Rob Gronkowski pegs chances of Julian Edelman joining Buccaneers at (what else?) “69 percent”

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We’re not the only ones not buying the Julian Edelman retirement.

Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski estimated for on Monday night the chances that Edelman will land in Tampa Bay, despite his retirement from the NFL.

69 percent chance,” Gronkowski said when asked if there’s a chance Edelman signs with the Bucs.

“He’ll be back,” Gronk later said of Edelman playing again. “He’ll be back. Yeah.”

Gronk also was asked if Edelman is a Hall of Famer. Initially, Gronkowski said, “He’s a Patriot Hall of Famer, for sure.” Asked specifically about the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Gronk opted to be diplomatic, “I definitely think he has a great possibility.”

It’s unclear whether “great possibility” is stronger than 69 percent. Regardless, Gronk has spoken.

50 responses to “Rob Gronkowski pegs chances of Julian Edelman joining Buccaneers at (what else?) “69 percent”

  1. Everyone sure is clamoring for this guy to come be the worst reciever on the team. His best years are firmly behind him

  2. Not a Pats fan but: This mans drive/desire reminds me of another player. Troy Polamalu. (not a Steelers fan either!)

  3. Likelihood of Edelman not being permanently retired? 0%-3%
    Likelihood of Edelman being a Patriots HOFer? 100%
    Likelihood of Edelman being voted into Canton HOF? 0%-10%
    Likelihood of Edelman being more qualified for Canton HOF than some who have been inducted?: 100%

  4. The most likely scenario I see for Edelman to return is for the Bucs have an injury at WR and Edelman comes in – similar to how they signed AB last year when Godwin and Evans were banged up

    It has already been reported that he would likely not be able to play a whole 2021 season, so I think a scenario like this makes sense for him

  5. Not gonna happen. The Buc’s are overloaded already, no need for him on the team. Mr. Edeleman go ahead and retire, father time has called you.

  6. All anyone needs to do is list the to 10 all-time receivers that come into your head.
    If Edelman is in that top 10, then he’s a HOFer. If not, there’s your answer.

  7. An unserious answer to an unserious question, and an unserious discussion. I would guess that there’s also a 69 percent chance of Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Adam Vinatieri, Rodney Harrison, Vince Wilfork and Darrelle Revis all coming back to play for Brady and the Bucs.

    I kinda hope they do, because that would be an awful team.

  8. There is a 69% chance that Juilan Francis Edelman catches 100 passes for the Bucs next year.

  9. Likely month that Edelman signs with the Bucs:
    August – 0%
    September – 0%
    October – 0%
    November – 0%
    December – 69%

  10. What Rob and everyone else that says he is coming out of retirement are forgetting is that he was cut due to failed physical on his injured knee. He needs a knee replacement, no cartilage… bone on bone, and can’t play in the NFL. Chances are slim to none that he plays for anyone, even the Bucs. He is retiring a Patriot and that is that.

  11. I’m just here for the delusional “he will never play for the Bucs” talk. He’ll probably take the next 6 months off. Then, he’ll play with Brady and Gronk. Everybody thought Gronk was done a few years ago, too.

  12. Liked him as a Patriot not so much now.

    There’s a reason why his career as a celebrity outside of football was as complete a failure as it gets.

  13. I wonder how Gronks mom and sisters feel about his obsession with 69 – if you still find this funny. well, sad to say the least

  14. Loved the old Tom Hanks movie “Big”. For Gronk, it’s his reality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  15. twonsmith20 says:
    April 13, 2021 at 3:32 pm
    Leave it to gronk for the “69” reference.
    Didn’t see that coming.

  16. ZERO percent chance.

    On top of the fact that he truly did play until the wheels fell off, I get the sense that Incredelman takes a certain pride in retiring as a Patriot.

    And all you crabby pants who don’t like Gronks 69 reference need to take a page from Sargent Hulka and…


  17. bajer says:

    April 13, 2021 at 5:12 pm

    I wonder how Gronks mom and sisters feel about his obsession with 69 – if you still find this funny. well, sad to say the least

    Because no women joke about it?

  18. And another thing crabby pants, just a reminder that none of us got here thru immaculate conception.

    I know, I know, … tough to think of ol’ mom that way but take off the crabby pants, put on the big boy pants and deal with it.

    Women do like to practice procreation, too in case you hadn’t noticed.

  19. bajer says:

    April 13, 2021 at 5:12 pm

    I wonder how Gronks mom and sisters feel about his obsession with 69 – if you still find this funny. well, sad to say the least

    Get over it.
    People like you are what’s wrong with this country today.
    Someone can’t joke around with someone pretending to be offended

  20. “69% chance”? Find out next week on “Beavis and Butthead: NFL Edition”.

  21. hailtothe says:
    April 13, 2021 at 3:40 pm
    For sober in depth analysis, where else would you turn but to Rob Gronkowski?
    This is one of the best comments yet!! It had me laughing so hard I was crying!!!!

  22. Gonna miss Jules..There’s also a 69 percent chance Gronk and Brady finish the whole year in Tampa. Gronk is just havin fun folks.. Gotten lighten up a bit

  23. Gronk is in on the jokes. He’s just playing to the persona he created. He is way more intelligent than he lets on. Also he doesn’t give a excrement what people think about him. I walkways wonder why people dislike others who enjoy life. They are just miserable S.O.Bs who road rage and scream, and cuss at the 16 year old McDonald’s girl for accidentally adding pickles.

  24. I’d rather see the Bucs sign Larry Fitzgerald if they really need a #3 receiver.

  25. mlhigh77 says:
    April 13, 2021 at 3:57 pm
    No Hall of Fame. Edelman never made one Pro Bowl.


    #2 in postseason receptions, yards and touchdowns. To Jerry Rice. You keep him out because he didn’t win a popularity contest. You are a mile high for sure. #saltybroncosfans

  26. Love Gronks. Classic retort. Its amazing so many nannies on here get their panties in a bunch over a hilarious comment. Bet you guys are exciting to talk to ba ha ha

  27. I’m from Foxboro and love me some Pat’s. Hell I didn’t read the article but Gronk is a stupid meat head

  28. With all the ex-Pats in Tampa and Miami, it’s not surprising to see this kind of talk. But this dudes a warrior and if he could play, he’d be playing. Even if he could only come back for the second half of the year or something, but I hear his knee is bone on bone and I’m not sure a year off is gonna make that any better.

  29. There is an interesting dynamic in these comments. On the one hand you have Tampa fans, who now that Brady came down and won them a SB are football experts, who absolutely want no more “Patriots” stamped on their sudden reversal of fortunes. On the other hand you have some Pats fans desperately trying to cope with a return to BB’s career mediocrity without Brady, hoping yet another Patriot icon doesn’t fly south to snag another Lombardi.

    In that light, don’t expect many thumbs up for a comment supporting the likelihood of Edelman ending up a Buc. In reality, it’s more likely than not that he will.

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