NFL memo notes incentives players have to show up to in-person workouts

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After the NFL responded to an NFLPA memo, the NFLPA responded to the NFL memo. The NFL now has responded to the NFLPA response.

In other words, the sides still are not in agreement on the need for in-person voluntary offseason workouts.

The NFL sent a memo to its 32 member clubs Wednesday night, not long after the NFLPA sent a memo to players reiterating the union’s position that they should skip in-person workouts. The NFL’s most recent memo quite obviously was intended for the eyes of NFL players, so NFL Media has made the league’s message public.

It reminds players of two primary incentives for showing up to the 10 voluntary in-person practices in Phase 3 of the offseason program.

“A player with a workout bonus in the NFL Player Contract must satisfy the terms of his individual NFL Player Contract, including the ‘reasonable workout requirements’ as established by his club in order to be eligible for such bonus,” the memo reads, via Tom Pelissero of NFL Media. “Virtual workouts are neither required nor prohibited, and clubs have discretion whether to treat virtual workouts as satisfying the requirements of the Player Contract. Injuries sustained by a player while working out at the club facility, or while engaged in a virtual workout authorized by club staff, will be considered football-related injuries, with players entitled to the protection related to a football injury. Injuries sustained while workout out away from the club facility, without authorization by club staff, will be considered a non-football injury for which a club will not be responsible for the player’s compensation or other benefits.”

Players from the Broncos, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Lions and Patriots have released statements through the NFLPA regarding their participation in voluntary in-person offseason workouts. The Patriots’ players said “many of us” will not attend, while players from the other teams announced they had voted not to show up.