Charles Woodson thinks Aaron Rodgers will indeed end his career “in another place”

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It’s one thing for a hack like me to say it. It’s quite another for a former Packers player and incoming Pro Football Hall of Famer to say it.

Appearing Monday with Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio, Charles Woodson acknowledged that things eventually could get “nasty” between quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

“I think it’s one of those situations where, you know, there’s all this talk swirling around between him and Green Bay,” Woodson said. “And I think it could be one of those situations where it gets nasty at some point, somehow in the back and forth between the Packers and Aaron’s agents and then before you know it somehow the thing gets blown up. I mean, I certainly hope that doesn’t happen, but you know where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

Woodson also realized that it’s not uncommon for a great player to leave. He believes that Rodgers, like other great players before him, eventually will end up elsewhere.

“You think about over the years the great players that have played most of their careers in one place and then gone on to play somewhere else. Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, myself — I left twice,” Woodson said. “At some point, the team is gonna start looking to the future.”

Woodson, referring to the decision in 2020 to use a first-round pick on quarterback Jordan Love, said that “it is looking to the future.”

“I know that [Rodgers] had to be thinking, ‘Bring me somebody in here that’s gonna help me immediately, you know not somebody that has to sit behind me for the next two or three years or whatever it is. So I think he ends up ending his career in another place,” Woodson said.

The question is when. And the Packers, by not restructuring Rodgers’ contract, retain the ability to make a decision on Rodgers one year at a time. A significant restructuring or an extension to a deal that pays him the same annual amount as Jared Goff and Carson Wentz would tie Rodgers to the team for at least two more seasons.

The Packers didn’t squander their chance to use last year’s first-round pick and fourth-round pick (they packaged both to move up and get Love) on players who could have helped the Packers get to and win Super Bowl LV for a player they intend to sit for three years and then flip to another team, Jimmy Garoppolo style. They made the move with an eye toward moving on, at some point.

If anything, the fact that they opted to abandon the annual mantra from every NFL team (“our goal is to win the Super Bowl“) for a player who did nothing to help that cause in 2020 and who ostensibly will eventually take the baton from Rodgers the same way he took it from Brett Favre could make them more determined to prove that they did the right thing. They do that by at some point giving the starting job to Jordan Love.

As explained earlier this week on PFT Live, that’s the core of the current contractual conundrum. The Packers want to be able to decide in 2022 between Rodgers and Love and then again in 2023, if they choose Rodgers based on the next season. Rodgers wants something more than a year-to-year arrangement.

Until he gets one, anything he says that characterizes his future as a “beautiful mystery” or whatever is accurate. The Packers want the power to pick Love over Rodgers after the 2021 season. If they don’t change Rodgers’ contract, it will be easier to make that choice, if they choose to do so.

17 responses to “Charles Woodson thinks Aaron Rodgers will indeed end his career “in another place”

  1. Fact: Jordan Love AND Aaron Rodgers will indeed end their careers somewhere other than Green Bay.

  2. Sure seems like this will be his last year in Green Bay. Maybe he ends up in Chicago or Seattle next year. Or maybe he ends up in LA once the Rams realizes Stafford isn’t the guy. They tried getting him first anyways.

  3. And when he leaves, the Packer “faithful” will bad mouth him and state he couldn’t win over the last 12 years. And they’d be correct. And we’ve seen this play out in Green Bay before.

  4. When Jordan Love starts has nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers’ performance. Brett Favre lead the young team to 13-3 and OT of the NFCCG and the Packers had zero interest in Favre playing after that, because they felt 1st round pick Aaron Rodgers was ready (enough) to take over.

    MVP season or disaster, Aaron Rodgers will be traded when the Packers feel 1st round pick Jordan Love is ready (enough). This offseason will be huge.

  5. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a fly in the wall there and find out what’s really going on? The Love decision was so perplexing that it makes me think there’s more to the story than we know.

  6. Woodson answering a question: “Yeah, I think if he plays long enough he will play somewhere else.”

    This isn’t breaking news nor does it mean they are letting Aaron go after the 2021 season.

    Yes, if he plays another 6 years(“long enough”) most likely the last couple years of 6 wouldn’t be in Green Bay. Woodson is 100% correct. I have said all along that the J-Love era will begin when Matt LaFleur goes to Gute and says to him about J-Love: “We have a elite QB here and it is time for him to play”, as Mike McCarthy said to Ted Thompson in 2008 about Aaron.

    Aaron knows it is the Packers decision if he plays his whole career in Green Bay. He has said for years that it’s his dream to play his whole career in Green Bay, but he knows he doesn’t control that.

    Aaron may also retire when his Packers career is over. I would predict that long before I would bet that he will pack up Shailene and his future child/children and go start over in some random NFL city.

    Check back in August of 2023. I will let you know if J-Love is ready. Until such a time, Aaron is the Packers leader and everyone at 1265 Lombardi Ave is on that same page including Aaron.

    All the speculation and conjecture is irrelevant to actual reality.

    We all can enjoy watching J-Love develop further this summer. Let’s see what Jordan does on the grass. Then we can enjoy watching Aaron and the rest of the boys making another run at #14 this season. “Unfinished business.”✊



  7. The burning of number 12 jersey will begin shortly, much like the number 4.

  8. If Murphy and the pack org wasnt so tight fisted they may have had or vied for a couple more super bowls in the past 8 years. They avoided higher priced free agents for “never met an undrafted we didnt like”.
    They call in draft and develop I call it cheap ball. Ya smart to take three years to develop someone who then leaves developed and richer by another team.

  9. Throw another opinion on the woodpile.
    Add it to all the other media driven drivel that’s been bandied about over the last several years.
    New coach conundrums, audible controversies, problems here, problems there, it’s all just white noise. Subterfuge.

    Meanwhile nothing ever changes at 1265.
    It’s business as usual.
    The Packers organization just keeps moving forward with their goal to build a winning team and maximizing their efforts to win another Championship.
    The Packers play a long and short game and are routinely criticized for it.
    But, in the end it’s all about securing success today as well as the future.
    Oblivious to all the rancor from outside forces, this team’s focus is now on the upcoming draft.

    Yes, there’s a whole lot of wishing, hoping and praying for things to be different.
    You can see the sad desperation almost every single day on these message boards. Year round. 🤣

    Jordan Love will keep working towards his goals of NFL success.
    With the hopes of one day taking over the reigns in GB.
    But, right now he’d have to progress a great deal for anything to change in the near future.
    It may take an additional year.
    Or he may never develop as the team and other NFL observers have forecasted and the Packers will have to go in a different direction.
    That’s football. It’s never been an exact science.

    But, right now, at least we have a Hall of Fame signal caller under contract over the next 3 seasons.
    And, if need be, we can always change the current relationship as the team and player see fit.
    And, quite honestly, it’s a very good situation to be in.
    No problems here.

  10. I still can’t believe the number of Pack fans that turned their back on Favre after he was exiled from GB. Hopefully they can handle Rodgers’ dismissal with a little more class.

  11. I think you guys claiming that GB fans turned on Favre have selective memory. Favre was the spiteful one, forcing his way to a divisional rival, after “retiring” from the Jets. I still LOVED Favre up until that point, but then he became the enemy. I’m a Packers fan first, not of just one individual player.

  12. Rodgers not staying to live in Green Bay after he is done with the Packers? Shocking!

  13. If so, that would be a shame. It’s always cool when a HOF caliber player stays with their original team their entire career, even if it is the Packers.

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