Report: 49ers, Patriots have committed to attend Justin Fields’ second Pro Day

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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was the first person to mention that Justin Fields would hold a second Pro Day workout for NFL teams, so it doesn’t come as much surprise that Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch are set to be in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday.

Shanahan and Lynch weren’t at Fields’ first workout in person because they were taking a look at Mac Jones throw in Alabama, but the owners of the third overall pick want a chance to see all of the top quarterback prospects in person before handing in their pick. Albert Breer of reports that only one other team has committed to attending the workout at this point.

The Patriots are the other team and they’re reportedly sending a group led by offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. All teams are allowed to send a group of three representatives to Pro Days this offseason and the Fields workout this week is not currently set for broadcast to teams that aren’t on hand.

New England owns the No. 15 pick in the first round, so they’ll likely need to move up if they’re going to add Fields to the team.

Once Fields’ workout is done, the last big date on the pre-draft schedule for quarterbacks is next Monday. That’s when Trey Lance will throw for a second time and the 49ers are expected to be in attendance for that workout as well.

7 responses to “Report: 49ers, Patriots have committed to attend Justin Fields’ second Pro Day

  1. I like Justin Fields with Mike Shanahan because Fields is extremely intelligent and Justin Fields can be pushed on the mental aspects of QB’ing like Steve Young. That’s what it took for Steve Young to play on a MVP level. So if Kyle Shanahan learned that from Mike it would be a good fit. As a young kid I seen Steve Young struggle before Shanahan and Kubiak got their hands on him. Steve Young had flashes, but it took Kubs and Mike Shanahan to turn Steve Young into a cerebral pocket passer. I think Kyle can do the same for Justin Fields.

    It’s ironic that the Patriots and 49ers are the only ones attending his pro day because those are the only two places that could unlock his full potential as a QB. Kansas City as well, but I think their fine at QB.

    And all that talk about Buckeyes QB not performing well in the NFL. Joe Burrow is from the program. Just go back and listen to his Heisman acceptance speech and who he thanked to help him develop. Plus we have CJ, Kyle McCord, Jack Miller, and the young gun Quinn Ewers coming in the near future. Under Ryan Day Ohio State is going to be known as Quarterback U, A QB factory for the NFL. Don’t believe me, just watch. You all are stuck in the 1900’s and 2010’s when talking about Buckeye football. It’s a brand new day and offensive paradigm in Columbus.

  2. Some people, including Fields himself, think he is the best QB in the draft. If that is the case then may be the Jets will pick him over Zach Wilson, or perhaps Urban Meyer will pick him first. After all, Fields beat Trevor Lawrence in a head to head contest in the game between Alabama and Ohio. As for Frisco, they do not need the next Tom Brady or even the best QB in the NFL to win the Super Bowl. So, that is why even the third best QB in the draft will do. They only need a backup for 2021, after Mullens and Beathard showed that they are not good enough to be backups. And if Jimmy G. won’t be their QB of their future, any one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the draft will be more than enough. Whichever QB they pick, Lawrence, Jones, Wilson, Fields or Lance, the cynics will trash him non-stop anyway, just like they have been trashing Jimmy G and also Kap before that.

  3. Of the 5 QBs that look as if they will be drafted in the 1st round which two will be good or above, which one will be a Kurt Cousins type mediocre and which two will be busts. BYU is well known for putting out really good QB’s on the other hand OSU QB’s are flops. With the Alabama juggernaut even an average QB looks all-world and pretty much the same for Clemson but that QB has lots of experience in big games. The current NFL ND QB is trending towards being a bust and playing against much lower talent in division 1 is not a good barometer to see if that QB will do when he see NFL speed. The major reason the same teams keep picking really high is their inability to draft real NFL talent.

  4. Justin Fields is a great athlete and QB. Tough call for the Jets. He has a very high ceiling, unlike someone like Mac Jones. I still see the Jets taking Wilson at #2 and Fields to the 49ers at #3.

  5. The good news for the 49ers is that whoever the Jets pick, it will be the wrong guy, so the 49ers will be spared from a potentially picking a mistake.

  6. Maybe when the 49ers’ and Patriots’ brain trust are hanging out on the sideline a discussion of a Jimmy Garoppolo trade might occur?

  7. Before they have drafted, trading Jimmy G. would mean they have given up hope of winning the Super Bowl in 2021. Exactly zero rookie quarterback has ever been the starter of a Super Bowl winning team. That is simply not going to happen. Only people who root for failure by the 49ers would want Jimmy G. traded before the 2021 season. It must make them very happy if the 49ers give up on the 2021 season.

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