Lions players announce they won’t attend voluntary offseason workouts

Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans
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Add another team to the list.

The Lions players announced in a statement released by the NFLPA on Wednesday morning that they will not participate in voluntary in-person offseason workouts at the team facility. The Broncos, Seahawks, and Buccaneers players made similar announcements on Tuesday.

“With the voluntary workout period starting shortly and no acceptable resolution to our union’s negotiations with the NFL over comprehensive COVID-19 protocols, we will be exercising our CBA right to not attend voluntary workouts,” the statement reads. “We know our home state of Michigan continues to get hit hard by the pandemic and based on the continuing guidance of medical experts, it is in everyone’s best interest to play it safe again this offseason. Players on our team are proud to support other players across the league in making an informed decision about their health and safety, guided by the facts and support from our union.”

The NFLPA has recommended that players not attend the voluntary offseason programs, which are set to begin April 19.

However, players may still get together to work out on their own. Quarterback Jared Goff and wide receiver Tyrell Williams have already posted videos to social media of themselves getting together to throw.

Despite being a new head coach, Dan Campbell said in March that he wasn’t concerned if Detroit had to implement a virtual offseason program.

33 responses to “Lions players announce they won’t attend voluntary offseason workouts

  1. If everyone in the US had exercised as much prudent caution and common sense as the players are we would have been past this pandemic a long time ago.

  2. More teams will appear on this list before long. The players will use any reason to avoid offseason workouts.

  3. Voluntary, mandatory, who cares. The Lions have won so much over the past few years they can just mail it in. Oh wait…

  4. This is a great theory. New coach new GM new players. Sure no reason to get a early start.

  5. Aha, luckily Detroit continues to be Detroit like. Chicago, we have our floor at #3!

  6. Great because we have such a strong roster and a coaching staff that’s been there forever so we definitely don’t need the extra work

  7. Let me see……60 years of constant losing, a new Owner / GM / Coach / QB / Staff.

    While the players have the right to not attend, they are not maximizing their opportunities to win. I find this saddening. With so much change, it would seem important to attend and build relationships, knowledge and trust. Those things all take time time to develop and videoconference is not great for that.

  8. Patricia would’ve have them extra running laps while pulling him on a sled.

  9. When 15 days to slow the spread turned into a year of lockdowns… follow the science unless the science says something you don’t like.

  10. I will never get by the biting off kneecaps remark. It’s just too bizarre. But more to the point, I understand their concerns and respect thier choice even if we as individuals might make different ones .

  11. So can someone clear this up?
    Are the teams implementing the protocol from last season during the workouts?
    If not, why not?
    If so, what are the players complaining about?

  12. So if one team wants to do it, it will make them better. By the way, you can see players training together on their own terms. It will give them competitive advantage.

  13. Allot of these guys still train. Its just privately and local to their homes. So even tho they arent at the facility they are still training.

  14. If I were an undrafted free agent, I’d want to sign with a team that the players were boycotting voluntary workouts. I’d be happy to show up and get a chance to be seen and possibly have a shot at making the team at the rookie minimum salary.

  15. This is the player’s way of getting back against ownership for new 17 game schedule

  16. If there’s one team in the NFL that doesn’t need practice, it is the Detroit Lions. They will be just fine and get their annual 3-4 wins.

  17. This is about the NFL owners trying to stick it to the NFLPA, and the NFLPA trying to get as much as they can from the owners. The talk about the virus is just window dressing.

    The Lions players are following the advise of the player’s union. The workouts are voluntary. If the owners want players to show up, they need to give more ground. But do the owners actually want the players to come in?

  18. Well just another group of entitled lazy NFL players. I know I know NFL players are gods and I should not disrespect them in this way.

  19. gibson45 says:
    April 14, 2021 at 10:35 am
    If everyone in the US had exercised as much prudent caution and common sense as the players are we would have been past this pandemic a long time ago.
    Common sense= not participating in off-season programs due to COVID, but playing on the field and standing on the sidelines with no mask covering the nose and mouth. How about the players coming near the coach who is wearing a face shield? You know, a device that the FDA has approved none of for COVID protection.

  20. i was born and raised about 12 miles south of Detroit, I have seen the Lions do Lions things in a losing culture for a while, if I believed it was generally for covid concerns I would say good for them, but it’s not, its a way for baby millionaires to get out off doing work because they believe they don’t need the practice, and they will be cellar dwellers again until they get some truly hungry players there who want to better themselves, like Darius Slay did after his horrible rookie season, this team annually makes poor in and out of game decisions, Same Ole Lions

  21. Like the Lions can afford to skip offseason workouts, when did they last make the playoffs? You know TB is going to be running drills on his own with the Bucs receivers. Broncos and Seahawks are a mess internally.

  22. I have a idea, how about you guys take the whole year off. People don’t care right now…. look at Minnesota.

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