Mike Vrabel: Jim Schwartz may help in looking at players for the draft

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When the Titans announced Jim Schwartz would be joining the team as its senior defensive assistant, head coach Mike Vrabel touted the experience and perspective Schwartz could provide to Tennessee’s staff.

Schwartz, 54, was most recently the Eagles’ defensive coordinator. But he was also the Lions head coach for five years, and was previously the Bills and Titans defensive coordinator. During an event with season ticket holders on Thursday, Vrabel elaborated on what Schwartz will do for Tennessee, particularly this month.

“I think what his role is, it’s just like everybody else: To help the team, to help us win,” Vrabel said, via Jim Wyatt of the Titans’ website. “No job is too small for any of us, and I am confident that is what he’ll do. As he works his way into what we are doing, it has been good to see him meeting with different guys and meeting with the defense and meeting with me.

“I would imagine that maybe he would look at players for the draft, as we get down here and we get a different set of eyes, a guy that has been around the league for a lot of years and has been successful.”

Though Tennessee won the AFC South last year, its defense was 24th in points allowed, 28th in yards allowed, and last in allowing a 52 percent third-down conversion rate. Shane Bowen called the defensive plays last year as the Titans’ outside linebackers coach, and is expected to do the same in 2021 after receiving an official promotion to defensive coordinator.

But now Schwartz will also be around the building as a resource.

“This process was something we talked about since [Schwartz] finished up contractually with Philadelphia,” Vrabel said. “It worked out and I think it works for everybody with what he is willing to do at this point and time and what we’d like to have him do, and help us out. He is local here, he loves the Titans, and he was excited about coming on board and trying to help us in any way that he could just like everybody else in our organization.”

4 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Jim Schwartz may help in looking at players for the draft

  1. unlike Matt Patricia , I think Jim Schwartz does have a shred of competence when it comes to evaluating defensive talent.

  2. I was a bouncer in Detroit back when Schwartz first got hired there. I met him at an after party at Kid Rock’s house where he was raving about Javiid Best and showing everybody YouTube videos of the guy. Lo and behold a few months later they drafted him. That pick didn’t work out long term but he was a cool guy to hang with.

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