Seahawks vote not to attend in-person offseason workouts

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
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The Broncos became the first group of players to announce they voted not to participate in voluntary offseason workouts that are held in-person. The Seahawks players have followed.

The NFLPA, which has recommended players skip any in-person offseason workouts over COVID-19 concerns, released a statement from Seahawks players Tuesday.

“This pandemic has taught us the significance and importance of life,” the Seahawks statement reads. “As a country we have witnessed a global outbreak that has caught so many changes to our normal ways of living — changes that may have been uncomfortable but necessary. Throughout this pandemic, we have learned that safety is found in so many qualities, but maybe none greater than unity, accountability, and togetherness.

“Last year as a country we experienced an outbreak in COVID-19 that caused a global shutdown, hospitalizations, loss of life, and so much more. While this country was in a pandemic, every NFL athlete was faced with uncertainty leading up to the season. However, because players stuck together — and with the help of the NFL and the NFLPA — an agreement was reached to provide the best safety protocols possible. The agreement still left every NFL athlete with a very tough decision. With very little time, many NFL players chose to put our families and health at risk by participating in the NFL season while others respectfully opted out.

“Although we made it through the entire NFL season, we are also left with the uncomfortable experiences it took for each of us to make it through. Therefore, as voluntary in-person offseason workouts stumble upon us, we are left with yet another decision. The NFLPA has provided us with thorough research and information regarding our safety as players as we enter voluntary workouts this year, especially the benefits on our health and safety from a virtual offseason last year. After considering all the facts, we as a team have decided to make a decision that is uncomfortable but necessary.

“For the protection of everyone’s safety, we the Seattle Seahawks are deciding to exercise our CBA right to not participate in voluntary in-person workouts. While many states in this country are still seeing rising COVID-19 numbers, we believe that a virtual offseason is best for everyone’s protection.

“Our hope is that we will see a positive shift in the COVID-19 date that will allow for a safe return for players when mandatory workouts are set to begin.”

This, of course, does not guarantee that some players won’t break rank and show up for in-person workouts. But a consensus of players from the Broncos and Seahawks have vowed to stay away.

13 responses to “Seahawks vote not to attend in-person offseason workouts

  1. It’s level headed, wise decisions like this that helped the Seahawks be one of, if not the only team last year to not have anyone placed on the covid IR.

  2. Somebody tell these clowns that there aree vaccines to protect against this virus now.

  3. I have been going to the gym pretty much every day since the beginning of last June….. The guys are paid millions and are in an age group with basically a negligible mortality rate and they wont show up?

  4. Theses players will line up to take a needle if it’s a pain-killer or a steroid to get them on the field.
    Now they all got problems taking a needle to vaccinate & protect themselves.

  5. ggtth1875 says:
    April 13, 2021 at 3:34 pm
    It’s level headed, wise decisions like this that helped the Seahawks be one of, if not the only team last year to not have anyone placed on the covid IR.


    And here I thought the goal was to prepare a team to win football games….

    But let’s ask, how many NFL players died of COVID last season?

  6. That helps Petey avoid being fined for violating the no-contact policy of these workouts.

  7. Somebody tell the vaccine clowns that, depending on which kind you get by CHANCE, the vaccienes are only 75% effective against the zero strain, and zero to unknown lower percentage against the B.1.1.7; B.1.351; P.1; B.1.427; and B.1.429 strains — which are even more contatgious and deadly.

    If you have a four person family, would you like to lose one of them? Now we know how many Americans have REAL family values, and actually have PRO-LIFE values. Do you fully comprehend that almost 600,000 Americans have died in the last 12 months from Covid-19??? That is equal to 28 dead attendees per NFL game, every game, every week, for one season. If you knew that 28 people would be randomly selected for execution, would you go to a game? Yet, almost all of you still go out without properly wearing a proper N95 of better mask. I wear an N100 mask and eye protection, to protect myself from almost all of you.

    Since Americans are too arrogant to properly wear a proper N95 “face diaper,” and are taking a PRO-DEATH position about spitting on each other — isolation is the only 100% effective solution to willful ignorance.

    Even then, the USA government, with the top global GDP, refuses to take a PRO-LIFE position and manufacture life saving N95 masks. Instead, 75 years ago, in just 20 months [Nov. 1943 Los Alamos open, Jul. 1045 Trinity successful] the USA government invented life taking nuclear weapons — an infinitely more difficult problem — in response to FEWER American casualties in WW-II, than now under Covid-19.

    So, stop clowning around and get in touch with reality.

  8. The vaccine may protect you but hasn’t been proven to protect others you come in contact with. Some of these players have families with morbidity issues and older relatives. I can imagine that an NFL locker room is a petri dish. I might be responsible but can I trust that all of my teammates are acting that way?

  9. It is odd that this group that finally went to practices and 17 games last year when cases were at peak levels and for safety they were taught a plan that was basically 100% successful and NOW with cases, dropping and a vaccine out to protect them along with their successful plan that stopped (all) the players from contacting the china covid virus, players still prefer to play sloppy again, untrained & out of shape { NFL SHAPE }. They’re only for the BIG paycheck, not to be the best.

  10. Ok, so I’m a low level guy on the roster. Special Teamer. I’m making a “mere” $300-500k a year. I’m about to be paid a $50k bonus to show up. I’ve been vaccinated. Ya, I’m showing up and getting my $50k.

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