Bears’ players say “majority of our locker room” will not participate in voluntary workouts

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Players on the Bears are the latest to release a statement through the NFL Players Association about skipping voluntary workouts this offseason.

In a statement issued this afternoon, the Bears cited ongoing concerns about COVID-19, as well as last year’s all-virtual offseason program, as reasons not to bring the team together for workouts this year.

“COVID-19 remains a risk both to our team, our families and to our fellow NFL players,” the Bears’ statement said. “We also saw the health and safety benefits of a fully virtual offseason, as injuries across the NFL were down last year. Players remain unclear about the protocols and protections, and rules remain inconsistent despite the last-minute communication by the NFL yesterday. It is for these reasons that the majority of our locker room are choosing to exercise our right and not participate in in-person voluntary workouts in order to stay as safe as possible.”

The Bears are the sixth team to say most players will boycott voluntary workouts.

16 responses to “Bears’ players say “majority of our locker room” will not participate in voluntary workouts

  1. Probably not a big deal since it didn’t look like the majority of the team actually participated last season at all.

  2. I can’t think of another team that needs a total culture makeover more than the Bears. They’re just a disaster from top to bottom. Keeping Pace and Nagy for ’21 was the worst decision the McCaskeys could have made.

  3. Nobody wants to compete or get better anymore. Likely why the quality in the product has been in steep decline.

  4. This boycott position is nonsensical and utterly pointless. You’re telling me it was relatively safe to play football last summer and fall, but it’s not any safer now? Also, no one really cares. Whatever message they are trying to send isn’t getting through.

  5. Translation – Guys with guaranteed money who don’t care about missing out on any extra money that’s tied to attending voluntary workouts won’t be there, but guys who don’t have any guaranteed money will be there ready to work.

  6. “COVID-19 remains a risk both to our team, our families and to our fellow NFL players, but not at nightclubs, strip clubs, or parties on boats, where we will continue to congregate until we get COVID and bring it back to our team, our families, and our fellow NFL players.”

  7. Screw them….I don’t want to waste my time watching a team that does not care to practice. Just pack in the whole season, lets hear it or 0 and 17.

  8. In the next 45 days anyone who wants the vaccine will be able to get it so the justification for this is just plain silly. As for the Bears the best news is that they will not be able to go 8 & 8 this year regardless of how the Red Rifle plays.

  9. Players from the Browns, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks each put out statements this week through the NFL Players Association that they’ll skip OTAs and voluntary minicamps due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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