Jadeveon Clowney hoping offenses focus on stopping Myles Garrett

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Jadeveon Clowney has never had double-digit sacks and has never made All-Pro. He did make three Pro Bowls while in Houston, including in 2018 when J.J. Watt also last made the Pro Bowl.

Still, Clowney, 28, believes his best is ahead of him.

“I’m capable of NFL Defensive Player of the Year,’’ Clowney said, via Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com. “All-Pro for sure.”

Clowney, who has played a full, 16-game schedule only once in his career, will play opposite Myles Garrett after signing with the Browns.

“I’ve been getting double-teamed an awful lot in this league, in my career,” Clowney said. “I’m looking forward to playing with somebody dominant on the other side in Myles Garrett who can draw a double-team. Maybe I can go one-on-one more.”

Clowney was the No. 1 overall choice in 2014, and Garrett was the No. 1 overall choice in 2017. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was the No. 1 overall choice in 2018.

“I’m not trying to walk in and step on anybody’s toes,’’ said Clowney, who has played 21 games and totaled three sacks the past two seasons combined. “I’m just here to help out and do my job. I’m going to play hard. Everybody knows that.

“I’d like them to focus on [Garrett]. It might take some pressure off myself.”

8 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney hoping offenses focus on stopping Myles Garrett

  1. Clowney might be able to count on that because opposing teams at least will not have to be concerned about the other defensive ends on that team.

  2. oh so now instead of dominate and elite you are ready to live off Myles Garrett loser!!!!

  3. The Browns are now one of the smartest and shrewdest teams in the league now. The Steelers and Ravens are unable to sign better players now due to salary cap considerations while the Browns have managed their cap magnificently. They will take the best available athlete at #26 at advance far into the playoffs , if not the Super Bowl.

  4. Well, he’s never had a better opportunity than this one. He can pretty much count on not being double teamed more than at any other time in his career. No excuses time.

  5. Ironic one player known for tackling a RB in the backfield so hard it knocked the RB’s helmet off in a college bowl game — the other guy famous for taking his helmet and trying to knock the opposing NFL QB head off– you can’t make this up

  6. Did I just read Clowney make the excuse of being double teamed? J.J. Watt, Khalil Mack, Von Miller ect all get double and sometimes triple teamed and still get to the QB. Clowney in 7 seasons never had double digits sack and last yr had zero. He’s a good run stuffer but average to below average in rushing the QB. If he was drafted in the 5th round he would be considered a decent player but, being the #1 overall pick. He’s a bust. Myles Garrett on the other hand is a monster. Maybe Clowney can at least take the triple team off Garrett while he gets 15+ sacks this yr. Or at least do something in the 6 games he’ll play in.

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