Raiders waive Maurice Hurst and Arden Key; release Kyle Sloter

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The Raiders have released a pair of defensive linemen who were part of the team’s first draft class after Jon Gruden returned as their head coach in 2018.

The team announced that they have released defensive tackle Maurice Hurst and defensive end Arden Key. They also released quarterback Kyle Sloter.

Hurst was a fifth-round pick in 2018 and he started 17 of the 41 games he played for the team. He had 76 tackles, eight sacks, an interception, a forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries while with the team.

The Raiders signed Solomon Thomas and Quinton Jefferson while re-signing Johnathan Hankins this offseason.

Key was a third-round pick and he had 49 tackles and three sacks in 37 appearances for the team.

19 responses to “Raiders waive Maurice Hurst and Arden Key; release Kyle Sloter

  1. I have been a Raider fan since 1976. These last 20 years have been nothing short of excruciating. This current (and temporary) regime makes personnel moves that boggle the mind. Like a house that has toxic mold and has to be burnt down, the Raiders need to do the same within their house. Beautiful new stadium and headquarters but their win/loss record never changes. Do you start with the owner? Or the GM and head coach? It’s not working. To be honest, I don’t care anymore. You could cut DC and Jacobs along with Yannick Ngakoue and it wouldn’t phase me.

  2. What ever happened to this great defense the faiders were going to build with all the picks they received from the Mack trade and their own picks???that’s all I read from the many years does it take for a rebuild,it’s been decades now since they even been mediocre,time to move again..sad baby just sad..

  3. I remember when Sloter was the fan favorite in Denver. I guess when you can’t even stick with the Raiders your career is over.

  4. Key had to go but I don’t get Hurst. He’s a decent enough rotational interior pass rusher.

  5. These are strange cuts, Hurst was great his first two years and last year he had Covid. Key was always more of a situational pass rusher who was a better fit in a 3-4. I’m suprised they weren’t able to trade them for something. They are still their rookie contracts too. Should get snapped up pretty quick.

  6. Wasn’t Sloter the guy that some fools wanted as the Vikings starter, because he had one good outing against 4th stringers in the preseason?

  7. Looking like a typical Al Davis team, grab up free agents their other team didn’t want, maybe they’ll make something of it !!

  8. Surprised on the Hurst cut as well. Especially before you even see what the free agent d-linemen can do. I bet he will play well for whoever picks him up.

  9. I am life long raider fan. Raiders had a saying just win baby.but that was over 20 years ago. With these two clowns running this team the saying is just lose baby and the decisions they make on players is mind blowing.

  10. The problem with this regime is that players don’t repect them. The regime has no loyalties so players WILL NEVER give them 100% if they are just another number. That was proven with Mack, Hudson, Brown, Jackson, and now Hurst. Good GM’s find ways to keep good players and good coaches find ways to get the best out of them.

  11. Key is way too light and doesn’t possess NFL pass rush moves to make up for it. That’s no real loss at all.

    The Hurst move doesn’t make any sense. The guy was set to make under one million for the last year of his rookie deal. Value wise he was a great player for the Raiders.

  12. With the 17th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, the Las Vegas Raiders Select Christian Barmore, Defensive Tackle from Alabama…

  13. Yet another waist of draft picks with these to Clowns running this operation , Chucky and Mayock are not making any progress with this squad..time This needs to be a “Make the Playoffs” or terminate these two at the end of the year…Raider Nation is fed up with subpar play and coaching, Mr. Davis sell the team or build a winner,its that simple!

  14. doggz109 says:
    April 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm
    I remember when Sloter was the fan favorite in Denver. I guess when you can’t even stick with the Raiders your career is over.
    I think you have it in reverse when you consider how awful the quarterbacking has been in Denver for years now. If you can’t stick as a third string quarterback in Denver oh, you can’t even play for the CFL. Carrs one of the best quarterbacks in the league let’s get that straight.

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