Aaron Rodgers uses his money and platform to help his hometown

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If you’ve been watching Jeopardy! the last two weeks, you’ve heard guest host Aaron Rodgers end the show by mentioning the North Valley Community Foundation, which is helping businesses affected by COVID-19 in an around Rodgers’ hometown of Chico, California.

Matt Schneidman of TheAthletic.com takes a look at the efforts of the Packers quarterback to help those establishments that are reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

Rodgers has kicked in $1 million of his own money, and Jeopardy! is matching all contestant winnings during his two-week stint and donating the money to the Aaron Rodgers Small-Business COVID-19 Fund, which Rodgers created with the NVCF. With his name attached to it, the fund also has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

“I was joking around and said Aaron is single-handedly saving downtown Chico,” April Kelly, manager of Nic’s Restaurant in Paradise, California told Schneidman. “But in a way, that’s kind of what he’s doing.”

Schneidman spoke with 12 small businesses in all that have benefited from Rodgers’ efforts. Take a look at what they had to say.

And if you’re a Packers fan or a Rodgers fan (or a Jeopardy! fan) and you want to help out a little bit, click here to do so.

12 responses to “Aaron Rodgers uses his money and platform to help his hometown

  1. Whether a fan or not, one has to appreciate people who do good and help out their community. Well done Aaron!

  2. Great article. Aaron’s legacy will be different than Fav ra’s. And I’ve watched Aaron do this his whole time in Wisconsin. His MAC FUND volunteering in Milwaukee, although very difficult and sad helping children with cancer (the toughest cases), has been so wonderful to watch. Thank you Aaron. Your the best.

  3. Already donated to NVCF and a few Wisconsin COVID Relief funds.

    I would ask all those who are able to at least donate to their local COVID relief efforts.

  4. That’s cool. I would never tell anybody where to spend their money, but I would think people would want to help their own local area, not the area of where Rodgers is from.

  5. NO one should get too excited about this…..Chico has a downtown that is like one city block……not much of a place to want to spend much time, unless of course you like watching nuts grow……

  6. This is just another example in a list of causes and charities that Aaron Rodgers has given his personal time and money to.

    Along with his longstanding involvement with the MACC fund helping children with childhood cancers, California wildfires, handing out hearing aids to impoverished young people in African nations and providing a helping hand to Wisconsin businesses affected by Covid, Aaron has done wonderful things throughout his Packers career.

    His positive spirit and overall leadership has been prevalent off the field as it’s been on.

  7. As someone who lives an hour from Chico, I can attest to the fact small businesses are not strictly located in downtown Chico. Also, he contributes to surrounding towns like Paradise,CA. Towns like these make a huge chunk of revenue from tourism, in a variety of ways. Hell, I might start watching Packers games now lol

  8. “Notice that he isn’t donating money to green bay? 🤔”

    He’s donated plenty of money throughout Wisconsin, to Barstool for a national COVID business relief fund and any local business can certainly apply for those funds. My guess is he donates where there is a system/organization set up to distribute the funds to those most in need. He’s said before he wants money to go to those who need it and not to administrating the funds.

    But you Viking fans have to slam him in some way, don’t you? This is a pretty weak one. He’s so committed to Wisconsin he’s bought part ownership in the Bucks NBA team, while continuing to help his hometown and local area recover from fires and COVID. Hard to paint him as a bad guy for that.

  9. conormacleod says:
    April 15, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    That’s cool. I would never tell anybody where to spend their money…
    And then you proceed to tell people what they should want to do with their money. 🤣
    Oh, the irony of your post is positively delicious.

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