Cowboys players had a Wednesday video conference on OTA boycott

NFL: MAY 29 Dallas Cowboys OTA
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Five teams have issued statements regarding an intention to boycott on-field, in-facility offseason work. At least four teams won’t be asked to do so, given the number of players on those rosters with significant workout bonuses.

That leaves 23 teams that have not yet made it known whether they’ll be taking collective action against offseason workouts.

One team, the Cowboys, recently had a players-only Zoom video conference to discuss the recommendation from the union that players not attend. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it happened on Wednesday, April 14 at 5:00 p.m. CT.

To date, the Cowboys have issued no statement that they’ll join in the boycott. They still could, literally at any minute. Or maybe they won’t. Really, will any team that decides not to do so issue a statement through the union? It’s highly doubtful.

The situation invites curiosity, however. How many teams have held a similar call, but have decided not to proceed with a boycott? How many teams have actually had a vote among the players on the subject, and what was the outcome of that vote?

The NFLPA continues to recommend that players stay away. If they plan to work out somewhere in advance of training camp, there continues to be every good reason to do so in a place where they’ll have access to better equipment and facilities — and more importantly financial protection against injuries that may happen.

18 responses to “Cowboys players had a Wednesday video conference on OTA boycott

  1. NFLPA – “Stay away from OTA’s. Make a stand.”

    Players – “Are you going to pay us our workout bonuses if we do?”

    NFLPA – “………………….”

  2. Any team that wants to win will show up and put in the work… Just like Brady and the Bucs did last year even right in the middle of the pandemic.

  3. Millions that work a few weeks a year wanting to work less. Good gig if you can get it. Sheesh.

  4. I realize their bread and butter isn’t the OTA workout, but let’s pretend it’s $100k or $200k bonus. Why would you not? It’s not a pittance to do what you were going to do anyway, only with the benefit of being insured (defacto) also.

    I mean…I’d work out if they paid me to. Even if they only paid me $50k.

  5. Man the NFLPA is by far the worst players union in the history of sports. ALL they care about is minimizing their off-season workload. They just went through a CBA negotiation with no push for more guaranteed money, no injury based incentives, no increase in veteran pensions, no increase in veteran minimum salary, no expansion of roster sizes or increase in revenue sharing. They got hood-winked into a shrinking cap, extra regular season game, extra playoff teams and all they want in return is to NOT PRACTICE?

  6. Just goes to show that most of these players only care about the money. The ones that actually love football are a very small minority.

  7. What is this all about, anyway? Is it about Covid? Is it about pay? I guess I missed an article or two about the ‘why’ part of all this. The reason you’re paid multiples of the lifetime earnings of most Americans is because the sport takes time, dedication and a toll on your body. Nobody wants to watch a bunch of prima donnas get hurt on the first series of a season only to sit out the rest of it. You’re paid to be the best you can be, and part of that is practicing. A lot. If you can’t commit to that, you don’t deserve to be in the NFL or be paid the ridiculous sums of money you are.

    I’m getting sick of this bullcrap from these players.

  8. Boycotting an activity that could help a player get better is nonsense. Tretter backed himself into a corner with his ridiculous claim that the football played in 2020 was just as good without the offseason work as any other year and now he’s doubling down to try and save face.

  9. Did they sing “We are the World” and Kymbaya? Maybe roast some marshmallows?

  10. thought this was just for the voluntary workouts…
    what the heck, boycott preaseason as well.

  11. j0nny13 says:
    April 15, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    What is this all about, anyway? Is it about Covid? Is it about pay? I guess I missed an article or two about the ‘why’ part of all this.


    I haven’t seen this anywhere, and it’s only my opinion…but I think it’s really about that extra game. Thenplayer are getting more tacked onto the back end of their season. It seems natural to me that they would want a little less work on the front end. And one less pre-season game isn’t enough.

  12. The guys that make the big money nay not care if they miss $100K check now, but they will when they are retired and don’t have those big checks coming in anymore.

  13. They can’t afford, as a team, to hold out. New DC, players, terrible years last couple of seasons. They need all the practice possible.

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