LeSean McCoy: I’ve got a good shot at the Hall of Fame, Julian Edelman does not

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Count free agent running back LeSean McCoy as one player who does not think Julian Edelman is heading to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Asked by Yahoo Sports if Edelman is a Hall of Famer, McCoy scoffed.

“Hall of Famer? No, come on, man,” McCoy said.

McCoy said Edelman’s strong postseason performances don’t change the fact that his regular season stats don’t measure up.

“You have 16 weeks to showcase who you are, what you can do each year. The playoffs matter but a lot of guys don’t get a chance to play in the playoffs,” McCoy said. “I won’t discredit him because I think he’s a great player, plays with a lot of heart, a lot of attitude, a lot of passion. I don’t want to rain on his parade because he’s retiring and he’s a hell of a player, but I don’t know about Hall of Fame.”

McCoy did, however, mention the postseason when making his own case for the Hall of Fame.

“I think I’ve got a good shot at it,” McCoy said. “I put my numbers up with any other running backs. In my decade I was the lead dog. I’ve got good numbers, touchdowns, yards, yards per carry, all those things. And you add two Super Bowls with it.”

McCoy hasn’t officially announced his retirement, but he appears to be trending in that direction. If McCoy does retire, he and Edelman would both be eligible for the Hall of Fame’s Class of 2026. And they’ll both likely be voted down.

135 responses to “LeSean McCoy: I’ve got a good shot at the Hall of Fame, Julian Edelman does not

  1. I could be wrong but I am not sure Shady even got dressed for both Superbowls. As for hall of fame……dreaming.

  2. Hall of Fame, or not, Edelman is one of the toughest sons-of-a-gun to play the game.
    A receiver without a shred of primadonna, look-at-me selfishness. He was a soldier for the team, playing hurt more often than not. He gave up his body, and head, for every needed yard.
    Julian was the best clutch receiver EVER. Patriot legend.
    I’m thankful for the great memories.

  3. Mccoys first Superbowl he was inactive in every playoff game including the Superbowl . I have no idea how he was used in his second Superbowl run..

    His stats may be good but he needs to leave the Superbowl talk out of it ..this whole thing makes him look petty

  4. “And you add two Super Bowls with it.”

    Yeah, I guess so. But he didn’t play a snap in either of them, so I doubt that boast gets him into the hall.

  5. It’s not just a matter of having the opportunity to play postseason games, it’s if you ball out in those clutch moments that matter most. Lots of guys fall flat in the big moments. Edelman is a unique player in that he isn’t just 2nd to Jerry Rice in postseason receiving, but in each super bowl run Edelman had he averaged 112 yards per postseason game. He’s dominatede and had super bowl winning catches and amazing game saving conversions and catches and passes and MVP. Whether that’s enough to get into the hall of fame is up for debate but Edelman is too unique of a case to not at least give him fair consideration, even if his regular seasons don’t stack up. Which is more important in the NFL, playing amazing when it matters most and becoming a hero or racking up yards on losing teams?

  6. McCoy is not even close to being HOF worthy – he was good – not great. I doubt he will ever reach the semi’s nor should he.

  7. Awww Man!! This is gonna be good! He’s not wrong but shoulda kept quiet, especially about the 2 participation trophies he got.

  8. HA!

    Laughably arrogant.

    Doofus McCoy has zero shot.

    And in the Hall of Regular Season statistics Julian Incredelman may not have a shot, but in my definition of a Hall of Famer 3 Super Bowl rings, a Super Bowl Most Valuable Player and 2nd only to Jerry Rice in the post season, JE11 is a Hall of Famer.

    If Lynn Swann is in, then Edelman is a lock.

  9. LeSean played as many snaps in those super bowls as I did. He needs to stop claiming them.

  10. Wow.. mccoy is not a hall of fame player… its more than who you compare with over a 10 year span, it’s your impact on the game, were you a game changer, IMHO, shady was about as good as Joe Morris or Ernest Byner. All good players compared to others, but certainly not HOF worthy

  11. Career numbers:

    Emmanuel Sanders: 662 catches, 8,619 yards, and 47 TD.

    Julian Edelman: 620 catches, 6,822 yards, and 36 TD.

  12. Edelman is not worthy, but neither is Mccoy- and his 2nd SB he had little to do with- flashy abov avg back but not Hall worthy imo

  13. McCoy is a tool.

    I dont think either of them make the HOF and after reading this, I really hope McCoy doesnt and its eats at him.

