Bengals will unveil new uniforms on Monday

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Images of new Bengals uniforms appeared on the internet in early March and we’ll know if they were authentic early next week.

The Bengals announced early this year that they would be getting a new look for the 2021 season and the team announced that they will officially unveil the uniforms that Joe Burrow and others will be wearing on Monday, April 19.

Leaked images showed an orange jersey with three black stripes on the shoulder. The signature of franchise founder Paul Brown was printed on the inside of the back collar of the jersey.

While the uniforms will be different, the Bengals have already announced that they will not be tweaking the look of their helmets.

9 responses to “Bengals will unveil new uniforms on Monday

  1. As a Browns fan, I wish the Bengals would get away from the similar color scheme. I know both teams were started by Paul Brown. Someone posted a mockup of a white Bengals helmet with black stripes somewhere that I thought looked great. Or reverse the colors of the helmet – black with orange stripes? I don’t know. Not that our division needs another black helmet.

    Anyway, the Bengals are really more black & orange vs. brown & orange for the Browns, but I’ve always felt it was weird that the two teams had such similar color schemes. And, you know, the orange helmet is really all the Browns have for a logo, so the Bengals have more to work with.

  2. Anything is better than those ugly, ugly, ugly. Did I say ugly? uniforms. I get the name, but you don’t have to look like a hideous version of Tigger. The Bengal tigers are much more beautiful than that hideous orange color they chose to be their team color. They definitely can do so much better with the uniforms.

  3. Bengals changing their colors? Giving up the black and orange? Maybe for black and blue as in bruised… just sayin’

  4. The Jets did this a few years ago with Darnold as the centerpiece of the reveal, and now none of the players hyped up are even there. But the jerseys still are, so I guess it worked.

  5. I never thought the uniforms were bad, but the helmets are hideous. Pit a logo of a Bengal Tiger on there rather than what they have today, which looks like a five year old was playing with crayons.

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