Matt Rhule: We believe in Sam Darnold

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Panthers head coach Matt Rhule spoke to the media on Monday for the first time since the team traded for quarterback Sam Darnold and that trade was the primary topic of conversation in that session.

Rhule resisted calling Darnold the team’s starting quarterback, but didn’t seem to leave much doubt that the team expects to have the 2018 Jets first-round pick in the lineup come the start of the regular season. He said the team is hopeful that the move to Carolina will result in a “tremendous time” for a player they think can play at a “high level.”

“We believe in Sam,” Rhule said. “We believe in his skill set. We believe in his approach. . . . I don’t think there’s a game you watch, he doesn’t make a play where you don’t say ‘there it is.’ I think his arm talent, his movement, are a great fit for the guys here that he’ll be playing with.”

Rhule said he met Darnold in person for the first time a few minutes before the press conference, but he did have a chance to speak with him while he was interviewing for the Jets head coaching job in 2019. While Rhule and the Jets couldn’t come to an agreement at that point, the two men still wound up working together.

27 responses to “Matt Rhule: We believe in Sam Darnold

  1. I don’t care who they believe in, if they do not fix that offensive line the starting QB season will be cut short.

  2. Grant Cohn has done extended film study of Darnold. He’s correctly pointed out that Darnold is a one read guy who makes terrible decisions with the football.

  3. That’s the problem with Darnold. Every now and then he makes one of those “wow” throws making you think he’s about to turn the corner. Then he throws another interception.

  4. Somebody forgot to show Rhule the “seeing ghosts” game against NE. Not one “there it is ” play in that one.

  5. Good. And last year he believed in, who was it, Bridgewater. Yawn, generic coach talk.

  6. I think Darnold would be higher rated than Wilson in this year’s Draft. Panthers may have gotten the biggest bargain of the off-season.

  7. Darnold would be the second overall pick in this draft. Rhule stole a legit franchise QB from the Jets. That shouldn’t shock anyone. Whoever the Jets end up drafting, will also be available in a couple years.

  8. Darnold will be lethal in that offense! Don’t be surprised if we see Darnold vs Hurts in the NFC championship game.

  9. I wish Sam success now that he’s not in the AFC East anymore.

  10. I think he will have more success in Charlotte N. C. because of the coaches they have. The fans will love him and give him a fair chance to be the best he can be. Bill

  11. What”s he gonna say? stats dont lie though almost identical to Teddy Im not sure they did their research on Darnold

  12. I was hoping Darnold would be taken by a better franchise than Carolina. It’s the only way to find out just what his “potential” is. A legit top QB however, would manage to impress no matter where he landed. Burrow and Luck come to mind.

  13. We’ll see if that’s true depending on what they do with that first pick, if they take a quarterback then they don’t believe in Sam Darnold, if they take an OT, then maybe they do

  14. The truth is we don’t, but we just say it because we’ve been saying the same thing about Teddy.

  15. Carolina Panthers are going to have a new QB every season because of a hands-on owner, Teddy Bridgewater was only given one season to turn around a bad football team without its best high price RB missing 13 games and an OL that has always been one of the worst in the NFL. Cam Newton coved up a bad OL and took a beating. Sam Darald will be out of Carolina or on t bench by mid-season. Bridgewater ran the Saints offense to perfection but goes the Panthers and gets blamed for poor play calling and an injured all-pro McCaffery. The Panthers’ offensive problems were a “global issue” with protection breakdowns and receivers running the wrong routes. If the Panthers owner thinks that QB change is going to result into his football team going to the playoffs or having a winning season he’d bter fire the HC now.

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