Report: Browns want to meet with Jadeveon Clowney on Monday

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The Browns pursued Jadeveon Clowney last year, but he signed with the Titans. They hosted him on free agent visit March 24, but he remains a free agent.

The Browns remain interested, and the sides could be moving closer to a deal.

The team is seeking to set up a second free agent meeting for Monday with the pass rusher, Josina Anderson reports.

Clowney, 28, played eight games in 2020 before going on injured reserve with a torn meniscus. He recorded four passes defensed, four tackles for loss and six quarterback hits but no sacks for Tennessee.

The Browns added Takk McKinley in free agency but could use more help at defensive end opposite Myles Garrett. Olivier Vernon, who started 13 games at right defensive end for the Browns last season, remains a free agent.

Clowney has played 83 of a possible 112 games since entering the league as the Texans’ No. 1 overall pick in 2014. He has 32 sacks, 75 tackles for loss and 86 quarterback hits in seven seasons.

45 responses to “Report: Browns want to meet with Jadeveon Clowney on Monday

  1. Browns dodged a bad situation last time and they did just fine. So they should just leave that alone.

  2. If he takes the visit, they must be close to signing him. No other reason to attend a second meeting, otherwise.

  3. Any ideas on why a guy with his kind of talent hasn’t been snatched up by a team before now?

  4. If Clowney has his head screwed on right, nobody will be looking forward to playing the Browns. But if he had his head screwed on right to begin with, he wouldn’t be available. So I look at this as a sign and hope situation. If Garrett, Clowney, and McKinley brought it 100% every Sunday, they’d easily have the most ferocious pass rush in NFL history. But, you have to have hope, so I’m excited. The Browns are already much improved, and their QB should take another step forward this year.

  5. Any ideas on why a guy with his kind of talent hasn’t been snatched up by a team before now?


    His kind of talent? Lol you clearly haven’t watched him since college.

  6. The days of a defensive end being picked number 1 overall is becoming scarcer.

  7. Why not bring back Vernon? I’m guessing the cost would be in the same ballpark and he’s been more productive.

  8. Seahawk fan here. Clowney is unquestionably talented and occasionally can take over a game but it is occasional. With all that said, he’s an addition to any D line, however I wouldn’t describe him as a “pass rusher.”

  9. Browns coming back to earth next year, they didn’t even outscore their opponents last year and were 11-5, not sustainable.

  10. 32 sacks in 82 starts. Number 1 overall pick. Why is he not referred to as one of the biggest busts in history?

  11. I have never understood the fandom for this guy. One collegiate play. Missed 25% of his games. Has a sack every 2.5 games and makes less than one tackle a game. Teams don’t even bother game planning for him and he always blocked with a single player. The Browns should be asking why does no team ever re-sign him.

  12. Na … we’re good unless he takes the veterans minimum. He can’t stay on the field. What do you do.. start him after games 8 or 9 games and hope he stays on the field?

  13. With the exception of Doug Flutie, I can’t think of anyone else who has made as much from one collegiate play.

  14. If it’s the right price…….good move…….at the right price. If they’re willing to spend the cap $$, who cares. Just keep it at a “prove it year”…..especially with so much doubt around the DE’s in this draft (1st round) and so much depth at 1st round CB’s….their other big need.

  15. mackcarrington says:
    April 11, 2021 at 8:47 pm
    Any ideas on why a guy with his kind of talent hasn’t been snatched up by a team before now?

    What kind of talent is “this kind of talent”?

    He misses a lot of games, and he is probably about 1/3 as talented as he thinks he is, and perhaps you think he is.

  16. They want to ask him two questions. (1) When do you think will be first time this year you will get hurt? (2) How many games this year do you think you will miss because of injury?

  17. Breaking News

    Jadeveon Clowney will miss meeting with Browns due to “core injury.”

  18. Clowney is as fragile as they come. You’ll sign him for a season and get two games out of him.

  19. If they can get him for a small base salary with performance incentives to get him to what he wants, maybe. But if the contract feels “expensive” at all, then no. Please just stay away from him.

    If Clowney had fulfilled even half of his potential when entering the league he would’ve have lasted this long into free agency.

  20. A pedestrian player with a diva mentality, who happens to be injury prone? Hard pass. He is a “pass rush” specialist who averages 5-6 sacks per season. No thanks. No Clowney the Brownie for me.

  21. There had to be a real why it takes so long for him to sign with a team. Either he thinks he’s worth alot more than he is or there’s a major concern about him, maybe physically or personality but there’s something gone on.

  22. Why does everyone want Clowney to be this dominant pass rusher? He’s not that. He’s never had great pass rushing moves but he’s great against the run and is an athletic freak who can move all along the d-line. Factor in the injury risk and its difficult to put a dollar value on him because he’s unique.

  23. Good Player but he isnt worth $18-$20 million per, as was reported what he was seeking. Im sure he now realizes he isnt getting that.

  24. He’s still making a living off his senior season in college. The fact no one has signed him by now says all you need to know,

  25. I’d wait till after week 1. As a vet if he signs now he’s guaranteed his full salary. His injuries and age are too much of a concern.

  26. I trust that AB isn’t signing Clowney unless it’s a very team friendly number. I don’t think Clowney has much leverage here, so he isn’t getting paid.

  27. He’s been living off of one play in college his whole career.Take notes Browns overhyped and injury prone

  28. He’s been living off of one play in college his whole career.

    That play still sticks in the craw of you guys almost a decade later.

  29. The Sam Bradford of defensive lineman. It looks like the Browns have almost extinguished their long, long burning dumpster fire, but now they want to throw some more gas on it by going back to their old-ways of way over-paying for used up NFL free agents. Anything above league minimum, with maybe bonuses for sacks it way over paying for a very often injured player that is living off of one play form college.

  30. If Cleveland can get Clowney on a one year deal, with a base salary in the 8-10 range, that will be a great signing. Jadaveon had a PFF grade of 74.9 last year. The man he would be replacing is Olivier Vernon, who had a PFF grade of 74.8. Those grades put Clowney at 26 and Vernon at 27 among defensive ends. Clowney grades out as a #1 DE, but Cleveland will be bringing him in as their #2, if he signs.

  31. I predict a 1 year incentive laden contract. At this point I trust the Browns front office (so strange to hear those words) to not screw the pooch with with this kind of player. Clowney is not an every down player and you have to assume he’s going to be out for stretches. That said, as a rotation guy on passing downs… yes please!

  32. Please consider he will only play about 6 games and make in impact in about 2, when making him an offer.

  33. He missed his flight. Typical. Rescheduling.

    Guy who doesn’t like to practice and didn’t take the opportunity to learn one thing from JJ Watt or put any real effort into refining his craft. Nice guy, but he never had the fire to be great just as Steve Spurrier told us. Shows up in Sunday night and Monday night games. 3 sacks last 2 seasons.

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