What are the Browns getting in Jadeveon Clowney?

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A year after failing to sign Jadeveon Clowney to a lucrative three-year deal, the Browns have inked Clowney to a one-year contract worth up to $10 million. So what are the Browns getting in Clowney?

The simple answer is, it depends. The more complicated answer is, well, it depends.

The first overall pick in the 2014 draft, Clowney has flashed dominance throughout his career. But he hasn’t been able to do it consistently, thanks to a variety of injuries.

The problems started back in early 2015, when he needed microfracture surgery after only his first NFL season, due to a bone-on-bone situation in his knee. He’s had other injuries through his career, missing nearly 30 games in seven seasons. He has appeared in 16 games only once in his career, in 2017.

Even that year, Clowney didn’t get double-digit sacks. He never has, with 32.0 in seven NFL seasons and a high of 9.5. Last year, he had none in eight games with the Titans.

But he’s nevertheless capable of being disruptive, a master of what Simms calls the “eff up the play” statistic. Clowney can implode the point of attack and redirect the runner, and Clowney can collapse a chunk of the offensive line and allow teammates to run through after the quarterback. He gets no tackles or sacks or other objective recognition for doing so, however.

It has resulted in a collection of highlights that can make a team think it’s getting a cross between Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor. When Clowney’s at his best, it’s accurate. Unfortunately, he’s just not at his best often enough.

For the Browns, the key becomes managing his practice time and game reps, with the goal of having him close to 100 percent as the postseason approaches.

Perhaps the best news for the Browns is the fact we’re able to talk about the team preparing for the postseason while keeping a straight face. That’s where the Browns currently are, and they possibly will get even better in 2021. Especially if they figure out how to get the best, and the most, out of their latest addition.

41 responses to “What are the Browns getting in Jadeveon Clowney?

  1. IF you aren’t available to take the snaps you are not worth much in the NFL. Ask Jimmy G.

  2. They’re getting a guy who will do a lot of coming really close to sacking the QB for maybe 8-10 games out of the year but not actually sacking the QB very much

  3. Clowney fits perfectly on the Browns. The Browns have a group of good young pass rushers led by Myles Garrett and nothing helps pass rushers more than an elite disruptor, which is what Clowney is. Disruptors don’t have flashy stats, but their ability to distract the OL can greatly impact games. 1yr-$8m is about right for Clowney.

  4. They’re getting the most elite player at getting to the bank and cashing a paycheck !

  5. They are getting the most elite player at getting to the bank and cashing a team check …

  6. between Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor. When Clowney’s at his best,


    Never mention Clooney in the same 10 word sequence as Lawrence Taylor or Reggie White again.

  7. A guy who somehow turned one tackle in college into $63 million in NFL earnings.

  8. Phenomenal athlete that tends to go off script and play a bit selfish. Instead of collapsing the pocket he will run around and leave a wide open gap

  9. If he can disrupt the pass protection, then it will do Myles Garrett a lot of good.

  10. Good for the Browns. Staying aggressive. On the other hand, I’d sure like to hear the conversation they must’ve had with themselves about why neither Seattle nor Tennessee held onto him. Pass rush is everything against the good QB’s.

  11. Pass rush is everything against the good QB’s so why wouldn’t the Seahawks and Titans invest in and develop him?

  12. A lazy, selfish and overrated player since his overhyped senior year at South Carolina?

  13. A year from now, Clowney will be looking for his next team… and at that point, the Browns won’t care.

  14. if you watch him play he is very good. but he needs to take a full year off to get all the way healthy. and no one is going to pay him multiyear 10 mil knowing that one of those years hes probably gonna take it off. so instead hes courted by teams desperate for short term front 7 talent

  15. The Browns are getting vaporware. He is so often injured that he cannot be counted on. He will play four games at most and develop advanced turf ego; he’ll have a strand of snake hair that will be determined to be split ends and cause him to not leave his bed for weeks. He will continue to be a joke that has been all myth and no substance. He is a clown.

  16. Shocking amount of money for Clowney at this stage of his career. Paying for the name.

  17. Clowney tied my wife and I for his total number of sacks. And Vic Beasley stinks too!

  18. The jury is still out on Clowney. He must prove his worth…maybe be his last chance!.
    With a teammate like Myles Garrett, Clowney’s door is wide open to perform at an elite level.

  19. No one has cashed more paychecks while sitting at home with an injury than this clown. Washington used to be the farm team of paying injured players to spend seasons at home. This guy out does all of their dead weight from the prior regime.

  20. If Clowney’s status as an elite pass rusher is overhyped, so is his injury history. Until 2020, he has missed games but not usually only 1 to 3 per year. Per Pro Football Reference, here are his games played per season:
    2020: 8 (knee injury)
    2019: 13
    2018: 15
    2017: 16
    2016: 14
    2015: 13
    2014: 4 (multiple knee injuries)

    2020 is an outlier. There are many, many NFL stars who miss a couple of games per year.

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