4. Good to see teams aren’t respecting players decision to opt out. I’m sure the ‘offers’ took into account that this isn’t the type of player that would play through any adversity.

  5. Real solid career for an undrafted small school guy not even invited to the combine listed at 5’7″, 167 and realistically probably not even that. Certainly made the most of what might have been his only opportunity.

  6. He will always be appreciated in ATL as unique weapon of the formidable Falcons offense that got to the SB–and a 28-3 lead–without much defensive help. We know how the defensive issues (and bad playcalling) doomed that offense in its final 17 minutes.

  7. As much as a train wreck of a GM that he was, give Ray Farmer credit for finding this dude. Tough kid who way outpunched his weight. Thanks Taylor for providing a ray in some very lean Browns years.

  8. Good not great player that maximized his ability and got thebmost out of what he had to offer. Good for him to go out on his terms and healthy. Nice life to retire a millionaire at 30. If he saved and invested right he shouldnt have to do anything he doesnt want to for the rest of his life. Cheers young man!

  9. Enjoyed watching him played for Cleveland. He was tough for a smaller guy and good in space. Smart player.

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