    He actually throws in that he has 2 super bowls when he didnt have a single carry in either of those postseasons. Ridiculous.

  14. Both are good players but neither are HOF players. HOF will get watered down if we let too many players get in.

  15. Playoffs do and should matter, you’re playing against the conferences best opponents in the biggest moments. That said, even as a JE fan, he’s likely not HOF material, nor if Lesean.

  16. McCoy has no shot. I think Edelman probably has a better shot than him. He was obviously much more successful than McCoy on the field.

  17. I think the conclusion of this article is exactly right – both will be voted down relative to the HOF. They were good players but neither deserves the HOF

  18. Not throw shade on Shady but I would vote Edelman into the HOF before I would vote him in. Edelman’s playoff performances is what puts him over the top.

  19. Its not a hall of numbers. While his numbers are good I don’t think he was a guy that was a dominate back.

  20. Edelman definitely won’t be a HOF’er. I think some of the older commentators are right / too many guys are getting into the HOF these days that don’t deserve it, which is starting to dilute the ‘honor’ of the whole thing. Pretty soon they’ll have to make a ‘SUPER Hall of Fame’ for guys like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers.

  21. Great career, but he contributed just about nothing to the SB winning teams he was on while Edelman was an integral part of getting his teams to the SB and ultimately winning them.

  22. Jim Plunkett among many others have 2 Super Bowl rings and aren’t in the HOF. Plunkett actually had a big hand in winning his not taking up space on the bench while contributing nothing like McCoy.

  23. Shady is a maybe to get in. If he does it won’t be for a while.

    Edelman – doubt he’ll even be a finalist.

  24. I love LeSean McCoy but “2 Superbowls” is a stretch given that he didn’t play in any post-season games with either Tampa (and only one SNAP in a KC PS game – for 0 yards) and his regular season in TB consisted of 132 yards on 25 touches in TEN games – that didn’t meaningfully contribute to TB getting to or winning the Superbowl.

  25. Yeah , a lot of guys don’t get to play in the playoffs because they are more concerned with their stats instead of winning games . Just summed up McCoy’s career .

  26. I’d let in JE over LM. LM is right when he’s says that JE’s regular season numbers don’t warrant a gold jacket, but his playoff record is only matched or bettered by one other receiver. He also made one of the greatest plays in sports history to set his team up for the greatest title comeback in sports history. An average QB with a Superbowl win is almost a lock for canton, so why not an above average WR with multiple titles who is at the top of the playoff record books?

  27. And now you have a picture into the narcissist that is McCoy!

    I have NO idea why KC and Tampa paid him these past couple of seasons to do nothing for the team except demonstrate that kind of nonsense in the locker room!

  28. – Busted for PEDs
    – 0 pro bowls
    – 0 All Pros
    – only three 1,000 yard seasons

    McCoy is right. Edelman’s post season stats are not that impressive either. He has 1400 yards receiving in 19 games. Steve Smith had 1000 yards in 11 games.

  29. I’ll give him the “good numbers” but he didn’t play a down in either Super Bowl and it’s debatable whether he contributed anything significant to those teams.

  30. I wonder if Edelman would be catching flak if he said McCoy wasn’t HOF-worthy? Doesn’t seem like a 2-way street to me.

  31. Shady, Shady, Shady. I don’t think your offensive captain, Tom Brady, will like your casting shade on Jules.

  32. Edelman retired and he had a decent career and earned three rings. Why does the discussion have to be all about the HoF at this moment? And I don’t think McCoy has any better chance than Edelman.

  33. McCoy is not a HOFer either. His Super Bowls need asterisks next to them. I’d take a guy (Edelman) who actually contributed to all 3 of his Super Bowls over a guy (McCoy) who road the bench for both of his.

  34. “McCoy did, however, mention the postseason when making his own case for the Hall of Fame.”
    He mentions it as an added piece to his resume, the delusional people thinking Edelman is a HOF(who are likely the same ones who say the HOF is watered down) only have his postseason numbers to prop up on why hes HOF. Its not a slight to Edelman but even he knows he never was thought of as 1 of the best in any season or over any period of time in his career the fact hes 2nd in postseason yards is a great accomplishment but not hall worthy when he was nowhere near 1 of the more important pieces on the team in the regular season to get them there. This isn’t Jerry Rice being the best wr in the regular season and then playing great in the postseason it’s an average to above average wr in regular season playing clutch in the playoffs.

  35. You could just handle it with class and say congratulations on a great career. You don’t have to make somebody else’s retirement all about you.

