Report: Eddie George wants to hire Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator at Tennessee State

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As Eddie George, whose post-playing career has included a short stint on Broadway, now becomes the head coach at Tennessee State University, he’s reportedly looking to hire a two-time former NFL head coach at the program’s offensive coordinator.

Via, George wants to hire Hue Jackson to run the team’s offense.

Jackson coached the Raiders and Browns to a combined record of 11-44-1. He finished his stint in Cleveland with a 3-36-1 record.

The defensive coordinator apparently will be Brandon Fisher, son of former Titans and Rams coach Jeff Fisher. George, drafted by Fisher to the Houston Oilers in 1996, has relied on Jeff Fisher as an advisor.

Brandon Fisher last worked in the NFL in 2016, as a member of his father’s staff in L.A.

George also could hire Ray Lewis as a member of the defensive staff at Tennessee State. Per the report, Tennessee State discussed making Lewis the head coach before settling on George.

Nashville-based Tennessee State, an FCS-level school, belongs to the Ohio Valley Conference.

16 responses to “Report: Eddie George wants to hire Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator at Tennessee State

  1. Hiring the right coaching & administrative staff is critical. Announcing or leaking who you want, desperation. Better to get them committed before going public. Not sure if he has the right strategy.

  2. Ray Lewis…. nice. Wonder if Ray gave Eddie his heart back! As a Titans fan I remember Lewis winning most of those matchups .

  3. As long as Eddie remembers to bring Hue into his office every so often, sit him down and tell him… “I’m the head coach.”

  4. The first move Hue Jackson made as Cleveland Head Coach (cutting Johnny Football) turned out to be his worst move. Johnny Football won 2 games in 6 starts as starter in 2015. Jackson won 1 game in 2016, and none in 2017 as Cleveland head coach.

  5. Eddie George is obviously putting winning above everything else. Hue Jackson is as good an offensive coach as there is. George doesn’t have any coaching experience, so he’s going after some great coaches. Fisher’s son is likely a good coach, too. Some of the greatest coaches are sons of coaches. But, recruiting is what college football is all about, and these guys should clean up there, too.

  6. I dont think this new generation would respond well to Hue Jackson’s temperament – Hue believes in treating them like men and not with kid gloves.

  7. Jeff Fisher’s first advisory project is figuring out Tennessee State is going to go 7-9 on a 12 game schedule.

  8. An NFL caliber coaching staff like that for an HBCU in the Ohio Valley conference would almost be unfair. People can hate on Hue Jackson all they want but the reality is the teams he had were basically the D league for the CFL and regardless of record in Cleveland those teams were actually way more competitive than they should have been considering the lack of talent he was given thanks to the GM’s tank for draft picks plan. (He had a record for overtime losses and Browns were #1 in rushing offense when he was fired)

    They will develop NFL caliber players guaranteed if that staff happens.

  9. Someone above stated that college kids won’t respond to Jackson’s temperament. Maybe true. But if I’m at an HBCU school thinking I should have been a big 10 or SEC recruit, maybe Jackson, George, Fisher can tap into that and get the most out of second tier players. Creating a culture of responsibility can do wonders for any org. Of any kind. The question is do these men have the right stuff to do it.

  10. well, good luck Tenn St, Eddie George, and Huebris Jackson. I do hope it works out but I’m doubtful.

  11. How many other coaches in the world would be better than this guy? Does Hue have something over him?

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