Aldon Smith visits the Seahawks

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Free agency has been quiet for pass rusher Aldon Smith, but he is taking a visit today.

The Seahawks are hosting Smith for a visit, according to NFL Network.

Smith has undeniable talent and was among the best pass rushers in the NFL in his first two seasons in the league. But that was way back in 2011 and 2012. A series of off-field problems saw him miss four years from 2016 to 2019 before he returned to the Cowboys in 2020. He started all 16 games and played well for Dallas, but the Cowboys’ lack of interest in bringing him back may have been a red flag for other teams.

The Seahawks will now spend some time with Smith and try to determine whether his considerable talent makes him a player worth signing, despite some red flags.

18 responses to “Aldon Smith visits the Seahawks

  1. He’s eaten Russell Wilson alive every game hes played and for that reason I’d be stoked for him to be on the same team as Wilson. He showed he still has a little left in the tank but Dallas’ Defense last year was really bad so it might not have been all him. Vet minimum contract and see what happens, why not!

  2. Aldon Smith had his best years when DE Justin Smith was still playing. Justin would make moves that free Aldon from blockers. Teams learned how to slow Aldon Smith by running the ball at him.

  3. Pete is a master motivator and inspiring life coach. Could work out really well for this young man on multiple levels. Plus, imagine his pass rush get-off with the loudest fans in the NFL boosting him.

  4. The whispers in Dallas is he facing some sort of league suspension. Not long but he had some issue. No uncommon with the issues he has had and trying to overcome. A good dude trying to do better I wish him well. I see this as May signing so not counting on comp picks if you sign him. I like him back in Dallas but they don’t seem to be looking that way to get through the draft and see what have.

  5. The great comedian Phillis Diller once said that “youth is wasted on the young”. Smith and Josh Gordon are poster boys for that statement.

  6. If anybody ever got a raw deal and bad treatment from the system it’s Aldon Smith.

  7. Can’t put an old head on young shoulders. It’s too bad he could’ve been great.

  8. Sign him Seattle. Another good, solid d-lineman will help turn this defense into a top 5 or better. Just need to add a decent corner and have a little good luck in the injury department.

  9. Great move. Add him to what they have in a rotation and Hawks’ pass rush look ferocious.

  10. Him and Dunlap would be very disruptive. You need two tackles with very long reaches on those guys. Would turn the tackles and make some pretty big gaps for the linebackers.

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