NFLPA sends memo to players recommending they skip in-person workouts

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The Broncos became the first group of players to announce they will not participate in voluntary offseason workouts held in-person. Other teams likely follow.

But will every team vote to stay away? Will every player on every team stay away?

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and president JC Tretter sent a memo to all players Tuesday, reiterating the union’s position.

“We have been in regular contact with the NFL on negotiations over a virtual offseason,” the memo reads, per Tom Pelissero of NFL Media. “As we have shared with your Executive Committee and Board, it is clear that neither side wants to move off their respective position. As we have made clear throughout bargaining: The COVID status in the country is as perilous as it was at this point last year; a number of players recently tested positive at team facilities. COVID weekly positive rates are as high, if not higher than, at this point last offseason; and NFL players who contracted COVID last season can become infected again.

“We believe that having the same offseason rules as last year is in the best interest of . . . the players and gives us the best chance of completing a full NFL season in 2021.

“As you know, other than minicamps, all offseason workouts are completely voluntary despite some of the language used by the clubs in recent days. And, while the CBA allows the teams to host mandatory minicamps, we believe the league should make them virtual just like last season.

“It is the recommendation of the NFLPA based on our medical experts’ advice that if the voluntary offseason program is in person, players should not attend. Therefore, as teams host calls to discuss these issues we urge that all players consider their own health and safety, make a personal decision about attending voluntary workouts and take into consideration the unanimous recommendation of the NFLPA COVID committee that we have an entirely virtual offseason.

“Please let your Player Director know what the consensus is of your teammates regarding their individual decision about the voluntary offseason period. We will let you know what we hear regarding minicamps and training camp structure and schedule.”

Offseason programs are scheduled to begin Monday. According to Pelissero, Tretter informed players on a call last week that the NFL’s last proposal is for the first two weeks to be virtual before starting in-person work.

The union wants everything before training camp to be virtual, including mandatory minicamp.

23 responses to “NFLPA sends memo to players recommending they skip in-person workouts

  1. It’s smart to avoid in-person minicamps at this point. COVID is spiking again in many areas of the country. We can’t wish it away or pretend it’s gone. Be responsible and continue with the current protocols.

  2. Not my place to tell these men what they should do, but I feel like any team that has in-person camps is probably developing a competitive advantage. I hope my favorite team chooses to be in-person because I think that will help them be a better prepared team for the coming season.

  3. why is this news, if they told them to do it then it is news. I am not sure if there is a world now that they would ever attend anything that is voluntary.

  4. Why don’t these moron’s just get vaccinated. Have one mass vaccination meeting. These union people are STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Let’s not pretend that COVID is the reason they don’t want to go to OTAs. Rubs me the wrong way that they want use that as the motivation for this.

  6. “We can’t wish it away or pretend it’s gone. Be responsible and continue with the current protocols.”

    Gosh if only there were some way to protect ourselves from this disease. Something simple along the lines of what we do with the flu and other diseases…

  7. AFW says:
    April 13, 2021 at 3:08 pm
    It’s smart to avoid in-person minicamps at this point. COVID is spiking again in many areas of the country. We can’t wish it away or pretend it’s gone. Be responsible and continue with the current protocols.


    The mortality rate for people in the NFL players’ demographic is less than that of your average flu. Should we just avoid in-person minicamps for flu as well? Where does it end?

  8. It is NOT less deadly than flu it is substantially more deadly than flu. Chris on a cracker get with the program people

  9. And a second memo that says, “Should you lose your job to a rookie, free agent or lowly veteran who does attend the voluntary off-season workout don’t worry if you lose your job because we will still have ours”.

  10. Or get your rear ends vaccinated? I realize it asks a lot of players to get a couple of shots. Ridiculous.

  11. Great for you keyboard warriors to tell others how they should protect their families. You are probably some of the same folks that won’t wear masks and fought lockdowns.

  12. NFLPA seems to have missed the memo about how rosters are currently constructed. Look around and you see the same stuff everywhere: A few stars on big-time contracts which eat up most of the cap, filled in with as many guys as possible on their rookie deals. If you’re a veteran player who isn’t in that first category (or bare minimum a locked-in starter) you need to be doing everything possible to keep your foot in the door.

  13. Wouldn’t it be great if the Bronco’s owner decided not to pay the players if they didn’t show up. Perhaps some could go get a job at McDonald’s.

  14. NFLPA does not care about who is on roster (that is fixed). Just want as much of cap spent as possible with least amount of work

  15. You either have talent or you dont. If OTAs mattered, the Browns wouldnt have gone 1-31 over a 2 year period. Training camp is sufficient. I love the ones telling the players to go get a vaccine, are the same dopes, saying my body and choice and you cant make me get a vaccine. Hypocritical much? I agree in vaccines, but dont try to tell us all you do. Just got my 2nd shot yesterday. It makes me feel a little safer, but there are still too many ignorant people in this country that still think its a hoax

  16. Ur stupid if you allow people to pressure you to get the dumb vaccine…People need to mind thier own buisness PERIOD…

  17. Gosh, I guess if I made millions of dollars I could refuse to work in order to “protect my family”.

    Instead most of us just show up every day to work because feeding our family IS protecting our family.

  18. I don’t see any way they’re going to get guys who are trying to make a team to stay away. Highly paid guys with secure roster spots? Sure. The guys with no guaranteed money trying to get or keep a job? If I’m in that spot I’m doing everything I can to show the team I want to be there and can contribute.

  19. first off, the memo has to come from the NFLPA because of it came from the owners, players would still want their workout bonus’s.
    outside of that, its a personal decision, each person leads a different life… not my place to tell them sit, vaccinate, or cowboy up.
    and these are just “volunteer workouts”… if they didn’t put this article out, would you know who was attending?

  20. Let’s put it bluntly. It’s in the best interest of the veterans, who want all the offseason stuff gone anyway, and have been trying to eliminate all of it since the 2011 CBA negotiations happened.

    No offseason workouts just means that rookies and younger players don’t get a shot to take a veteran’s spot.

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