Michael Pierce: It’ll be great to compete with and learn from Dalvin Tomlinson

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Michael Pierce elected to opt out of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now he’s back for what will be his first year with the Vikings.

Pierce was a solid force on the interior of the Ravens’ defensive line for the first four years of his career. And he’ll have another stout lineman to play with, after Minnesota recently signed former Giants defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson.

Meeting with reporters on Wednesday, Pierce shared his excitement for the pairing.

“Obviously Dalvin was a top priority for us,” Pierce said, via Courtney Cronin of ESPN. “I played next to Brandon Williams, another nose guard, so as far as that goes, I think it’ll be great. We had one of the top run defenses in Baltimore. I’ve always kind of known what we had going on, what we were looking forward to doing in free agency. They’ve done a great job keeping me a part of the loop, but it’ll be a great time to compete against him and actually learn from him.

“Until you’re done and retired, I don’t think you can quit learning, and [Tomlinson has] done a great job being a nose guard and getting sacks, something I haven’t been the best at. I’m going to learn from him, and I’m sure he can take some things from me, so it’ll be a beneficial relationship for both of us.”

Pierce registered 3.5 sacks in his 60 games with Baltimore, while also totaling 13 tackles for loss and 13 quarterback hits. Tomlinson had 3.5 sacks in 2020 alone, and has 8.0 in his career. He’s also recorded 21 tackles for loss and 20 quarterback hits since the Giants took him in the second round of the 2017 draft.

10 responses to “Michael Pierce: It’ll be great to compete with and learn from Dalvin Tomlinson

  1. that’s a humble, refreshing take. Best of luck to the Minnesota Vikings in 2021

  2. Pierce, Tomlinson, Hunter, Barr, Kendricks. It’s like signing 5 top qualify free agents to a defense that was abysmal last year. Those 5 guys is like acquiring almost 70 games worth of new guys for the upcoming season.

  3. With these great signings, Mike Lynn will have us back in the super bowl in no time.

  4. Did someone actually have Vikings and Super bowl in the same sentence? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  5. And it’s a good thing, because he sure won’t be learning anything from that coaching staff.

  6. This defense is going to be a monster. Outside of Aaron Rodgers fans ( Barr + The Rodgers ) and Nick Foles ( Dye + Foles arm getting bent backwards) other teams fans don’t realize Zimmer sets up a defensive line that can collapse the pocket and open gaps for the backers to come in and make plays…. I’m looking forward to seeing them batter quarterbacks this season like crazy with interior pressure …

  7. Yeah….. neither one of them was brought in to be a pass rusher. But they will sure do a good job preventing teams from running up the middle. That allows the ends and linebackers to play a little wider, and hopefully be able to contain the run with the front seven. That means that the safeties don’t have to cheat up to help, and that improves the pass d.

  8. And it’s a good thing, because he sure won’t be learning anything from that coaching staff.

    LOL, you mean the same coaching staff who took a third round DE in Hunter and coached him up to be an All Pro? The same coaching staff who had the 5th, 6th, 1st, 9th, and 5th overall ranked defense in the last 5 years prior to 2020? Seems like this staff knows how to coach just fine.

  9. The Vikings tanked their vaunted defense last year with too many new players and several dozen new assistant coaches. It sounds like they’re doing it again.

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