  36. McCoy’s most memorable play last season for the Bucs was a drop in the corner of the end zone on a perfectly placed ball from Tom Brady. He was along for the ride for both of his championships, while Edelman was a primary weapon in all three of his. I agree that Edelman is not a HoF player because his overall production did not measure up to other HoF players. But give me Edelman’s career over McCoy’s every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  37. I hate these HOF debates. They’re less about performance and more about status. The zero sum game proponents (the Hall does have numerical limitations) see positive comments about another guy as a slight to their guy. It leads to too much negativity, especially about players that really have excelled.

    I am not expecting Edelman to make the HOF and I doubt the vote would even be close but his impact on the game eclipses that of the loaf of bread carrying McCoy. Sorry, I tried to keep it positive but . . .

  38. Get in the back seat, buddy. Adrian Peterson was the “Lead Dog” of your decade.

  39. Considering those that have been elected to the Hall in the last several years, both of them will probably make it. The standards have been dropped far too low. It should now be called the Hall of Pretty Good.

  40. Neither one belongs in the HOF. Both were very good players and probably belong in their team’s HOF.

  41. McCoy had a good career. Yes, and two Super Bowls. Didn’t contribute, but does have those rings.

  42. Neither one is Hall-worthy. Edelman played with a QB that made a LOT of receivers look really damn good and McCoy was just really good for a handful of years. That said, they let anyone in these days.

  43. Actually MEsean…you have no shot. Riding the bench for two Superbowls does not make you an HoF’er.

  44. We are lucky these days when we have a HOF class that has more than 40% of the inductees deserving. In this year’s class only Peyton, Woodson, and Johnson are deserving; and that is not 40% of this big inductee class. At 37.5% the voters did a better job than usual.

    So nothing to really debate any more; we all know the HOF voters are clueless.

  45. The bar isn’t very high for running backs. They let Terrell Davis in for 2-3 good years. So….

  46. Edelman is one of my favorite Pats players of all time but I know his outstanding career osnn’t HOF worthy. That takes nothing away from how a great a player he was. Now, LeSean McCoy’s only way into the HOF is buying a ticket.

  47. Never mind worrying about Julian Edelman…McCoy has no shot at the HOF himself. He needs to get over himself and face reality.

  48. Not sure if either will make the HOF, but at least Mccoy was arguably the best rb in the league at one point. Can’t say Edelman was ever the best at his position.

  49. Oh please… Le Sean is a non-essential player in his teams’ Super Bowl wins. Like he said he’s just a rabbit foot in his teams, like a good luck charm. Edelman deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, rather than Le Sean. Edelman mattered.

  50. A hard nosed player who won championships. Worked for everything he got coming out from a small school. Didn’t back down, paid through pain. Hell of career at WR for the QB from Kent State.

    I will say this about Julian, he sure wasn’t paid like a hall of famer. While you Pat’s fans will say it was all worth the rings, he is likely going to pay the price for years to come. That is the sad part of his career to me. A guy like him should have and deserved to get paid to set him up for the rest of his life

  51. McCoy is nowhere close to being a Hall of Fame caliber player. Edelman? That’s different. If a joke like Randy Moss who quit on every team he ever played for and won nothing of note can go in then Julian Edelman and his 3 rings should definitely go in.

  52. A guy like him should have and deserved to get paid to set him up for the rest of his life

    He made 40+ million in his career. I think he’ll get by somehow.

  53. McCoy has a better chance than Edelman of getting into the Hall, but not a good chance. He was acting like a spoiled brat during his best years and that hurt his production.

  54. Edelman might have a shot in the hall in far far future as a senior member. Just maybe. Regardless, his toughness and cutch moments in the postseason by now are legendary. Enjoy life in post-career.

  55. McCoy a HOF? PLEASE! #NOT
    Also, why does Mr. McCoy feel the need to throw shade on a player who was TEN times the player he was? Edelman was really tough compared to Lesean McBrittle.

  56. grant35 says:

    April 14, 2021 at 7:59 am

    I wonder if Edelman would be catching flak if he said McCoy wasn’t HOF-worthy? Doesn’t seem like a 2-way street to me.

