Karl Joseph: I feel like I was born to be a Raider

Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
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When the Raiders declined safety Karl Joseph‘s fifth-year option option in the spring of 2019, it set up the former first-round pick to be a free agent in 2020.

Joseph ended up signing with Cleveland on a one-year deal last April, appearing in 14 games for the club, starting eight. But with the Browns signing safety John Johnson early in free agency, Joseph was set up to move on once again.

The Raiders may have relocated to Las Vegas since Joseph departed, but he’s back where he thinks he belongs after signing with the club on Friday.

“I never wanted to leave,” Joseph said, via Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “This is my home. I was drafted here. I feel like I was born to be a Raider.

“It felt like the right decision was to come back and help finish what I started here and be a part of that.”

In bringing Joseph back, the Raiders filled a need for a veteran safety prior to the draft at the end of the month. But Joseph’s presence is unlikely to stop Las Vegas from adding talent at the position, particularly since the team has already elected to move on from Joseph in the recent past.

In his first stint with the Raiders, Joseph appeared in 49 games with 41 starts. He recorded four interceptions, 15 passes defensed, three fumble recoveries, and 3.0 sacks for the franchise.

14 responses to “Karl Joseph: I feel like I was born to be a Raider

  1. Joseph can fill the FS vacancy in Bradley’s scheme. Not sure why Guenther played him mostly at SS. Then again, not sure why Guenther did a lot of the things he did. I think the combo of Joseph at FS and Abram at SS could make for a pretty dynamic duo. People said that Earl Thomas was undersized and not a great fit in Bradley’s scheme, and we saw how he turned out. And who was compared to Thomas while at WV and being drafted in the 1st? Karl Joseph. Great cheap vet signing here.

  2. Great opportunity for him to earn his keep and an extension after this year if he can stay healthy !!!
    I believe he belongs also !!!

  3. The Raiders have not drafted a good defensive back since Nnamdi Asomugha in 2003, That’s a long history of striking out

  4. His last year in Oakland was his best, hopefully Gus lights a fire under the whole defense and gives us a top ten D—with that said we can make the playoffs if coaching,play,and teamwork comes to vegas this year.

  5. “I was born to be a Raider” says the guy that visited Pittsburgh for a couple of days.

  6. He was ok in Cleveland last year but they let him walk for a reason. He’s a decent rotation/ backup / depth, that’s it.

  7. This guy is a great Raider. He’s exactly what they need. They have a talented young secondary, and they haven’t been able to get the practice time that a young secondary needs, due to the virus. A veteran safety is what they need. There were a couple losses last year that might have been avoided if they had someone in the secondary that could get the kids lined up.

  8. Good against the run, liability in coverage. Not a bad safety, but has not lived up to his draft pedigree. I think he has a hard time staying healthy, too. Good luck.

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