Mac Jones: Not comparing myself to Tom Brady, but I want to emulate his competitiveness

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Alabama quarterback Mac Jones wants to make clear that he’s not comparing himself to Tom Brady. But there are some traits he thinks he and Brady have in common.

Jones said in an interview with Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN that he does think he has some similarities to Brady, in that people haven’t always been impressed with him as a physical specimen, but he has the competitive fire that motivates him to win.

“I don’t like to compare myself to him, I’ve got a long way to go,” Jones said. “But coming out of college it was, doesn’t have arm strength, can’t throw a spiral, can’t move. I can do that stuff, but it’s more like the intangible stuff. . . . He’s got the fire still, and that’s why he’s so good.”

One area where Jones is not like Brady is that Brady was a sixth-round draft pick, while Jones is expected to hear his name called early in the first round, two weeks from tonight.

14 responses to “Mac Jones: Not comparing myself to Tom Brady, but I want to emulate his competitiveness

  1. If he is on a stacked team he can get you some Ws. Just don’t count on him to be the one making plays. Pre-2010 and this insane run on QBs (that haven’t been panning out) he would have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

  2. I’ve never seen a young man get so much hate just because he was more successful than people hoped.
    They make the excuses about him having a great team, ok and ? Didn’t Joe Burrow have a stacked team ?
    Burrow would’ve had THREE 1st rd WRs, One 1st rd RB, Two OL drafted, One TE drafted among the nfl record
    tying 12 players players drafted. They make excuses about him “not being mobile” which is a LIE. He is very “mobile”.
    He’s just not a RB trying to play QB. They say he’s a statue, he’s slow. All he did was run a 4.68 40. Which is like top
    10 in the NFL for starting Qbs.

  3. Competitiveness isn’t something you emulate, son. It’s something you have…or don’t.

  4. Mac Jones better get ready for “the slide”. Every year an overhyped QB slides down the draft board and this year it will be Mac Jones. After Tua went 5th in last year’s draft and looked totally shook without top 5 OL, RBs, and WRs to make up for his deficiencies, nobody is going to draft an unathletic QB from Alabama in the top 10.

  5. Brady’s competitiveness is 24/7. He just doesn’t get fired up when he runs out onto the football field. His competitiveness is what drives him to work hard 7 days a week. It’s diet. Workouts. Film study. More film study. He just doesn’t stop working. He’s doing all this work because he wants to be the best. He wants to win every game. Then you learn how to get your teammates to buy in and do the same.

  6. Join the club. Frisco already has a qb who emulates Tom Brady. Had been doing it as a backup to Brady in New England.

  7. Michael Lombardi says that 98% of the league think Frisco will pick Mac Jones.

  8. touchback6 says:
    April 15, 2021 at 7:07 pm
    Well, BB made him, so good luck.
    BB isn’t even the guy who wanted to draft him. That was Dick Rehbein.

    BB is a defensive coach, and had little to do with the development of Tom Brady. A lot of Brady’s best qualities are instinctive- processing information quickly, ability to read defenses, lack of hesitation, accuracy, mental fortitude.

    Plus, the QB whispering Belichick has done such a great job turning guys like Stidham, Brissett, Kliff Kingsbury, Ryan Mallett, and Rohan Davey into premier NFL starters.

  9. The last time Frisco drafted a quarterback who won the NCAA Division I championship, they ended up with a quarterback who beat Dallas in the playoffs by throwing the catch, and they went on to win their first Super Bowl. That quarterback was of course Joe Montana. He was only a second round pick because he did not have a strong throwing arm. Will it be deja vu all over again?

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