    Well the resumes arent close to similar. Here’s a fun comparison player A over 12 years has 518 receptions, 3,898 yards receiving and 16 receiving tds. Player B over 11 years has 620 receptions, 6,822 yards recieving and 36 receiving tds. Player A is a rb, player B is a wr so when you add to player A 11,102 yards rushing and 73 tds it’s easy to see 1 had a more successful playing career. Just for fun though McCoy was All-pro 1st team twice and led the league once each in yards and rushing tds, Edelman however never led the league in any category and never was an all-pro…..also to those saying Peterson over McCoy easily, it’s a lot closer than people realize over the same time period. Over the 10 years McCoy is referring to Peterson had 11,115 rushing yards and 89 rushing tds, 249 receptions 1,972 rec yards and 5 rec tds…McCoy had 11,071 yards and 73 rushing tds, 503 receptions, 3,797 yards and 16 tds.

  57. if John Stallworth, Lynn Swan, Drew Pearson are in the HOF Edelman belongs. He did everything for the Patriots. His TD’s numbers were down because he had a future HOF Gronk getting scores. Edelman worked in the tough areas over the middle. Check the stats in how many of his post season catches were for 1st downs. Were his numbers flashy no but there is so much more to the game than flashy numbers when games don’t matter. He could be counted on in highly stressed situations. During his time with the Pats they got everyone’s best week in an week out. I’ll take a guy who gets solid stats during regular season and come time when games mean the most elevates his game to another level every time over a receiver with 100 plus rec 1500yds. and 10 tds on a 4 – 12 team. This is a no brainer

  58. HEY if Terrell(Half Career) Davis can get in that opens the door for a lot of players who don’t deserve to be there!

  59. paupwarner says:
    April 14, 2021 at 9:55 am
    A hard nosed player who won championships. Worked for everything he got coming out from a small school. Didn’t back down, paid through pain. Hell of career at WR for the QB from Kent State.

    I will say this about Julian, he sure wasn’t paid like a hall of famer. While you Pat’s fans will say it was all worth the rings, he is likely going to pay the price for years to come. That is the sad part of his career to me. A guy like him should have and deserved to get paid to set him up for the rest of his life

    3 4 Rate This


    You people are funny.

    He is not good enough to make “pro bowls” yet a top 3-5 AFC WR for 6-7 years and no one says anything.

    Then he becomes a 3 time sb champ (almost 4 while playing nickel), and a great punt returner, arguably a top 5 of all time, and a hard nosed legend over the middle and everythjng else, and only now was he underpaid.

    Which is it?

    He will be well taken care of as a Pats legend like all the rest.

  60. It’s all relative. He’s got a “good shot” when compared to me but when compared to the rest of the NFL? Not so much.

  61. Did McCoy even need to shower after his “two SBs”? I’m not even sure he was active for either game. Sure he got rings, but so did Jimmy G. Does he go around claiming he won two SBs?

  62. Good stats or not, McCoy had the quietest 10,000 plus rushing yards I ever saw. Not a big game performer. Played when he wanted too …

  63. Some people just have an over inflated opinion of themselves. Here is your classic case.

  64. HoF??!!??!!!! Shady does not even make the ring of honor for any team he played.

  65. Brady has already lapped the rest of the QB HOFers, so either they’ll give him his own HOF wing or the right to bring in his own rat pack Sinatra style. If it’s the latter Edelman has nothing to worry about.

  66. mrboado says:
    April 14, 2021 at 9:03 am
    McCoy had a good career. Yes, and two Super Bowls. Didn’t contribute, but does have those rings.

    YEA but on most teams the equipment manager and a lot of the staff get SB rings also!

  67. HEY if Terrell(Half Career) Davis can get in that opens the door for a lot of players who don’t deserve to be there!

    Half-a-career… during which he was every bit as good as Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith….

  68. Oh my goodness….Shady….you do realize that the waterboy had more impact on both Superbowls you claim than you did ?

    HOF for either one ?
    Zero,Zip,Nada,Nyet….the chances are between slim and none and slim already left the building

  69. i can’t believe he talked about those two rings he “won” lol i prob woulda kept quiet about that part especially with jules track record in those games

  70. Neither belongs in the HOF, but even if McCoy was borderline (which he is not) his off the field antics would probably tip the scales against him.

  71. In 30 years whos is more likely to come up in conversation about consistent clutch performers in big situations McCoy or Edelman? People conveniently leave out all the big 3rd down conversions Edelman made in regular season games that led to a lot of NE victories. How many 3rd and 4, 5 or sixes did he make tough catches over the middle? Was he blazing fast able to beat defenders on raw speed? No. But as a gutsy, dependable clutch player it’s hard to think of some who were in his league. Everyone knew where the ball was going and yet the man got open and made the catch the fast majority of the time. He and Welker created a new position, one that when used properly by great players proved hard to defend. So no, Edelman and Welker aren’t the prototypical wide receiver, they are a creation of the evolution of the game. Nobody has has done it better and been as important to their teams success.

