Tyler Lockett: Last year showed a virtual offseason works perfectly fine

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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Shortly after the NFL Players Association released a statement from Seahawks players saying they will not participate in in-person offseason workouts, the team’s union representative, wide receiver Tyler Lockett, said last offseason proved there’s no reason for the players to congregate in person.

Lockett spoke to reporters this afternoon and noted that all NFL teams did their offseason programs virtually in 2020, as the Seahawks players say they plan to do this offseason.

“Last year we did a virtual offseason. Nobody expected it to happen and it worked out perfectly fine,” Lockett said. “We also want to do a virtual this year.”

Lockett noted that the Seahawks went through the entire 2020 season without a single player testing positive, and he said he and his teammates have shown they’re taking COVID-19 seriously. The best way, they think, to continue staying safe is to work remotely for the next few months.

11 responses to “Tyler Lockett: Last year showed a virtual offseason works perfectly fine

  1. For veterans…..it screws over the younger players who are late draft picks or undrafted who need visibility to make a team.

  2. it did not work out perfectly fine the first 4-5 games were totally sub par for most teams- these guys are just like politicians- lie enough times and even they start to believe it’s true

  3. The team that most notably broke those rules last off season, and actually got together in person, won the Super Bowl. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin…

  4. Their concerns are valid and they do have last year as a precedent to go on.
    The problem is that they need to work out what to do about players who have monetary clauses in their contracts that are tied to offseason workouts. They need the NFL to get on board with some kind of resolution.
    In fact, it sounds like they may need to sit down and open up their collective bargaining deal and re-do the whole thing to fit what they want to do now.
    It’s evident that these players were never crazy about OTA’s and any activity before training camp anyway. I don’t know how they let their union drive them down that road in the first place. It’s on them.

  5. Practice? Who needs pratice?

    Yes, maybe for one off-season, not having in-person training, there may not be a big drop off, but stack 3, 4, 5 no-work off-seasons together, and there will be a major drop-off in skill and efficiency.

    You’re a professional athlete, you have access to the finest facilities, finest technology, finest coaching there ever has been, and you do not want to benefit from any of it. Ridiculous.

  6. As a previous poster said, it’s okay for the veterans but the young players still need the veterans there to help them adjust to the NFL vs college. You need both the young players and veterans there to have what is called “teamwork”.

  7. Yeah sounds great get paid to play in your yard and pretend your going through workouts.

  8. Is her serious? It took teams WAY longer to get into gear because of the virtual offseason. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished the year as the best team in the NFL, but they were barely average up through November. The full offseason will make a major difference.

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