Sam Darnold: I expected to play 20 years with the Jets and win Super Bowls

New York Jets v Detroit Lions
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Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold thought he’d always be Jets quarterback Sam Darnold.

Darnold says that when the Jets selected him with the third overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, he expected to be a Jets legend who would play for the team for decades and bring the Lombardi Trophy to New York.

“My expectations were to go in there and play 20 years and win Super Bowls. That was the dream going in there but obviously it didn’t work out,” Darnold said, via the New York Daily News. “Just thankful for the opportunity that organization gave me the three years that I was with them.”

That never came close to happening. Darnold lasted three seasons in New York, and the Jets had a losing record in all three.

“I always thought that I could make it work in New York, just being honest, I really did,” Darnold said. “My goal never changed even though there was speculation about me getting traded. I always believed that I can make it work and that we were going to get pieces and just win some games in New York and can go to the playoffs and eventually win a Super Bowl.”

Darnold said his advice for his successor as Jets quarterback (likely BYU’s Zach Wilson) would be, “Just have fun with it. At the end of the day it’s football.”

50 responses to “Sam Darnold: I expected to play 20 years with the Jets and win Super Bowls

  1. Just have fun with it? It’s just football?
    Do you think Bill and Tom had fun ? No they worked their butt off

  2. Somebody please put him through the concussion protocol, and get him a CT scan stat!

  3. I hear fans at Jets games can get the covid vaccine. And by halftime, they’re asking to be euthanized.

  4. The Jetsa will regret this trade for sure. Only one good thing about the team since 1969.

  5. That’s nice, but the Jets expected that they could do literally *NOTHING* and still have Darnold develop, play 20 years for them, and win a lot of Super Bowls. No QB prospect would have thrived under those circumstances.

  6. His advice to Wilson should have been “don’t get injured in a year where the draft is full of quality prospects at your position”. By all accounts, Darnold was working his butt off in NY. Things just didn’t work out, and for a number of reasons mostly outside of Darnold’s control. I think that’s where the “have fun” comment came from.

  7. Let’s see, at a rate of 14 ints a season (his average the last two years) * 20 years = 280 ints. That would make him #2 in all time INTS, just behind hall of gamer Brett Favre.

  8. Let it go, let it go he is now with the Panthers and the coaches will coach him up and we will get him an OL that will protect him. If we give him the support he needs he will be able to get back to his college stats. Welcome to Carolina Sam and here’s to your new future success

  9. You Jets fans are going to be pretty salty when Sam Darnold turns his career around his first year outside of Jersey.

  10. As a disclaimer, poor Sam also expected the women on the view to get Trump 2020 tattoos last year and Joe Buck to bad mouth Aaron Rodgers on a game of the week telecast.

  11. Darnold never really had much of a chance with the Jets. Largely poor talent around him, poor coaching, and organizational issues pretty much doomed his time there from the beginning. At least he has a chance at a fresh start with Carolina.

  12. One thing that seems to always translate from college to the pros, interceptions.

  13. Also 50,000 people who “believe” they will star in a Broadway play when they go to NY
    This just in believing it will happen often isn’t enough. Talent + work+luck+oppurtunity = success

  14. Hey Sam, you play for Carolina. Any time spent thinking or talking about the Jets, is time wasted, and time taken away from Carolina. Just look straight ahead. Put the pedal to the metal and get to work. Play 20 years for Carolina. Win Super Bowls there. You shouldn’t have one thought in your brain about the Jets. That’s just a distraction. Focus!

  15. On December 15 2020, he declared publicly that he wanted to be a Jet for life. The Jets then, were 0-13. They were in the driver seat for the first pick. He knew the Jets would not pass on Lawrence.
    The only 2 wins by the Jets, namely week 15 against the Rams on 20 December, and week 16 against Cleveland on 27 December are not a coincidence.
    He should get his act together, and lead his new team to the playoff, and then, go public by stating he wants to be a Panther for life, which will make more sense.

  16. Ah yes! To be young and so idealistic. A mediocre talent on a team that hasn’t won since back in the day, no superbowl in sight. Curb your enthusiasm!

  17. Can we please all remember that Sam Darnold is a professional athlete getting interviewed and asked a million questions, especially in the wake of his trade? He’s not just standing on a street corner somewhere talking to himself.

    So, why does he keep talking? Because he’s being asked questions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like his answers and want to belittle him. He’s just being honest, and I’d rather hear what he’s really thinking than the usual robotic, stock responses.

  18. I strongly believe Darnold has the talent and the will to be successful in the NFL. He should let himself loose and be aggressive. Like Herbert did on his very first drive for example.
    Sometimes, it’s just about breaking the ice. He is mobile and can throw on the run. So just put some explosion and move the chains right from the start young man.

  19. He dated the hot dysfunctional drug laden stripper, now he can finally settle down with a real woman and have a prosperous life. Happens to a lot of guys 😀

  20. It seems to me Sam Darnold needs to let it go. He’s a Panther now and that’s all he should be thinking about.

  21. Mitch Trubisky had a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than Sam Darnold did because he got his team into the playoffs twice in 4 years. To win a super bowl, a quarterback needs to get his team into the playoffs first.

  22. I expected to finish college and have a bright career. Pipe down Sam and lead Carolina to a 10-6 record. Then what say will mean something

  23. The Jet fan base didn’t expect you to see ghosts nor to throw picks in red zone constantly as if you were throwing candy’s to children. Just saying..

  24. To the people mocking Sam on this statement, what exactly did you expect a 21 year-old coming out of college to think?

  25. And I expected to be rich, great looking and married to a hot woman half my age… Life has a way of snapping you back to reality. Deal with it…

  26. Looks like Carolina should be giving him a drug-test immediately. More importantly Sam should be looking forward with his new team instead of whining about the Jets.

  27. Someone needs to sit down and have a parental guidance talk with Sam about how the real world works. About dreams, fairy tales and realistic life goals. Then have “The Talk” with him. You know, the one about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

  28. 20 years with the Jets
    Win Super Bowls

    Those are choices, and there is no “both a and b” option at the end if the quiz.

  29. I expected to marry supermodel Emily Ratajkowski despite not being super wealthy or devastatingly handsome.
    And yet that expectation still seemed more rational than Darnold’s…

  30. How is it possible that the legendary Jets Draft Busts video grows in length faster than their actual draft every year.

  31. 1. Dont throw the ball to guys wearing the other teams jersey

    2. See open receivers downfield, instead throwing a checkdown

    3. Stay on the field

    4. Don’t play for horrible coaches (Gase and Bowles – yes Todd Bowles was a bad HC, the Jets had 3 OCs in 4 years because he kept getting rid of them)

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