  72. Shady definitely had the better career out of the two of them even if you include post season stats for their career stats. However bringing up that he has 2 Super Bowl rings that he wasn’t even apart of while Edelman has 3 Super Bowl rings plus other super bowl losses that he was a huge part of is straight stupid lol

  73. Edelman always rose to the challenge when it counted and played a key role in earning 3 rings.

    McCoy, the opposite. Never made a difference when it most counted, MIA in the postseason.

    Say what you will about Edelman and the HOF, but he’s all-time clutch and a key part of an all-time great SB run. His page in history is set. McCoy’s just a footnote at best who won’t be remembered.

  74. Why can’t people just keep their opinions to themselves? If either of them makes the HOF so be it.

  75. If McCoy is HOFer, Edelman is a 1st ballot HOFer. Meanwhile I don’t think Edelman is a hall of famer, definitely a Patriots hall of famer.

  76. By the time either of these guys is eligible there will at least be discussion about Edelman….not so much about Shady

  77. If Edelman was being judged on his playoff stats, he would make it in. McCoy? Forget it, although there are a lot of people in the who don’t really deserve to be.

  78. Sorry mr. McCoy but the only way you’ll get into the hall of fame is with a ticket.

  79. McCoy should have only 4 years left to wait because it was like he was retired last year.

  80. Do you guys realize if you put Edelman in, the flood gates would open? This is not the hall of players I love.

  81. I don’t know if either player makes the HoF, but if I had a choice of who I wanted on my team it would be Edelman without hesitation.

  82. Rodgers Mystery Decoded says:
    April 14, 2021 at 11:12 am

    HEY if Terrell(Half Career) Davis can get in that opens the door for a lot of players who don’t deserve to be there!

    Half-a-career… during which he was every bit as good as Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith….
    So? The other players you mentioned did it for over a decade and thus are deserving. Terrell Davis is not. Earl Campbell was my favorite player when I was growing up. Campbell was the best running back in the league for a time but injuries took away what might of been. Campbell was great but didn’t play long enough at a high enough level to be inducted, but he was anyway. Lynn Swan is another example of an inducted player that isn’t deserving of the HOF, but is in never the less. It isn’t fair to induct players who were great for five or six years in the same HOF that has Favre, Manning, Emmitt Smith or Tom Brady who will be inducted in the future, when he retires.

  83. No discussion about either of them. Neither of them were ever the top 5 at their position, and neither of them ever came close to MVP.

    Sorry, you don’t get to ride Tom Brady’s coattails in the hall of fame as an average player. The other one isn’t even worth considering.

  84. HOF should put Edelman in and leave Shady out just to see the look on his face

  85. neither is a Hall of Famer. But I have no idea why McCoy would disparage any other player.
    There are already way too many guys in the Hall of Fame who were not GREAT. Let’s not add more.

  86. Compare: Same career duration 2009-present. McCoy 15,000 Yds from Scrimmage 89 TDs. 88 yds per game. 170 games.
    Edelman 9484 Receiving and Return Yards 9434 40 TDs.68 yds per game. 137 games
    You could say McCoy was twice the player- he got more yards running, hitting, and dodging defenders out of their shoes. I do not like the bragging, but I’d rather have the production of Shady. In fact, i don’t really like Shady’s comments generally, over his career… but he was one of the greats on the field. I’d say, rings argument and bragging aside, Shady has made a decent HoF case on the field. Maybe 2nd or 3rd ballot, not first, not because of te rings, not because of his tipping at restaurants, JMHO

  87. Edelman? HOF? please stop. Not even close. Good guy, hard worker, big game guy. But hes never been even an All Pro, ever.

    Hines Ward has been snubbed 5 times now. He has almost 2X the stats of Edelman and hardware to back it up.

    2005 Super Bowl MVP – 5 pro bowls – and 1000 catches for over 12000 yds. To Edelmans 620 – 6822 and no Super Bowl MVP and no pro bowls.

    Lets add one more fun fact – the first 6 years Hines had Kordell, Mike Tomczack, Charlie Batch, and Tommy Maddox as his QB. Julian had …. oh yea.. .Tom Brady.

  88. McCoy has the same number of rushes, receptions and yards in the Super Bowl as I do…

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