Kevin James to play Sean Payton in movie based on 2012 Bountygate suspension

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Nine years ago, a gross miscarriage of NFL justice carried Saints coach Sean Payton out of the NFL for a year. During that year, he helped coach his son’s youth football team.

And there’s a show, that’s a show. Or at least a movie. From Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, Home Team stars Kevin James as Payton, via Peter King of Football Morning in America.

King writes that Payton recently read the script and made some corrections. Filming starts later this year; the movie will land on Netflix.

James starred in the long-running CBS sitcom The King of Queens along with multiple films, including the Paul Blart: Mall Cop franchise. Which is fitting, because it was mall-cop level investigation and decision-making that resulted in such stringent penalties being imposed against the Saints for a cultural phenomenon that happened in most if not all NFL locker rooms until the league office decided to make an example out of one team — and to ignore everywhere else that it was happening.

32 responses to “Kevin James to play Sean Payton in movie based on 2012 Bountygate suspension

  1. Kevin James as Sean Payton? I can’t think of anyone who looks less like Sean Payton than James. It is a horrible choice.

  2. A “gross miscarriage of justice” is the fact that he and Gregg Williams are able to coach anything above pop warner today.

  3. Hollywood casting at its finest: Payton comes across as a really intelligent guy and Kevin James comes across as Kevin James. I hope Payton got paid a mint because I suspect he’ll catch a lot of grief from being portrayed by “Paul Blart Mall Cop”.

  4. Thanks for pointing that out Florio. Penalized for a bounty scandal but was one of the least penalized teams in personal fouls during the Payton era.

  5. Really??? First, is this even movie-worthy? But since Sean Payton is at least a bit involved I guess so – but Kevin James? They couldn’t do better than that? Sorry, I don’t care for him so maybe my opinion is a bit biased – don’t think he’s a good actor at all – so yeah, biased….but still think they could do better than Kevin James

  6. Thanks for being reasonable about it looking back on it, the Saints got derailed over entertaining smashmouth defensive hilites played alongside honestly comical gregg williams locker room slideshows about “do your job collect bounty $”

  7. Sean Payton deserved the punishment. The Head Coach is ultimately responsible for the actions of his team.
    Injuring opposing players to get an advantage is the worst type of cheating.
    If you are concerned with player safety, there is no defense for bounty programs that rewarded injuring opposing players.
    C’mon man

  8. Adam Sandler has a few good buddies that he always casts in his films, and Kevin James is in that group … which others of his group would be better as Sean Payton? David Spade? Rob Schneider? Chris Rock? I guess James may be the best choice after all …

  9. I can’t wait to see Steve Buscemi and Rob Scneider (“Oh No, We Suck Again!”) playing various Viking fans! 🤣

  10. AS a Vikings’ fan, I would like to make some ‘corrections’ to the script too. The total rip-off in the 2009 NFC Championship game must be fully explored.

  11. it’s an Adam Sandler production – he only hires his buddies who get rich off of really bad movies

  12. This is dumb. Why does this movie need to exist? Why on earth is Kevin James playing Sean Payton? Who is playing Drew Brees? Chris Rock? Good lord Adam Sandler movies continue to be absolute trash.

  13. “Nine years ago, a gross miscarriage of NFL justice carried Saints coach Sean Payton out of the NFL for a year.”

    He was penalized for fronting a bounty scheme. Should’ve been out longer.

  14. IF it truly was prevalent to have bounties on many teams, then that does not make it right.

    Those other teams did not storm through the first two rounds of the playoffs by injuring the other team’s quarterbacks with illegal hits. Payton deserved his suspension and Williams should not be coaching anymore.

  15. Wait, they’re making a movie that celebrates Sean Payton’s situation? Sorry Florio, usually agree with you, but Payton and the Saints deserved everything they got. Lucky they didn’t get their title stripped, which could be justified.

  16. Normally not a fan of excessive commentary but your last paragraph is on point. And I’m not even a Saints fan but I know they got screwed.

  17. “Payton recently read the script and made some corrections.” So, this will be a fair account of what happened? Or Payton’s version? Does Roger get a chance to read the script and make corrections? I don’t watch propaganda.

  18. So it’s going to be a comedy or a satire, then? Because no one is going watch Kevin James without waiting for a punchline or joke of some kind.

  19. Somehow, this is perfect. The more pretentious and arrogant one is, the more one deserves to have Kevin James play them in a movie.

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