Josh Allen: Urban Meyer’s arrival has rejuvenated the Jaguars

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The arrival of Urban Meyer in Jacksonville was met with approval by Jaguars ticket buyers and it’s garnered a similar response from one of the team’s top pass rushers.

Josh Allen posted 10.5 sacks as a rookie, but dealt with a knee injury that limited him to eight games during Jacksonville’s dismal 2020 season. That came after an offseason that left Allen “confused on how or what to do because I didn’t want to get sick.”

Allen said that the arrival of Meyer has helped change his outlook considerably.

“It’s just a different environment, different vibe, like I just feel about this team and this year and this coaching staff,” Allen said, via Michael DiRocco of “It’s just I feel like I really haven’t felt this passion and this driven [since] I first got here. When I first got here I was all-in, I was ready, and then stepping back to this year, man, it’s just another . . . rejuvenation.”

It helps that defensive coordinator Joe Cullen plans to move Allen to the outside linebacker spot he played while in college. Allen posted 10.5 sacks playing as a defensive end as a rookie and said he feels he “can be more active in the front” than he was at the other spot.

7 responses to “Josh Allen: Urban Meyer’s arrival has rejuvenated the Jaguars

  1. Who is the better college coach, Meyer or Saban? I’m thinking Saban is the better coach based on his record but he was terrible in the NFL. I don’t see a difference between him and Meyer. I don’t believe Meyer will by happy at all not being able to recruit all the football players he desires. Oh sure, he can manage the draft and free agency to a degree but he can’t just go out and fill his needs with someone from the midwest. Then there’s the NFL player. Different breed from college “kids.” I don’t think they’ll subscribe to that rah rah college stuff and Meter is going to have a hard time managing them. It’ll be a “culture shock” for him. I don’t see him sticking around for very long, especially if the Jaguars continue to lose they way they have since the last time they made the playoffs in ever since forever. 🤣

  2. If Trevor Lawrence is anything less than incredible out of the gate I don’t see Urban there past 2 seasons. He was a great college coach but the NFL is a different world where you can’t recruit and you don’t have gigantic edges in talent all across the field. And Urban gives off the vibe that he already knows it all so I don’t see him learning and making adjustments. It’s either going to work right out of the gate or he’ll fall flat on his face and shortly be gone.

  3. I think it great the Jags fans and some players are rejuvenated with the arrival of Unban Meyer. However winning and being in the hunt for a championship are what counts most. Obviously you need are plan to rebuild the Jags franchise. Will that plan take 1, 2, 3 or more years? Will the fans have enough patience? Will the players? Can Meyer be a successful coach at the NFL level? Will Meyer even stick around long enough? All that is unknown at this time. At least the arrival of Meyer has brought new life and new hope to a franchise that really needed it.

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