Falcons, Cordarrelle Patterson agree to deal

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Cordarrelle Patterson‘s next stop will be in Atlanta.

Patterson and the Falcons have agreed to a one-year, $3 million contract, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network.

The 30-year-old Patterson has played the last two years in Chicago and previously had stints with the Patriots, Raiders and Vikings.

Originally a first-round pick in Minnesota in 2013, Patterson never became the elite receiver the Vikings hoped he would be, but he’s a versatile player who can line up at both receiver and running back and is also one of the best kickoff returners in NFL history.

Last year in Chicago, Patterson had 21 catches for 132 yards, 64 carries for 232 yards and 35 kickoff returns for a league-leading 1,017 yards.

6 responses to “Falcons, Cordarrelle Patterson agree to deal

  1. If Harbaugh would have Lamar Jackson return kicks he could be….Cordarrelle Patterson

  2. The Vikings could have used him back as a Kick Returner.
    It’s difficult though… Coaches have to try to maximize roster spots by having a guy who can return Kicks or punts also be a player who can do something else, like play corner or safety or be a third receiver.

    That’s the issue with Patterson. Since he never really ever seemed to figure out how to be disciplined in his route running and comprehend the offense and route tree to be in the spot he is SUPPOSE to be, he ends up being an actual LIABILITY as a receiver.

    As an offensive weapon he is pretty much limited to screen plays out of the backfield and “Hey I’m wide open, throw it to me” routes.

  3. It all depends on the contract value. No, he never became even a decent 3rd WR. But, he is obviously the best kick returner in the game, and he also is actually really good as a gunner on punts. You think the Vikings miss him? They had one of the worst special teams in all of the NFL last year, in every aspect.

  4. Cordoroy is a good guy and an elite kick returner — Atlanta fans will love him. It’s a shame he never developed as a WR, and the gimmick use in the backfield doesn’t work cause defenses can just key on him. He seems to have carved out a pretty good career though.

  5. Gifted athlete, but never figured out how to become a good WR. His route running was not good. Great returner and gadget player. I read another article that the coach is listing Patterson as an RB.

  6. Hopefully working with the two best route runners in the league will help him…

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