All 22 plaintiff names in the Deshaun Watson civil cases will be disclosed

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Rusty Hardin asked for it, and Rusty Hardin is getting it.

After jostling for weeks to force the 22 women who sued Hardin’s client, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson under a Jane Doe pseudonym to disclose their identities, Hardin will learn the names of all plaintiffs.

Via Aaron Reiss of, attorney Tony Buzbee said Tuesday that his office will be amending the complaints to disclose the names of all victims.

The move comes as no surprise. Last week, judges ruled that 14 of the 22 plaintiffs must be named. It likely was inevitable that the other eight also would have been required to disclose their identities.

Watson eventually will file a formal answer to each complaint, in which he’ll respond point by point to the accusations made. He’ll also list various “affirmative defenses,” legal theories that he possibly will be pursuing in order to limit or defeat liability and/or damages.

The cases will proceed unless resolved. In most jurisdictions, it takes roughly 18 months to two years for a case to end up in trial, after it was initially filed.

5 responses to “All 22 plaintiff names in the Deshaun Watson civil cases will be disclosed

  1. The white woman crying was the death nail for Deshaun. Public support overwhelming went away.

    Even the best case scenario for him, being innocenr still paints him in bad light. He was soliciting sex during massages.

    His good boy rep is forever gone.

  2. The judge has ordered all plaintiffs to disclose their names if they want their suits to be valid. That does NOT mean that all of them will comply. There may be one or more who may decide to drop their cases.

  3. Best case scenario for Watson is he settles all lawsuits, rehabs and repents. As long as he stays out of jail he’ll be playing again in 2022.

  4. I ignore the promotional spin moves of both sides, including interviews etc.
    Present information in court and let the judicial system decide.

    Having said that, at best, Watson lost a huge amount of money in endorsements, and will surely get a suspension. He better not go cheap , he better hire a shark lawyer, unless he already has one.

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